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The Sultan and the Roller Skates (1914) HD online

The Sultan and the Roller Skates (1914) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy
Original Title: The Sultan and the Roller Skates
Director: C.J. Williams
Released: 1914
Video type: Movie
The Sultan was a sentimentalist. Some men are of the impression that it is impossible for them to love more than one woman, but the Sultan was not so constituted. Every few months he fell in love with some girl or other, and invariably he married her. At the time our story opens, he had twenty wives. When word was brought to the Sultan that a beautiful American girl, with wheels on her feet had been captured by bandits in one of the outlying portions of his realms, his collector's instinct was aroused. In his entire list of wives, he did not have a single American. None of his wives had wheels on their feet. Instantly he commanded that the fair captive should be brought before him. Mae Higgins, the American girl, was lady champion roller-skater of Keokuk, Ia. While the bandits were dragging her to the Sultan, she met Sam Spaulding, the young man with whom she had won the roller-tango contest at the last Firemen's and Farmers' Ball. Mae hastily explained her plight to Sam, and he ...
Cast overview:
Arthur Housman Arthur Housman - Sam Spaulding
Elsie MacLeod Elsie MacLeod - Mae Higgins
Herbert Prior Herbert Prior - The Sultan
William Wadsworth William Wadsworth - The Grand Vizier
Alice Washburn Alice Washburn - The Older Slave Girl
Carlton S. King Carlton S. King - (as Carlton King)
Harry Gripp Harry Gripp
William Chalfin William Chalfin
Ida Williams Ida Williams - (as Mrs. C.J. Williams)

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    A burlesque farce with freshly outrageous situations that made laughter. Epes Winthrop Sargcant is the author; but the players (Herbert Prior, as the sultan; William Wadsworth, as the vizier; Alice Washburn, as a slave who plainly knows the ropes about the court, and others, including Elsie McCloud as the American beauty with "wheels on her feet" and Arthur Houseman, as a roller skate salesman) help, and add to the fun by their acting. C. Jay Williams produced it. - The Moving Picture World, March 21, 1914