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Willie's Sister (1912) HD online

Willie's Sister (1912) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Romance / Comedy
Original Title: Willieu0027s Sister
Released: 1912
Video type: Movie
Willie Green, off for college, tearfully kisses Ma and Pa and Sister good-bye. Arrived on the campus, he approaches a grave and reverend senior to ask where the proctor is located. The senior knocks off his hat. Willie replaces it and laughs feebly at the joke. The senior sternly tells him to take it off and be respectful to his betters. Willie obeys, and awe-stricken, repeats his question. The senior points, Willie dodges, gathers up his suitcases and exits cautiously, watching the senior. The proctor places him in a room with a senior, who makes life a burden to him, using him as a valet. Later, Willie receives a box from home and a note from Sister, telling him not to make himself sick with the contents and they are coming down to see him shortly. He is obliged to leave to attend recitations. In his absence his room-mate discovers the box and invites some of his cronies to join the feast. Willie, returning, is enraged to see his sister's good things disappearing. His protests ...
Cast overview:
James Morrison James Morrison - Willie Green
Earle Williams Earle Williams - Willie's Room-Mate
Tefft Johnson Tefft Johnson
Anne Schaefer Anne Schaefer - Willie's Mother
Beatrice Behrman Beatrice Behrman - Willie's Sister
Alec B. Francis Alec B. Francis - Willie's Father

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    James Morrisson goes off to Yale. As a lowly freshman, he is hazed by his fellow scholars. Then his parents come to visit him and bring along his sister, beautiful Beatrice Behrman. Suddenly, Morrisson is the most popular man on campus.

    This Vitagraph one-reeler can be seen on the Eye site on YouTube, albeit with Dutch titles. It is not particularly good, given how little there is in this one-joke comedy, although the well-run studio has all its technical issues well in hand, with elaborate set dressing that bespeaks the essentially middle-class ranking of its characters, as well as fine outdoor settings.

    Although not a very good movie, it is a valuable example of what was going on at the Vitagraph Studio in the last few years of all-short-subject movie programs.