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QC Redemption II (2012) HD online

QC Redemption II (2012) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Action
Original Title: QC Redemption II
Director: Adrian Bethea
Writers: McPherson
Released: 2012
Budget: $5,000
Video type: Movie
When his wife and best friend left him for dead, he promised God that when he returned, he would seek redemption for his sins and not revenge. Now the man they thought they killed is having second thoughts, this could be bad for everyone. The Queen City will never be the same when Dre returns in the highly anticipated sequel to "QC Redemption.
Credited cast:
Leo Alford Leo Alford - Officer Lopez
Toochukwu T.C. Anyachonkeya Toochukwu T.C. Anyachonkeya - Shifty
Joshua Chapman Joshua Chapman - Rev
Ivan Dior McLaughlin Ivan Dior McLaughlin - Dooms Day
McPherson McPherson - Dre (as George McPherson)
Solo Artist Saxx Solo Artist Saxx - Himself
Ebony Wilson Ebony Wilson - Nicole