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3 in a Towel (1969) HD online

3 in a Towel (1969) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Romance
Original Title: 3 in a Towel
Director: Marty Rackum
Released: 1969
Duration: 1h 10min
Video type: Movie
Ladies man Romeo Bruno dallies with various attractive young gals on a lazy day in San Francisco.

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    You know interest in the sexy '60s has gone over the top when landfill-seeking cinematic junk like 3 IN A TOWEL is re-issued to a new generation. Despite the ultra-hype of its trailer ("The anti-art film for functioning intellectuals like yourself"), this is a total snoozer.

    Shot MOS with annoying first person narration by our smug hero Romeo Bruno, interminable pic has him fancying a day of irresistibility to women. He first picks up a smartly dressed woman, but she wisely flees when he segues to a boat where three extremely plain young femmes get naked and entertain him on San Francisco Bay.

    Aside from boring recitations of Shakespearean verse nothing much happens here. It's merely an excuse for lots of full-frontal nudity but devoid of story content or beauty. Final reels have him in the shower with 3 different girls and then back on the boat, with a towel shared by them to justify the title. Phony credit sequences feature body painted credits on nude femme torsos.

    Very minor psychedelic effects don't measure up, and overall the film's photography is poor. Amateur cast can't hold a candle to the roster of talented soft-core stars working at this time on both coasts, but probably cost less to employ.

    Filmmakers seem unduly proud of the cleverness of their Miracle Films company slogan: "If it's a good film it's a miracle", but I could swear that's not original - I'm pretty sure I heard it before from the British distributor of that name.
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    Ladies man Romeo Bruno dallies with various attractive young women on a lazy day in San Francisco. Yep, that's about it for the admittedly slight plot, but fortunately director Marty Rackum nicely captures the free-spirited vibe of the easygoing and uninhibited late 1960's while offering an abundance of tasty female nudity -- Bruno does go full monty for the ladies, too -- and lots of choice footage of sunny Frisco. Better still, the sexy and bubbly hippie chicks are all natural and reasonably good looking without coming across like plastic model types (instead they seem like women one could meet in real life, which definitely adds to their overall allure rather than detracts from same). The amusingly pretentious narration gives this picture a certain kitschy charm. The simulated soft-core sex scenes are pretty hot and come complete with some especially scorching heavy breathing. The bright cinematography provides a pleasant sparkling look and boasts plenty of vintage funky psychedelic visual flourishes. The body painted credits are a groovy distinctly 60's touch. And since Romeo does share both a shower and a towel with three fetching babes, this film does indeed fulfill the promise made by the title. A fun and saucy little romp.