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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Crime
Original Title: SOKO Leipzig
Duration: 45min
Video type: TV Series
The series is about the investigative work of the Special Commission of the Leipzig police. The team, consisting of Hajo Trautzschke, Jan Maybach, Ina Zimmermann and Tom Kowalski, mostly investigate in capital crimes like murder or manslaughter. They are supported by team assistant Olivia Fareedi, coroner Prof. Dr. Sabine Rossi and Dr. Stein as well as laboratory assistant Lorenz Rettig and prosecutor Dr. Alexander Binz. In cases concerning sexual offenses, Dagmar Schnee is also in the team.
Series cast summary:
Melanie Marschke Melanie Marschke - Ina Zimmermann / - 354 episodes, 2001-2019
Marco Girnth Marco Girnth - Kriminaloberkommissar Jan Maybach / - 337 episodes, 2001-2019
Andreas Schmidt-Schaller Andreas Schmidt-Schaller - Kriminalhauptkommissar Hajo Trautzschke / - 332 episodes, 2001-2018
Steffen Schroeder Steffen Schroeder - Tom Kowalski / - 150 episodes, 2004-2019

The team of the Special Commission of the Leipzig police investigates mostly in capital crimes like murder or manslaughter.

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    The show frequently shows nice views of the city of Leipzig.

    I'm afraid that this is the only favorable remark I can make about this show. It is probably the worst murder mystery series I've ever seen. All cases are extremely unrealistic (much more than usual) but appear to be meant realistic. Each storyline has a complete turning point every five to ten minutes (makes 4-5 such surprising developments per episode). This means that the end is not usually predictable but despite that I could never feel any suspense.

    The actors are unable to alleviate the abstruse and convoluted plots. Their characters are the generic combination of some young inspectors (presumably deemed attractive, of both genders) and a senior supervisor. None of them creates the impression of an authentic police officer. Again, this may be due to the hopeless stories. But maybe not.