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Meie aasta Hiinas  HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Series / Adventure / Family / Reality TV
Original Title: Meie aasta Hiinas
Duration: 33min
Video type: TV Series
The TV host Tuuli Roosma takes his family - a documentary director Arbo Tammiksaar and their twin boys Andres and Kristjan to live in People's Republic of China. They try to fit in as locals, learn mandarin Chinese and help to set up a yurt village in Yunnan province. The inevitable culture crash is a basis for a situational comedy. The 5-year talkative twin boys add to daily fun.
Credited cast:
Kristjan Roosma Kristjan Roosma - Himself
Tuuli Roosma Tuuli Roosma - Herself
Andres Tammiksaar Andres Tammiksaar - Himself
Arbo Tammiksaar Arbo Tammiksaar - Himself

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    Very interesting TV series, funny twin-boys and their parents are discovering life in new environment each year. Very honest with all emotions and happenings. Great family entertainment, but at the same time also very educating.