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Gunsmoke The Intruder (1955–1975) HD online

Gunsmoke The Intruder (1955–1975) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Western
Original Title: The Intruder
Director: Vincent McEveety
Writers: Jim Byrnes
Released: 1955–1975
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Episode
Festus, while taking a wounded prisoner to Dodge, has to stop at a farm house for help. Little does Festus know this was part of the prisoner's plan all along.
Episode cast overview:
James Arness James Arness - Matt Dillon
Milburn Stone Milburn Stone - Doc
Amanda Blake Amanda Blake - Kitty (credit only)
Ken Curtis Ken Curtis - Festus
Charles Aidman Charles Aidman - Riley Sharp
John Kellogg John Kellogg - Henry Decker
Gail Kobe Gail Kobe - Ellie Decker
Eric Shea Eric Shea - Timmy Decker
Ralph James Ralph James - Hall
Ted Jordan Ted Jordan - Nathan Burke
Bob Gravage Bob Gravage - Ennis

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    This episode should have been titled 'What a set of coincidences' rather than the given title.

    When Festus rides out to collect a prisoner and bring him back to Dodge for trial is sets up a bizarre story that plays out during the show. It begins early as Festus witnesses the prisoner, Riley Sharp, assault the two prison guards but provides no extra caution on the horse ride back to Dodge. Of course Riley then tries to kill Festus before being overpowered which should have been another warning for Festus but again no extra caution is taken.

    Riley had a bad wound on his leg and forced the wound to bleed making Festus try to find help. They ride upon a ranch house that is occupied by Henry, Ellie and young Timmy Decker. But hold on---the prisoner is Ellie Decker's husband plus the small child is the prisoner's son. What a odd coincidence! With Festus riding back to Dodge to bring Doc Adams. Riley makes a deal with Henry Decker. Riley will show Henry where $25,000 is located if he will take his abusive life away from Ellie and Timmy.

    When the two make it to an old mine where the money is hidden things do not go as planned. With Festus on his way back to the ranch house it will be up to Timmy to bring some of the facts to light.

    This was one of those shows that stretches the plot so far that it is hard to get into the story. Throw all sensibilities you have for believable stories out the window before beginning the show. This was not a good day for fans of the series.