» » Coronation Street Episode #1.2276 (1960– )

Coronation Street Episode #1.2276 (1960– ) HD online

Coronation Street Episode #1.2276 (1960– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Romance
Original Title: Episode #1.2276
Writers: Peter Tonkinson,Tony Warren
Released: 1960–
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Episode
Chalkie puts No. 9 up for sale as Bob Whitely needs the money. Chalkie plans to move to a Council flat by the park. Ken can't believe that he hasn't got the job and wants to find out why. An anonymous Valentine is sent to "the redhead" at No. 11. As all three occupants are redheads they don't know who it's from. Ken asks Alf to find out why he didn't get the job. Fred tells Suzie that he wrote the Valentine to her - she is horrified. Stan finds it impossible to climb his ladders anymore. His customers refuse to pay him for just cleaning downstairs. Fred reorganises the bar so that Suzie has to bend down to get beers. Stan gives Hilda his day's takings - only £8. She tells him it's not good enough. Deirdre can't bring herself to leave Ken as he's so down. Mike promises he'll look after Tracy. He tells her that they should go away together for a few days.