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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Drama / Family / Music / Romance
Original Title: Violetta
Duration: 45min
Video type: TV Series
A girl Violetta returned home after living in Europe for a while. She is living with her father because her mom died. As she is back in her home town. She learns about music, friendship, and her dad as well. She how Violetta goes through go/bad life. Stick around see how her adventure goes.
Series cast summary:
Diego Ramos Diego Ramos - Germán Castillo 240 episodes, 2012-2015
Martina Stoessel Martina Stoessel - Violetta Castillo 240 episodes, 2012-2015
Jorge Blanco Jorge Blanco - León Vargas 240 episodes, 2012-2015
Mercedes Lambre Mercedes Lambre - Ludmila Ferro 240 episodes, 2012-2015
Nicolás Garnier Nicolás Garnier - Andrés Calixto 240 episodes, 2012-2015
Alba Rico Alba Rico - Natalia 'Naty' Vidal 240 episodes, 2012-2015
Lodovica Comello Lodovica Comello - Francesca Caviglia 240 episodes, 2012-2015
Candelaria Molfese Candelaria Molfese - Camila Torres 240 episodes, 2012-2015
Facundo Gambandé Facundo Gambandé - Maximiliano 'Maxi' Ponte 240 episodes, 2012-2015
Samuel Nascimento Samuel Nascimento - Broduey Silva 240 episodes, 2012-2015
Clara Alonso Clara Alonso - Ángeles 'Angie' Carrará 240 episodes, 2012-2015
Florencia Benitez Florencia Benitez - Jade LaFontaine 240 episodes, 2012-2015
Joaquín Berthold Joaquín Berthold - Matías LaFontaine 240 episodes, 2012-2015
Mirta Wons Mirta Wons - Olga Patricia Peña 240 episodes, 2012-2015
Alfredo Allende Alfredo Allende - Lisandro Ramallo 240 episodes, 2012-2015
Rodrigo Pedreira Rodrigo Pedreira - Gregorio Casal 240 episodes, 2012-2015
Pablo Sultani Pablo Sultani - Roberto 'Beto' Benvenuto 240 episodes, 2012-2015
Ezequiel Rodríguez Ezequiel Rodríguez - Pablo Galindo 240 episodes, 2012-2015
Alberto Fernández de Rosa Alberto Fernández de Rosa - Antonio Fernández Méndez 240 episodes, 2012-2015
Diego Domínguez Diego Domínguez - Diego Hernández 160 episodes, 2013-2015
Xabiani Ponce de León Xabiani Ponce de León - Marco Tavelli 160 episodes, 2013-2015
Diego Alcalá Diego Alcalá - Marotti 123 episodes, 2012-2015

Martina Stoessel was 14 when the show started, while the rest of the cast was 18 and up.

Jorge Blanco didn't audition, the role was made for him

Clara Alonso is the same age as the rest of the cast that act as studio kids.

Mercedes Lambre wasn't supposed to audition, she accompanied a friend to the casting call and then after the producers saw her, they asked her to try out too

The producers cried when Martina sang in the first audition

Angie and Diego are actually dating in real life.

Martina was cast at that young age because, even though they asked for 18 and up actresses, The producers thought that after more than a year searching they would be open for younger people

When Lodovica auditioned she didn't know how to speak Spanish so the night before she learned some phrases online

During season 1, one of Martina Stoessel's ( Violetta ) teeth hadn't finished growing so she had to wear a fake tooth in order to look older

The reason given in the show of why Violetta was named like that is that her dead mother, María, chose that name because 'La Traviatta' was her favorite play and the main character's name is Violetta.

The show was first to be called 'Esperanza Mía'

In the first episode of Season 2, when the kids are singing "Ser Mejor" on stage, Xabiani Ponce De Leon, who plays Marco (later in Season 2) was standing in the back of the audience.

Mercedes Lambre (Ludmila) and Xabiani Ponce De Leon (Marco) started dating in 2013, but broke up in 2015 because of the long-distance relationship. Mercedes Lambre and some of the other cast from "Violetta" are on Tour, but Xabiani isn't on the Tour.

Martina Stoessel (Violetta) and Mercedes Lambre (Ludmilla) are enemies on the show while in real life they are friends

Reviews: [25]

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    I couldn't agree more with comments about how awful the program is. Disney must have truly run out of ideas to show a low down program like Violetta. I have seen awful acting, but Violetta takes it to another level. Aside from the bad, awful and amateur acting, the program is actual giving negative message out there to young children and teenagers about lying

    This program is telling children and teenagers that it's okay to keep lying (covering one lie with another), it's okay for adults to help cover up lies and that it's okay for teachers to bully, abuse as well as blackmail students in their care. Just encouraging children to lie.

