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Do Women Have A Higher Sex Drive? (2018) HD online

Do Women Have A Higher Sex Drive? (2018) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary
Original Title: Do Women Have A Higher Sex Drive?
Director: Jan-Willem Breure,Anouk Pluijm
Writers: Jan-Willem Breure,Cheyenne Löhnen
Released: 2018
Budget: €100,000
Duration: 1h 10min
Video type: Movie
For years men have underestimated women. For years men have thought they were smarter than women, but now women outnumber men in colleges. For years men have thought that women should not work, now women are the majority of the American workforce. For years men have thought that women could not lead, now women are the majority of the American managers are women. For years men have thought women could not fight. But now women fight alongside men in military . For years men have thought women had a lower sexdrive? Can men be proven wrong again?


Credited cast:
Cheyenne Löhnen Cheyenne Löhnen - Herself
Annine van der Meer Annine van der Meer - Herself
Dian Biemans Dian Biemans - Herself
Nicole Caldwell Nicole Caldwell - Herself
Marcia Chong Marcia Chong - Herself
Katarina Gaborova Katarina Gaborova - Herself
Sandri Moti Sandri Moti - Herself
Jennifer Lyon Bell Jennifer Lyon Bell - Herself
Hanna Rosin Hanna Rosin - Herself (archive footage)
Gloria Steinem Gloria Steinem - Herself (archive footage)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Karim Bouteffah Karim Bouteffah
Jan-Willem Breure Jan-Willem Breure - Himself (archive footage)

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    Don't waste your time with it. Lots of opinions, little facts, a lot of false information. Like describing Jennifer Lyon Bell as "multi award-winning director".
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    This is a long watch just to poorly explain hypergamy, confusing it with sex drive. The natural preference for women to want to mate upwards on the social and economic hierarchy.

    The problem currently isn't that women are actually out performing men, they have been artificially boosted, programs favor women at every level, and not based on merit, women simply are expensive, and frankly a liability in most cases as we are finding out with Equifax and even Facebook where Cheryl Samberg who was tasked with the business portion of the company simply hid when it was exposed that they were selling more of their user data than they let on. This was a person who spent their time bragging about how little they worked, spending their time talking about child care, feminism, their own "lean in" organization, spending as much time on activism as possible, while going home early rather than working on their actual job. But its accepted because the culture requires its tokens, its illusions. So now we lower standards to hire female firefighters who get injured on the first day of their job, we even remove hand grenade throwing requirements because they've clearly become inconvenient to mostly one group they dare not mention. And this is the path to mouse utopia, not "empowerment", because as said, the market place for relationships becomes incredibly distorted to the point where it simply isn't sustainable. Men still pay most net taxes, and at a certain point, that gravy train will end, you can promote women as much as you desire, but the productivity simply isn't there. Soon, things like the social welfare system will become insolvent, social security being the prime example, and the crash will cause the reset.

    Put it simply, mouse utopia is nothing to be proud of, claiming women have a high sex drive misses the point, they don't, its simply that the darker aspects of their nature have been unleashed, and without consequences they have become destructive to the long term survival of western civilization, because as noted by others, women haven't evolved to protect the cultures they exist in, they survive based on hypergamy, and so if any society is foolish enough to indulge their darkest whims, they simply end up the prizes of the invaders, the new victors who haven't been foolish as the men before them. People imagine our current experiment was some how eternal when it is nothing more than that, an experiment, and a rather foolish one at that.

    As for the absurd talking head basically drawing a parallel between midwives and abortionists, there is no evidence for that outside of gender studies conspiracy theory. Simple mortality rates and resource limitations kept populations in the past down. Furthermore pretending that past peoples were too dumb to be jealous and engage in the evolutionary game is ridiculous, spurred mostly on by the lefts fixation on the bonobo, failing to realize that is an evolutionary dead end. They fail to learn the lessons, the only time when such sexual freedom exists is when the women are masculinized to the point where they select for weak males they can dominate, and that dysgenic cycle of weakening the species destroys them. Its why the bonobo only exists because of their artificial and splendid isolation, release a band of chimps into their territory and they would simply cease to exist. And this is the problem with the feminist failure to understand why sexual marketplaces always became regulated, they don't understand the alternative is annihilation and extinction.

    The Playgirl interview was the perfect example of how ideology blinds such people to reality to the point where market failure isn't enough to wake them up. It was always "not real communism" that time it failed. The former hired head of that company tries to get around the fact of their customers mostly being homosexual men by citing 50 shades of grey, when that example entirely undermines her point. Not only was 50 shades of grey not based on visuals, but it was based on submission, not servitude. To put it simply, when someone claims there is a gold mine, and they won't bother to mine it, you know even they don't believe their own ideas.

    The conclusion that women do have power is correct, just not in how they imagine. Humanity is gynocentric, fixated around female needs to the point of excluding reality. Its why they are so afraid to criticize women, or even acknowledge faults. Its why their example of how women are "oppressed" around the world with Michelle Obama talking about "our girls" completely fails to acknowledge that males in those societies are often treated worse. This power, when recklessly unleashed leads to what we see now, the slow dissolution of society. The feminist forgets, the price for the delusion was a bargain, that you would have children to ensure the continuance of society, when that deal is broken, from this power only comes destruction. Near the end they mention polygamy and the 80/20 rule, failing to understand that if they take responsibility for this, it actually makes women's preferences responsible for war, because that is the inevitable consequence of such imbalanced systems.

