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The Making of Mentos Man  HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy
Original Title: The Making of Mentos Man
Director: Dylan C. Bargas
Writers: Dylan C. Bargas,Samuel J. Mellor
Budget: $100
Video type: Movie
Want to know what REALLY happened behind the scenes of 'The Life of Mentos Man'? No? Well, too bad. You're gonna get it in this all-new hilarious mockumentary special, exclusive only to the DVD/Blu-Ray release of 'The Life of Mentos Man'.
Credited cast, sorted by IMDb STARmeter:
Justin R. Alvarez Justin R. Alvarez
Dylan C. Bargas Dylan C. Bargas - Dylan Bargas / 'Mentos Friend'
Bryan Hurd Bryan Hurd
Jeremy Winter Jeremy Winter - Jeremy Winter / 'The Mentos Dealer'
Grant Farris Grant Farris
Jackie Hollywood Jackie Hollywood
Isaac Lengel Isaac Lengel - Mentos Freak (archive footage)
Abdul Khan Abdul Khan - Abdul Khan / 'Mentos Boyfriend'
Jacob Holleman Jacob Holleman - Mentos Freak (rumored)
Jarod LeCouve Jarod LeCouve
Erica Malane DeHart Erica Malane DeHart - (rumored)
Jisselle Fernandez Jisselle Fernandez - Mentos Freak (archive footage)
Malkah Webb Malkah Webb
Vanetza Juarez Vanetza Juarez - Girl in Hallway #1 (archive footage)
Dylan Vega Dylan Vega - Background Extra (archive footage)

This idea for a mockumentary started out as a joke during the filming of 'The Life of Mentos Man' between director Dylan Bargas and Mentos Man actor Shane Meyers. They both like the idea so much, they decided it would be a funny movie. Drawing inspiration from A Mighty Wind (2003) and Comic Book: The Movie (2004).

Not everyone is returning from the first film. Basically only 7 actors/actresses from 'The Life of Mentos Man' are returning and reprising their roles. The rest of the original cast are being edited in from clips used from the prior installment.

This is not a direct sequel, but more of a spin-off taking place outside the world of 'The Life of Mentos Man'.

This movie contains minor and barely any factual truth of what went down into making 'The Life of Mentos Man'. Dylan stated, "It's a spoof and an exaggeration of the truth. This is for fun, just like the last film."