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Home and Away Episode #1.6249 (1988– ) HD online

Home and Away Episode #1.6249 (1988– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Romance
Original Title: Episode #1.6249
Director: Danny Raco
Writers: Nicky Arnall,Hannah Carroll Chapman
Released: 1988–
Duration: 28min
Video type: TV Episode
In the city, Kyle enters a high-stake poker game, loses and ends up in debt with a sinister club owner. Ash wonders why Phoebe avoids him ad presses her for the truth, but can't handle the surprise that she's expecting either his or Kyle's baby, she can't decide whether to abort it as she always presumed she would. James proves an exemplary date, despite Roo's insecurity and her disastrous home supporters team, and the one who steers to more commitment.
Episode cast overview:
Ray Meagher Ray Meagher - Alf Stewart
Lynne McGranger Lynne McGranger - Irene Roberts
Emily Symons Emily Symons - Marilyn Chambers
Georgie Parker Georgie Parker - Roo Stewart
Shane Withington Shane Withington - John Palmer
Nic Westaway Nic Westaway - Kyle Braxton
Bonnie Sveen Bonnie Sveen - Ricky Sharpe
Cassie Howarth Cassie Howarth - Hannah Wilson
Isabella Giovinazzo Isabella Giovinazzo - Phoebe Nicholson
Jessica Grace Smith Jessica Grace Smith - Denny Miller
George Mason George Mason - Martin Ashford
Myles Pollard Myles Pollard - James Edmunds
Evie Virgin Evie Virgin - Baby Casey 1
Phoenix Lumsden Phoenix Lumsden - Baby Casey 2

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    The actors give their all but it's still hard to care about Ash and Phoebe's problems, and neither of them comes out of this episode looking particularly good.The fact that Denny could easily have been in Phoebe's place is at least addressed, but gets handwaved pretty quickly. Meanwhile, the other potential father gets himself into a pickle with some curiously unbilled gangster types.Shame the extra playing his henchman is so miscast.

    Meanwhile, things are progressing rapidly between Roo and James.It's good to see Alf and John taking Irene and Marilyn to task for their childish behaviour and an olive branch being offered to the under siege couple.