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Jack Clifton jagt Wostok III (1964) HD online

Jack Clifton jagt Wostok III (1964) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Action
Original Title: Agent Secret FX 18
Director: Maurice Cloche
Writers: Paul Kenny,Odette Cloche
Released: 1964
Duration: 1h 37min
Video type: Movie
Secret agent FX-18 goes undercover to break up an espionage ring.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Ken Clark Ken Clark - Francis Coplan - agent FX 18
Jany Clair Jany Clair - Patricia
Jacques Dacqmine Jacques Dacqmine - Le Vieux
Daniel Ceccaldi Daniel Ceccaldi - Noreau
Claude Cerval Claude Cerval - Barter
Margit Kocsis Margit Kocsis - Lila Sari
Ramón Centenero Ramón Centenero - Legay
Cristina Gaioni Cristina Gaioni - Arlette (as Cristina Gaïoni)
Amédée Doménech Amédée Doménech - Fondane
Lucia Amram Lucia Amram
André Cagnard André Cagnard - Le tueur
Roberto Camardiel Roberto Camardiel - Mazekia (as Camardiel)
Anselmo Cid Anselmo Cid - Rodriguez
Guy Delorme Guy Delorme - Lattina
Beni Deus Beni Deus - Gunsson

Italian censorship visa # 44825 delivered on 16-3-1965.

Reviews: [7]

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    This was Ken Clark's first foray in the spy genre and it's easily the weakest of his half-dozen adventures. FX-18 is a juvenile take on one of Paul Kenny's Coplan novels although I suspect it's been `dumbed' down beyond recognition. Ken's name in the English-dubbed print is Francis Cabtry or something like that and he's given the voice usually reserved for thugs.

    Second-billed Jany Clair is a pouty beauty who graced Mission to Caracas and FX-18 Superspy but here she's given little to do but get slapped around and tortured. Yes, this is a world where the men are brutes and the women like it.

    Director Maurice Cloche also made Baraka X-77 and The Viscount but this time around it seems all the departments of film making are second rate; acting, editing, even the score by Eddie Barclay and Michel Colombier, which has its jazzy moments, is largely forgettable. There's some nice scenery off the coast of Spain to look at but that isn't enough to salvage this wreck.
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    If you are reading this, you love low budget spy films. This has less of the silly late sixties quality, and more of the fifties noir elements, specifically as to cinematography. Which is quite good, excellent shots and pacing. So the film is not great, so what. The woman are actually interesting to look at. Everyone is entitled to his opinion, but the reviews I read, criticize this film for being exactly what it is. No, the women are not in Bond films. No, it does not have an Ortolani score. The jazz score is actually not bad, and you can hear where the Flint movies lifted a motif if you listen not very hard. Yes, it is dubbed and dialogue is not great all the time. It is a low budget effort. Compare this to an O77 film, (or an Stephen Boyd effort) and you start to realize that some people do know how to put a film together. Relative to other grade B, (or D or Z) films, it stands up quite well. This is only, however, if you are a fan of cheap (okay, bad) films. Put it this way, compared to 'Assalto Al Tesoro Di Stato', or 'Persuccion A Un Espia' it's pretty good stuff, and I love all these titles. I love any bad spy movie, but, reviewers should be fair. And stop using Mystery Science experience as your template for how to assess a film.
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    Ken Clark was a second or even third hand actor, always non-convincing, exclusively casted for his look. Daniel Ceccaldi is not inspired chosen as a negative character, he was an excellent performer of sweet and very nice characters. All the other actors equally unconvincing, in a boring story. Not even sexy girls, not even a bit beautiful, the two feminine characters are ugly. Stupid unattractive song too.
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    This is supposed to be the first in the French "Coplan" spy series of the 1960s, though in my English-dubbed version the lead, code-named FX-18, is called something else that I couldn't quite make out, something like "Capri". In any case, this film is nothing to write home about: the script is often dull, the direction pedestrian, there is just one action scene worth mentioning (in which FX-18 runs and catches up to a small plane that's about to take off!), and even the beautiful Majorca, where most of the action takes place, looks rather....ordinary. Ken Clark is an adequate lead, and he is surrounded by some cute girls, the cutest being Margit Kocsis. *1/2 out of 4.
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    blac wolf

    The French producers ,noticing (it did not take'em long to notice),that James Bond was becoming a huge blockbuster ,began to look for a French counterpart:in the sixties,lots of movies were made :OSS 117,Coplan,Le Vicomte and more ,each one lousier than the one before (with the eventual exception of "Coplan Sauve Sa Peau" which was directed by Yves Boisset) Enter Maurice Cloche: needless to say,his previous career had nothing (and I mean nothing) to do with the spy thriller.He began his career in 1937 and there are only two good movies in his career :"Monsieur Vincent" and" Le Petit Chose" an acceptable adaptation of the Daudet novel.The rest of his movies are either Saint-Sulpician edifying works ("Un Missionnaire" ) or melodramas dealing with the prostitutes' plight,which put him in the same league as his colleague Leo Joannon for that matter.

    What can be said for this first effort in the cloak and dagger field?(two more "works" were to follow ,in the same "vein" so to speak)There's a horrible song during the cast and credits (which is heard again at the end) performed by yeah yeah boy Frank Alamo called "Copain Coplan" ;a Z-movie actor who obviously does not speak French at all (anyone can't be Jodie Foster ,can they?),and who is dubbed in French Mediocre starlets ,who are not even that beautiful ,compared to Bond's girl's canon;an earnest FRench thespian,Daniel Ceccaldi,as the villain,who wish he weren't here;and a story the average viewer has seen one hundred times or more.
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    SECRET AGENT FX 18 is a poor-quality Eurospy adventure film made in the Bond mould. It stars the hulking but wooden Ken Clark as the hero of the piece, who spends his time bedding average-looking women and fighting with the henchmen of a nefarious crime boss. The setting is Majorca but never has it looked so dull; with the pedestrian direction and stilted camerawork utilised here, the film has a uniformly awful look to it. Bizarrely, a lot of the otherwise serious scenes play out with comedy soundtracks over the top, as if they're supposed to be funny; watch for the numerous and repetitive fight scenes to see this in action.
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    One of those clones made in the sixties from the James Bond movies. There is action, drama, and love.. but everything is so bad made that you will be laughing all the time. Kaplan, the secret agent, is a James Bond mixed with Austin Powers. The script in fact is quite boring, but the dialogues are really stupid, the direction is more than awful and many of the scenes that take place in the film are not strange, there are often unbelievable. But I recommend watching this movie, because you will have a great time, wonderful, wonderful... it´s not supposed to be a comedy, but I kept laughing all the time.