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Victoire, ou la douleur des femmes HD online

Victoire, ou la douleur des femmes  HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Series / Drama
Original Title: Victoire, ou la douleur des femmes
Duration: 1h 30min
Video type: TV Series
When German invades France, Victoire is 20 years old. The war, the child whom it awaits from Arnaud, the beneficial influence of Natacha, exiled Russian, soft and revolted at the same time, the friendship who links it in Jeannette, the love finally, will make of Victoire a combative and courageous woman. She will know passion. When, become gynaecologist, it meets Gianni, a journalist who will fight at his sides for the emancipation of the women, it will be an adult love. But Gianni, one day, will be erased by understanding that never Victoire will not cease awaiting Nicolas...
Cast overview, first billed only:
Marie Trintignant Marie Trintignant - Victoire
Marina Vlady Marina Vlady - Natacha
Sergio Castellitto Sergio Castellitto - Gianni
Yves Lambrecht Yves Lambrecht - Arnaud
Christine Citti Christine Citti - Jeannette
Jean-Michel Fête Jean-Michel Fête - Nicolas
Sabine Haudepin Sabine Haudepin - Anne
François Berléand François Berléand - Docteur Treves
Arno Chevrier Arno Chevrier - Georges
Tina Aumont Tina Aumont - Estelle
Serge Marquand Serge Marquand - Le père d'Arnaud
Jezabel Carpi Jezabel Carpi - La femme qui a peur
Veronick Kazansky Veronick Kazansky - Irina
Constantin Kazansky Constantin Kazansky - Sergueï
Alexandre Ansourian Alexandre Ansourian - Le voleur