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Gunsmoke Nitro! Part 1 (1955–1975) HD online

Gunsmoke Nitro! Part 1 (1955–1975) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Western
Original Title: Nitro! Part 1
Director: Robert Totten
Writers: Preston Wood
Released: 1955–1975
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Episode
Two smooth thugs and their trigger-happy partner (the actor is given significantly lower billing than Tom Reese and Eddie Firestone, who play the sharpies) extract nitroglycerin from dynamite by boiling it until the nitro floats "like an oil" on the water's surface and skimming it off. It's fully as dangerous as it sounds, so they have hired men to do it for huge sums of money which they get from burglarizing banks and blowing up their safes. The first one goes up in an gigantic explosion which shatters windows miles away, so they turn to a young ex-cowboy with no prospects except his saloon-girl girlfriend. The young man reluctantly agrees, hoping to make a fresh start by investing in petroleum development (Buck Taylor's dad Dub plays the developer). But when a cougar spooks the thugs' horse and causes horse and buggy to be strewn all over the landscape, the thugs must regroup. They have accidentally knocked over the bank where the Kansas Petoleum Development Company's money was ...
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
James Arness James Arness - Matt Dillon
Milburn Stone Milburn Stone - Doc
Amanda Blake Amanda Blake - Kitty
Ken Curtis Ken Curtis - Festus
Roger Ewing Roger Ewing - Thad
James Nusser James Nusser - Louie Pheeters
Robert Rothwell Robert Rothwell - Joe Keller
Dub Taylor Dub Taylor - Byron Feiffer Farnum
Glenn Strange Glenn Strange - Sam Noonan
Gene O'Donnell Gene O'Donnell - Express Manager
Pete Kellett Pete Kellett - Cowboy
Carl Pitti Carl Pitti - Gambler
John Breen John Breen - Waiter
David Canary David Canary - George McClaney
Bonnie Beecher Bonnie Beecher - Anne Gilchrist

These two episodes are also listed as "Tiger by the Tail" parts I and II.

Reviews: [2]

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    The story was actually interesting. A man down-on-his-luck with no prospects of getting out of his hole in life, finds a good paying job, yet dangerous, and now seems like he has his life back on path.

    The problem with this part one of this show is that it moves at a snail's pace. Everything in part one was so stretched out that I can only assumed they needed to make the story longer to get the full two hours show filmed. It was so slow that interest soon fades and you can only hope for relief in the second part of the program.

    The story involved George McClaney that was the down-on-his-luck person that seemed to be better off not having been born. When he is approached by three men giving him a job of boiling dynamite and then skimming off the top layer of nitroglycerin. Then he had to pour the volatile liquid into a small glass container.

    George is paid very well for his work and has a lot of greenbacks in his wallet. He goes to Dodge and meets his girlfriend named Ann. He tells her that he is investing in an oil development company with the money he now has obtained. He then tells the three men that he is quitting- but it will not be easy when they threaten Ann.

    It was something that could have taken twenty minutes, yet the production staff made it last the full hour. Not much is accomplished in part one so here is hoping part two is better.
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    There is a bit of suspense in part one but you will have to see part 2 to get some closure. "George" is crazy in love with a saloon girl but he is broke. So he takes a very dangerous job that has ended the life of a few others who attempted to do what he is hired for. Nitroglycerin was mixed with sawdust and few other things to make it safer to handle, but some thieves want the pure stuff because as a liquid it does a better job of blowing up safes than dynamite. George is cooking the dynamite and separating the nitro for which the gang pays handsomely. It appears things are looking up for George when he invests in an upstart oil company. But the gang needs more nitro and they threaten to hurt his sweetheart if he refuses to cook up another batch. Part one ends with it appearing as though George gets blown up. You will have to watch part two to learn what happened.