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A Movietone Divertissement (1930) HD online

A Movietone Divertissement (1930) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy / Music
Original Title: A Movietone Divertissement
Released: 1930
Duration: 8min
Video type: Movie
M-G-M presents four acts from the vaudeville stages in this early sound short.
Cast overview:
Tom Waring Tom Waring - Himself
Johnny Marvin Johnny Marvin - Himself
Yvette Rugel Yvette Rugel - Herself
Billy Jones Billy Jones - Himself - one of the Happiness Boys
Ernie Hare Ernie Hare - Himself - one of the Happiness Boys

Inaccurately listed as "Metro Movietone Revue #7" in the table of contents of the special features section of the 2005 DVD release for The Broadway Melody (1929).

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    This was the last of the Metro Movietone musical shorts presented on The Broadway Melody DVD. Tom Waring was first on the piano with his pleasant song. Then it was Johnny Marvin who was most interesting when playing his saw. Then it was musical comedy star Yvette Rugel who had the unfortunate spots on her film stock when it was presented on the DVD. Finally, it's the Happiness Boys. This was a pleasant time, mostly, to spend watching these Metro Movietone shorts. I initially wasn't going to review these shorts since I didn't know they were even listed on this site. I usually review these just after watching them but now I'm randomly reviewing these out of sequence with this last one out of the way first. So my ten line requirement is over and so is this review.