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La casa loca (2007) HD online

La casa loca (2007) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Comedy
Original Title: La casa loca
Director: John Bacchus
Writers: John Bacchus
Released: 2007
Duration: 1h 30min
Video type: Creative Work
La Casa Loca is a raunchy college frat comedy about a Latino from New York who tries to fit in at a very White college in America's Midwest. Jaime Sanchez works at a car wash, and lives with his close-knit family in Brooklyn. A miserable failure with the ladies, he takes the advice of his brothers and buddies to try going to college to meet easy female co-eds, and finally end his unlucky streak. He applies to colleges with relaxed admission standards, and much to his amazement is accepted by a small town college in Indiana. Jaime plans to hit the campus party scene, meet hot sorority girls and major in wild college sex. However, Jaime discovers that he is a cultural outcast. Along with his freaky Mexican roommate and other campus misfits, Jaime forms his own fraternity house - ALPHA CINCO DE MAYO DELTA, and challenges the status of KAPPA KAPPA KAPPA (aka KKK) as the Craziest Party House on Campus.


Cast overview, first billed only:
Jon Arthur Jon Arthur - Jaime Sanchez
Juan Perez Juan Perez - Luis Tucker
Tatiana Dellepiane Tatiana Dellepiane - Veronica
Casey T. Burns Casey T. Burns - Trevor (as Casey Burns)
Doris Martir Doris Martir - Anita
John Paul Fedele John Paul Fedele - Ken (as John Fedele)
Pierre O'Farrell Pierre O'Farrell - Corey
Carlos Acuña Carlos Acuña - Jimmy (as Carlos Acuna)
Richie Lorenz Richie Lorenz - Diego
Grant Wiley Grant Wiley - Chad
Danny Capodonico Danny Capodonico - Steve
Mark Consul Mark Consul - Gary W.
Jaime Santana Jr. Jaime Santana Jr. - Eduardo
C.L. Rivera C.L. Rivera - Tito
Luis Abril Luis Abril - Alfonso

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    Horror! A word that's the same in English and Spanish. So accurate on this movie!

    Oh my God, oh my God. Who did this? And most importantly, WHY? Last night I thought I'd take a look at some Latino movie production and came across this piece of... "film" (video).

    A comedy about NY Latinos in College? Could sound nice, but certainly not this way. Not when the script is just terrible. Not when the actors are so amateurish. And definitely not when all the other important aspects are simply non-existent. Who edited this that even conversations are badly done? Where was the director. Believe me, this movie is so bad it even SOUNDS horribly. Oh my God, to think they keep saying things like "today anyone can grab a home camera and make a movie". If this is the result, please don't!