» » Un saluto alle nuvole (2013)

Un saluto alle nuvole (2013) HD online

Un saluto alle nuvole (2013) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary / Family
Original Title: Un saluto alle nuvole
Director: Stefano Giannotti
Writers: Stefano Giannotti
Released: 2013
Duration: 25min
Video type: Movie
Greetings to the Clouds (2012) is a documentary about the Hospice in Maggiano, a little Italian country village. Entirely built up on interviews with medical and nursing staff and on the testimonies of family members of patients who died in the institute, the video faces the issue of death with mild and calm tones, highlighting the humanity and the professionalism of the workers.
Credited cast:
Nenè Barini Nenè Barini - (voice)
Andrea Bertolucci Andrea Bertolucci
Mariola Krajczewska Mariola Krajczewska
Marco Sodini Marco Sodini - (voice)