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Cams.Com: Real Couples (2010) HD online

Cams.Com: Real Couples (2010) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Adult
Original Title: Cams.Com: Real Couples
Released: 2010
Video type: Creative Work
Cast overview:
Bambilong Bambilong
Dina Sky Dina Sky
Diana Doll Diana Doll
Leilani Leilani

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    Penthouse Video briefly but memorably teamed up with Europe's pioneering label Private for a series of Antonio Adamo features way back when, and even Private teamed up with Britain's goofball Bluebird Films very briefly in 2009. But this example of a short-lived supply-side hook-up between Penthouse and a website dealing in amateur internet porn has no merit whatsoever.

    We get a bunch of actresses known by their stupid web handles, like Foglove69 and Bambilove, humping no-name guys who probably really are their partners. The ringer is Euro star Diana Doll, requisitioned for a lesbo scene with one Dina Sky.

    The logic of Penthouse capitulating to the ongoing encroachment of cheap, non-professional internet porn content makes no sense, but I suppose they were pretty desperate back in 2010 when this was made. A year later the label shut down, only to resurface in 2015 with an ongoing series of truly awful product, professionally cast and made but of zero interest. Poor Toni English/Kelly Holland gets a producer credit on this stinker but no director was credited, even though the usual Penthouse crew is cited in the final credit list.