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Thinking Out Loud (2000) HD online

Thinking Out Loud (2000) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie
Original Title: Thinking Out Loud
Director: Daniel Glasser
Writers: Matthew Stravitz
Released: 2000
Budget: $10,000
Video type: Movie
Cast overview:
Matthew Stravitz Matthew Stravitz - Jason
Laura Kindred Laura Kindred - Sarah
Lindsay Rae Taylor Lindsay Rae Taylor - Ditz
Malcolm Devine Malcolm Devine - Black Man
Alithea Hadges Alithea Hadges - Woman on Street
Walker Vreeland Walker Vreeland - Man on Street
Amit Tolia Amit Tolia - Deli Clerk
Mark Hammer Mark Hammer - Homeless Man
Robin Cowart Robin Cowart - Man with Fliers

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    The truth is, that as many people who may comment about how "over-used" this idea may be, either throught he guise of a quirky, sexy lawyer (Ally McBeal) or a distraught divorcee (Holly Hunter in LIVING OUT LOUD) or even in it's most primitive form: Fred Savage (The wonder years), this device is not what this pithy and quite funny short film is about. It is about a young man who has a bad morning. His day from waking up to the next..oh...eleven minutes or so, is awful, and we are given a nice glimpse into his mind. Of course the film's tag line ("It's all in your head") would lead us to believe that the day isn't so bad after all and is probably far worse in his head. Ultimately, this is a good short film, as it amuses me greatly. My only criticism might be that Perhaps when the protagonist (beautifully portrayed by Matthew Stavitz, esq.) looks into the gloomy reflective surface on waverly street, he should mutter something Spiritual. "God must just hate me," perhaps.