    This is what my 13 year old said about the program " Dear Disney, I don't know what is worse, the actual program or Violetta's attitude. No one can get away with that many lies. Seriously, you've had your fun, end it. sincerely, when is Gregorio going into a mental hospital" I think the program should be banned because of the message it's giving out there

    Btw, Martina Stoessel should stick to singing and forget dancing because she can't dance. There is a difference between dancing and jumping around the stage. She's a very good singer though. My daughters have listened to all of them singing those songs in their language on the internet.
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    When Violetta first came out in the Netherlands, Disney already spammed their channels full of advertisements for the show. And I can conclude that this show is just another marketing series to rip off little girls in buying merchandise. The people who wrote the storyline didn't have any inspiration. It's just another "Girl moves to a new school and find two boyfriends" cliché. But that is not the worst part. I've watched many TV shows and have seen a lot of horrible dialog, but this is a new depth. The characters are just acting childish. From the arrogant She-thinks-she-is-the-best-person-in-the-world-but-has-no-talent- type-girl to the Perfect-talented-honest-wants-everybody-happy-girl. For the main character Violetta, she is just a girl who wants to famous. She listens always to her heart and only wants to do good things. She is to say "The perfect girl." And in my opinion "The perfect girl" is something you want to avoid in anything. Disney wants girls to say: I want to be like her. However she also lies to her dad and justifies that it is OK to lie to your parents when YOU think you're doing something that is the best for you. This may be the case in this show but in real life most parents DO know what's best for their child. Since Violetta is made for little girls, the writers decided to let the boys act like ten year old boys. The whole progression of the overall story is really slow so Disney can just keep airing this trash instead on spending money on a real show, and whenever the story progresses eventually you will see the same over and over since all parts in the story are exactly the same. And although I shouldn't actually talk about the other reviews, everyone who give this series a 10 is behaving like a Justin Bieber fan girl. They are so brainwashed by Disney channel that they don't see that this program is trash. Just like the Beliebers are so brainwashed that they can't see how worthless that guy is. Almost all Disney Channel programs are crap (Fair to say about 99%) but this show is the the deepest you can get. That's why I am giving it 1 star.

    Also, sorry for my broken English. It's not my native language.
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    I started watching Violetta over the summer, just to have something to watch while I am doodling or doing administrative things that don't require my full attention. I must admit that I kind of enjoy these shows. It's a telenovela, each show lasts 40 minutes or longer and there are 80 or more episodes each season. I prefer shows that are longer and have more content, although in Violetta it is sometimes redundant. Apart from that, the actors are all okay to good looking and the acting is pretty standard for Disney. I would not recommend watching the English dub, it's horrible. English dub's are generally more terrible and I hate the fact that they dub the songs too. Now to some more negative points: I HATE the fact they introduce(!) a show with plot holes. We don't really find out how old Violetta is and they never answer the question what kind of institution the Studio is. Is it a music school or a Conservatory? If it is so expensive, how can Violetta enroll and pay tuition without her control-freak father finding out about that? Do the other people there go to school? Their lives seem to be centered around the studio. How old are they? I find it pretty delusional about life as the writers seem to be incapable of including such substantial information.

    Also, I abhor Ludmilla. Some of the things she does are outright illegal, I don't understand why she never gets punished. Moreover, she claims to be the best singer and she is considered one of the best singers in the studio, but her voice is actually pretty weak in comparison to Camilla's voice and her singing is perceived as underaverage.

    Speaking of music, in the show the characters are not only constantly lying to each other but also to us. Everyone thinks Violetta is the best singer. I mean, she is really pretty and has star qualities, but she is by far not the best singer. Her intonation is often far off and she only has a limited and low register. Moreover, whenever Leon is playing the piano, Violetta goes: "Oh my goad you are a wonderful pianist", even if he is just playing four chords that any beginner can play. It is even worse when Violetta plays the piano, because she seems to think that it requires lifting up her shoulders, it looks so fake. I just don't understand why they can't do a basic "How to look like you are actually playing an instrument" when all the actors are "playing" an instrument in every episode. And sometimes they are rehearsing with instruments that you cannot hear, which I find rather interesting.

    I just think the writers/directors should not try to convey that they are talented by constantly putting it into the script, but by actually choosing talented people. No offense, but it feels like they are manipulating us to think like it is good. Some actors are very good singers and performers.

    In summa, make your own picture of Violetta. I like that it is musicy and encourages people to follow their dreams, I just wish there weren't as many plot holes. There is a lot more, but I am too lazy to rant on.

    Have fun.
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    this is the worst show I have ever seen. its so out of sync its ridiculous there's nothing good about it its just some weird Spanish show which deserves a negative 10. this show shouldn't be enjoyed by anyone does Disney channel thin we are extremely dumb like we have a mental problem. the people who directed this must've been tripping because this isn't a normal show its so bad beyond belief Disney need to get rid of this because its a waste of everyone's time and of my time it shouldn't even be classified as a show.

    overall this is one of the worst shows ever horribly acted horrible dialog and horrible acting. I don't recommend this to anyone at all.
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    Wow. Where do I start? How this catalogue of errors was ever allowed to crawl out of the lowest depths of the Disney basement is beyond me. The show is terrible.

