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The Mock Room (2017) HD online

The Mock Room (2017) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy
Original Title: The Mock Room
Director: Alexandros Tsilifonis
Writers: Alexandros Tsilifonis
Released: 2017
Budget: £6,000
Duration: 14min
Video type: Movie
The short film regards two lawyers that consider on representing an old lady that microwaved her cat and now she seeks compensation. The attorneys set up a mock trial to examine the plausibility of winning the case. Based on this absurd premise the short film explores the struggle of everyday people, especially of a certain age, trying to cope with the evolution of technology.
Cast overview:
Mike Aherne Mike Aherne - Bernard Reed
Toni Brooks Toni Brooks - Lind Dello
Helen Bang Helen Bang - Judge Rhona
Wilson Benedito Wilson Benedito - Commodus
Nero Huang Nero Huang - Intern
Ian Macnaughton Ian Macnaughton - The Telemarketer
Tom Bonington Tom Bonington - The Janitor
Huw Brentnall Huw Brentnall - Young Client