    As always, ignore what people say, watch what people do
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    A good documentary about this topic would be how men and women are complementary in their differences...
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    I am a feminist too, but these women in the documentary have obliquely directed view about the world. The fight should be about equality not about who gets the power and who submits to who.When she uttered the 80 to 20 principle and mate selection on the basis of hierarchy, that was where I found the serious mistake most feminist make about the feminism. Moreover she even claimed women were more advantageous when polygamy existed because they could ditch the poor ones. This documentary was full of facts but they had the sense to misguide and incline the plot in their favour without understanding the consequences. Most facts were absolutely right like,the witches being most important among women, genderfluid human nature and urge to be cathartic about the the oppression from patriarchy.

    Overall for me this documentary looks more like a corporate feminism rather than feminism of men, women, rich ,and poor
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    I got a chance to watch it. It was very thought provoking.

    I asked Jan-Willem where he lived, and if women were more in touch with their sexuality there. I asked because there's definitely some cultural influence at play. I wonder what countries or places are best for women to be more sexually authentic.

    He replied, "I live in Holland, the first country to create a female porn channel. However, Dutch women are not that in touch with their sexuality, I find women from warmer countries more open, especially Brazil. The presenter in my film, Cheyenne Lohnen, is half Brazilian."

    Do Women Have a Higher Sex Drive? sets the stage with examples of equality and how women are rising up in society, despite the patriarchy. It features a diverse cast of experts, from porn directors to economists to psychologists.

    I've never had a male orgasm before, but from what I gather, female orgasms seem to be superior - up to 10 times more powerful than male, and more prolific, when given the right circumstances. Personally, I enjoy a high libido and have a higher level of testosterone than the average woman my age (mid-40's). I act out ravishing fantasies via gang bangs, threesomes, and roleplay. I like to joke that I am bi-furious!

    In my line of work, I hear from so many men in their 50's and 60's who tell me their wife is not interested in sex anymore and never initiates. BUT so many of my female friends complain bitterly about their low drive male partners!

    What gives?! I recall so many times in past relationships where I stood in the doorway of my ex's home office, asking for sex. They would have their back to me, at their computers. Frustrated, I would give up, and they would resent me pressuring them. Thankfully, my current partner of ten years and I have well-matched libidos and great communication, so we both get our emotional and physical needs consistently met.

    The film talks about a Man Drought: 80% of women like 20% of the men available, whereas men are less selective with who they f***.

    I tell you what - in the United States we have a maturity issue when it comes to men. Men aren't forced to grow up the way women are, and immaturity is a big turn off for most women. Patriarchy is the fear of the feminine AND mature masculine. Men need added value in order to be desirable to women. They need to stand out and be more than just a "nice guy". This film definitely comes from a straight/gender binary perspective.

    Birth control pills can be problematic and lower a woman's sex drive. Artificial hormones affect the brain, sense of smell, and so much more. Just listen to this podcast "Sex Hurts" to learn about some of the terrible side effects this woman suffered from being on the pill.

    I was on the pill for years, and partnered with a boring nice guy. I went off the pill and POW! my current partner walked by me, I caught a whiff of him, and was instantly activated! So often men have chosen me, but in this case, I chose HIM. I've been following him around ever since! I've read that men only need one thing to become aroused - boobs, or butt, or pretty face. Women need two or more things to become aroused - sexy voice AND strong arms, for instance, or sense of humor AND tattoos. See what I mean? This is why unsolicited cock shots are so ineffective. Women need more than a body part - they need a storyline. And this is why men are more prone to fetishes and latching on to certain body parts. Women are more complicated and nuanced!

    In our society, men are raised to know what they want, and they go after it, whereas women are shaped to hold back and suppress desires. Case in point: if I ask a man what his top three turn ons are, he can list them right away. But when I ask women, they tend to react with surprise, and after a moment, they often reply, "I don't know."

    According to the film, in 3000 BC, climate change turned humans into nomads, which brought upon a male dominated society that was oppressive to women. You always hear how prostitution is the world's oldest profession, but let's not forget midwifery!

    Contrary to popular belief, women in the past knew about birth control methods. And when men decided to control women, they tried to do away with midwives. They called them witches (the etymology of the word "witch" = "power, skill, to know") and went on vicious witch hunts, torturing and murdering thousands of skilled women. Religion ruined women's sexual freedom!

    Nowadays, it's important to know that women need to feel comfortable and safe in order to let go and orgasm. You always hear about how men are like microwaves and women are like slow cookers when it comes to arousal and orgasm, but I have firsthand experience that tells me otherwise!

    For one thing, I can get off very quickly solo with a vibrator. And at the TBK parties I host, I've staged girl piles as icebreakers, where all the women are invited to play with each other. The men are welcome to watch, but they need to give the women space. You would think a group of women would be all sweet, but they shocked me with their raunchiness! They felt the right combination of relaxed and excited and were able to orgasm quickly and POWERFULLY. Sadly, some men didn't understand this "ladies first" approach and complained about being left out. SIGH

    I wish society would get the memo that if women are happy, then men and children will follow suit. What do women want? Women want it ALL! Don't hold us back!

    Our brains and bodies are capable of extraordinary things - if we allow it.
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    This documentary is very useful, visual description! very interesting
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    I had to double-check for this Documentary, excellent, very charismatic.