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Kite Hill (2005) HD online

Kite Hill (2005) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama
Original Title: Kite Hill
Director: Justin Waller
Writers: Justin Waller
Released: 2005
Budget: $10,000
Duration: 6min
Video type: Movie
Marianne, as a young child witnessed something that changed her life forever. As an adult she is haunted by her traumatic experience and tries to raise her son, Anthony. Anthony is like any other boy, curious and adventurous. His only moment of peace from his mother is when he escapes to fly his kite on a hill that has a connection with his mother's dark past.
Cast overview:
Melissa Skirboll Melissa Skirboll - Marianne
Robert Fuentes Robert Fuentes - Anthony
Anthony Sanchez Anthony Sanchez - Michael
Salina Sanchez Salina Sanchez - Young Marianne
John Schultz John Schultz - Police Investigator
Francisco M. Becerra Francisco M. Becerra - Photographer
J.D. Potter J.D. Potter - CS Investigsator #1
CJ Johnson CJ Johnson - CS Investigator #2
Sokhan Kevin Sar Sokhan Kevin Sar - CS Investigator #3 (as Sokhan Sar)
Justin Waller Justin Waller - Police Officer (voice)
Justin Waller Justin Waller - Police Officer (voice)