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The Cinema Snob Monkey with 72 Magic (2007– ) HD online

The Cinema Snob Monkey with 72 Magic (2007– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy
Original Title: Monkey with 72 Magic
Director: Brad Jones
Writers: Brad Jones
Released: 2007–
Video type: TV Episode
Episode credited cast:
Brad Jones Brad Jones - Cinema Snob

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    The Cinema Snob (2009)

    "Monkey with 72 Magic"

    In this now long-running series, writer-director Brad Jones play the title character, the Cinema Snob, a mainstream or high art critic who decides to review some of the most notoriously bad movies ever made. Since the original episode this series has grown to have a very high cult following and fans from around the world.

    Another winning episode has The Cinema Snob reviewing and being tortured by MONKEY WITH 72 MAGIC, a film I've never seen but after the clips here I must find it. The Snob spends the majority of the time bashing the incredibly bad transfer, which is P&S which means that the subtitles are always cut off the screen. This here leads to some wonderfully funny moments including one sequence where the Snob reads what's available. From here he focuses in on the movie and some really mind-blowing scenes that look quite hilarious. The Snob has non-stop jokes this time out and it's easy to see he has something good to work with.

    Episode: A-