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Hotties (2004) HD online

Hotties (2004) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Romance
Original Title: Hotties
Director: Marty Thomas
Writers: Marty Thomas,Ryan Tower
Released: 2004
Budget: $250,000
Duration: 1h 32min
Video type: Movie
In this off-center romantic comedy, clueless Garrick pursues his fickle Ex-girlfriend Liz to Palm Springs and Las Vegas against her wishes, only to find out he really doesn't love her anymore. On the way back home, his world is turned upside down when he gets kidnapped by a curious gang of bikers.
Credited cast:
Kaley Dobson Kaley Dobson - Dani
Alison Haislip Alison Haislip - Liz
Christie D'Amore Christie D'Amore - Dyken
Rebecca Livingston Rebecca Livingston - Kristie
Marty Thomas Marty Thomas - Zisk
Ryan Tower Ryan Tower - Garrick
Kaya Redford Kaya Redford - Stone
Michael Scalzo Michael Scalzo - Terry (as Mike Scalzo)
Eric Livermore Eric Livermore - Jerry
Shannon Final Shannon Final - Morgan
Eden Routledge Eden Routledge - Aquelle
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Bill Alvarez Bill Alvarez - Moe Kinstepsum
Kim Argetsinger Kim Argetsinger - Cherry
Josh Bowlin Josh Bowlin - Norman
Christa Carter Christa Carter - Zisk Powerdrink Addict

Reviews: [2]

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    Knights from Bernin

    GUY FLICK...Worth The rental fee! My girlfriend loved it too! From the start to the finish, Hotties too me on a trip to the land of beautiful babes, and I mean lot's of beautiful babes. This film is so funny, and fast paced, I don't know why it wasn't in the Theatres. My Girlfriend liked the "ZISK" guy. He has great Comic presence and quick quips. The main character played by a guy named Ryan Tower (the only reason I know this, is that she looked him up on I.M.D.B.! OK, so now I am jealous. I'm glad he is probably in LA, because she would dump me in a second. The Romantic dance sequence, was cool. I really loved the beautiful POOL GIRL! An adult actress, she really made the pool steam! I want more!!!!!!!!!
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    That KENNY HARDY guy is SO funny as Simon!!! I can't wait to see him in another Marty Thomas film!!!! These guys work so well on this film. Almost as one mind thinking about the next joke. Man, I had tears in my eyes!!!!! The scene by the pool was the best! I was on the floor rolling from the clever lines and come backs. The "thinking man" knock me off my feet. But I think Kenny Hardy needs more screen time in the next one. I just simply loved this movie...... The music seemed to add the right mood as the jokes kept coming. Marty Thomas has shown for the 200th time why he is the next coming of the 21st century cinema. The seductive power of this film can't be put into words. Once you stop, you start all over. When this film go's to DVD, don't walk, but run to grab a copy.