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Provocateur (1998) HD online

Provocateur (1998) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Action / Drama / Thriller
Original Title: Provocateur
Director: Jim Donovan
Writers: Roger Kumble
Released: 1998
Budget: CAD 7,600,000
Duration: 1h 43min
Video type: Movie
Sook Hee (aka Miya) is a North Korean agent who has infiltrated into South Korea in order to steal US military secrets. She is hired as a nanny in the family of US Colonel Greg Finn, who works as an intelligence officer with the US forces in South Korea. Col. Finn's teenage son Chris and Miya fall in love with each other but Miya's North Korean superiors demand that she completes her mission.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Jane March Jane March - Sook Hee / Miya
Stephen Mendel Stephen Mendel - Colonel Greg Finn
Lillo Brancato Lillo Brancato - Chris Finn
Nick Mancuso Nick Mancuso - Toynbey Bates
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa - Captain Jong
Sarah May Sarah May - Ming Ju Lee
Bryn McAuley Bryn McAuley - Audrey Finn
Daniel Brochu Daniel Brochu - Kurt Spears
Charles Edwin Powell Charles Edwin Powell - Coach Felder (as Charles Powell)
Zhenhu Han Zhenhu Han - Chung (as Zenhu Han)
Joseph Kim Joseph Kim - Minister Kang
Eleanor Noble Eleanor Noble - Dara
Claudia Besso Claudia Besso - Miss Brooks
Frank Fontaine Frank Fontaine - General Reed
Peter Colvey Peter Colvey - Captain Malloy

Derek Van Lint was previously attached to direct.

Reviews: [6]

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    I also do not understand the poor comments I see here. I just watched "Provocateur" and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I'd have to go buy a film student's textbook to see if it is full of genre cliche's or not--if I care to.

    Even though the bonehead earlier gave away the ending, it was still filled with tension for me--because I cared about the characters.

    I think this is as good as "The Bourne Identity." Not as much action, it's got more drama, but I prefer that anyway.

    I must admit the front cover of the video looks extremely like "La Femme Nikita," though. They should put this on DVD.
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    I'm not sure why so many IMDb voters chose to give Provocateur a '1'. The film is well acted (especially by lead Jane March and Nick Mancuso as a justifiably paranoid CIA agent), takes itself seriously, engages in a minimum of silly action movie cliches, and has an incredibly downbeat ending that is almost believable. Sure there's some unnecessary softcore T & A, but even that is relatively tasteful. Worth a look if you like spy flicks.
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    I saw only two minutes of this crappy movie, in the two minutes i saw a toy gun, an Audi stripped of its labels because the company was too poor to pay for its rights and a two second explosion that started off in the day time at about high noon and somehow ended up finishing at about sunset. Hmmm you tell me was a lot of time spent on this movie, i dont think so.
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    Der Bat

    I saw this movie a long time ago, but I remember that this movie was kind of stupid. What really turned me off about it, was that the lead actress was not Korean, nor resembled any Asian race. I think in the movie, she had a Russian mother/father (I don't quite remember)and I think the producers thought that she could pass off as a Euroasian woman.

    As an Asian, myself, I don't think it would be really hard to find an Asian actress of the same caliber of March (which is not quite high). She looked plain white next to the other Asian actors.
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    Miya (Jane March) is a north korean spy who infiltrates an american family under the guise of a housekeeper. Of course she falls in love with the son of her new employer, forcing her to pick sides etc etc blah blah. Aside from Jane March, who is an excellent actress who is completely wasted in this film, the film is very generic and full of cliches. Cardboard characters, cut and paste melodrama, and feeble storytelling make this quite bad. If it wasn't for Jane March it would be completely forgettable.
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    This was an awful movie. Basically Jane March was a half-Korean North Korean spy sent by Kim Jong Il to do something horrible to the American forces in South Korea. She becomes a maid for an American military family, they all regard her as being Korean even though she looks more white (I believe the actress is either 1/4 or 1/8 Southeast Asian, not at all Korean), and the teenage boy of the household starts out hating her and ends up sleeping with her. The way Korea and the U.S. military in Korea is depicted is completely insane. Of course, the screenwriter and the director were obviously white men who've never spent a day in Korea prior to this movie and had no intention of showing any real insight into life in Korea for either Koreans or American GIs and instead just tried to fulfill their pathetic Asiaphile fantasies without any regard to how completely unbelievable it made the movie. Anyone who's ever been to Korea will know this is utter garbage. In the end the North Korean honhyol spy-girl gets killed, in an obvious "paying for her sins" way. Very bad film with a made-for-TV feel to it.