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Zane Grey Theater The Promise (1956–1961) HD online

Zane Grey Theater The Promise (1956–1961) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Western
Original Title: The Promise
Director: Charles F. Haas
Writers: James Leiker
Released: 1956–1961
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Episode
Before he dies, Jace Rawlins' father asks him to promise to stay and work his half of the ranch which will be split between Jace and his brother Noah. But Jace wants to roam first and doesn't intend to stay, causing friction between him and Noah, over both the ranch and Noah's wife.
Episode complete credited cast:
Tommy Sands Tommy Sands - Jace Rawlins
Gary Merrill Gary Merrill - Noah Rawlins
Whitney Blake Whitney Blake - Ellie Rawlins
Carl Benton Reid Carl Benton Reid - Pa Rawlins
Bruce Gordon Bruce Gordon - Nelson - Cattle Buyer
S. John Launer S. John Launer - Tom - Bartender
Ken Mayer Ken Mayer - First Man
Jack Mann Jack Mann - Second Man
Dick Powell Dick Powell - Himself - Host

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    Lonesome Orange Kid

    A dying Carl Benton Reid exacts a stern promise from his two sons Gary Merrill and Tommy Sands to work the land that he divides up evenly on his deathbed. Merrill's a mature responsible sort married to Whitney Blake. But Sands is just a kid who has a lot of wild oats to sow.

    Trying to keep a promise to a dying father causes Merrill to split from Sands. And at this point a very unscrupulous cattle buyer played by Bruce Gordon in his best Frank Nitti style gets between the brothers.

    When he wasn't being a teenage rage Sands could turn in some nice performances as a kinder gentler version of James Dean type rebel youths. The ending is one that works out all around for both brothers.
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    At the beginning of the episode, Pa Rawlins is dying and is gather by his family. Noah, and his wife Ellie, and Noah's brother Jace. Pa makes Jace promise to help work the ranch before he dies and even splits the property between both brothers. Pa even tells Noah to help Jace out or he will become a 'Saddle-Tramp'.

    Well it is not long before the young Jace is gambling in town and has put all his money in the pot. Now all Jace has is the property his father left him. In the poker pot he throws in the deed. Will Jace ever learn.

    By the end of the episode, the story proves to be one of the better scripts in the lot. An entertaining show that was well written and well performed. One of the better shows in the entire collection.