    The "new age Disney" mistakes are more evident than ever - over acting, ridiculous subplots, very poor scripting and bad acting. New Disney shows such as Shake It Up have ruined the channel enough, but this is even worse, a new low. I implore Disney to cancel the show immediately - scrub it from all records - burn the script. Remove any memory of its existence. Its one saving point is the musical talent of Martina Stoessel - the songs are good.

    I had rock bottom expectations for this from the trailers but Violetta has managed to expand my understanding of Television - I didn't realise things could get this bad.
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    I don't really like Violetta.

    It's simply the story of a young teenager who moved into a new town and goes into a new school, where she meets two incredibly beautiful boys, who are both in love with her, and then she has to decide between them. There's also the bad girl and her follower, who are trying to make Violetta's life horrible.

    It kinda relates to "Twilight", but Twilight at least had a Romeo and Juliet type of story. Oh, it also had good actors.

    So, my opinion is that Violetta has no good actors and no good story. At least songs are kinda catchy.

    Remember, that's my opinion.
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    i love it, i watched every single episode, the first episodes are a little introductory but then it turns awesome for a teenage girl to watch... i watch it everyday on DisneyChannel! the best episodes cone after the 40th... I'm so happy the second season is coming! the series is airing in all LatinAmerica,Italy,France,Spain,Russia,Israel, etc. summary the series talks about Violetta a musically talented teenage girl(17) that goes back to Argentina to live with his Dad and his dad's girlfriend(jade). Violetta's mom was a singer that died in a car accident when she was a baby... Violetta knows little about her because her German(dad) is afraid that Violetta wants a singing career too, so she doesn't know about it.Angie is Violetta's aunt, the last time she saw Violetta she was a girl so German does not really remember her and Violetta does not know about her or her grandma.Angie goes to Violetta's house to work as a governess just to be close to her and to give her advices on love, teenage life etc just like a mother would do and also to protect her from Jade that wants Violetta OUT of her way. then Angie encourages Violetta to secretly(from German) to enter to a Music school Called Studio21 where she meets her friends,Ludmila the diva girl, and Leon her 2nd love interest.she met Tomas her 1st love interest the 1st day she came from Spain, and from the first time she saw him she madly fell in love but when she enters to the Studio21 their love will be interrupted by Leon and Ludmila.......

    the series is better watched in the original language because the dub made on other countries is not that well done
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    This show is awful, as many people have said it's a new low for Disney. The characters are paper thin, over acted, and the dubbing is awful. It's incredibly disorienting when it comes to watching the show because none of the characters' lip movements match the dialogue. Furthermore, the characters' voices are do NOT match their characters at all. The story is completely uninspired and the show won't encourage or inspire children at all. It follows the Disney Channel trend of people who are pop-stars that have family issues, etc. It's bland. Plus, there are too many characters for the show to handle, and the plot line itself is hard to follow too.
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    Rocky Basilisk

    This must be a joke. The really bad English dubbing, where many voices does not match the characters, but the worst it, the really really awful job of lip syncing, there isn't no synchronizing, a new low for Disney Channel wouldn't and does not match the usual quality to put this on their channel.

    Maybe if the voices matched the mouths I might be able to watch it, maybe even enjoy it but as it is now it's so awful I can't bare to watch it! Disney Channel should really taking this down and forgetting it ever existed..

    Don't watch it, absolutely terrible!!
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    Knights from Bernin

    Honestly, it's like Disney is insulting our intelligence with this show that falls into every cliché imaginable.


    The good girl, evil stepmom, mean, popular girl, overprotective dad, dead mom, and all the love triangles between characters. The kids are petty, stupid, and are only able to embody one character trait (so 2D!). What's worse is that even the adults act like children! There's nothing wrong with interjecting a little fantasy in a TV show, but Violetta is completely unrealistic.

    (End spoiler.)

    I don't know what possessed Disney to air this garbage, but I hope it gets cancelled soon.
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    Spoiler alert: Show sucks really really bad I could not stand 1 episode of this horrible show. I saw some bad Lip Sync bad Dancing bad Singing and bad acting this is a whole new level of bad. the worst. Please Disney stop this show. I'm not saying that i'm good at any of these but at least i don't do it and advertise it like its new Samsung Galaxy S 6 or something I think it should be canceled and removed forever Disney at least don't put it daily i want to watch something thats not horrible when i sit to eat i watch TV and when i see this Violetta i instantly turn off my TV or switch channel. Story is bad, Acting horrible and just no remove it please stop emitting it. And her dad is either stupid or retarded
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    Is this some sort of joke? Surely Disney Channel wouldn't put this on their channel. It's so out of sink it's... Unbelievable! Does Disney Channel really think where that stupid to not realize that the voices don't even match the people?

    Maybe if the voices matched the mouths I might be able to watch it, maybe even enjoy it but as it is it's so awful I can't bare to watch it!

    Disney Channel should consider taking this down and forgetting it ever existed. How did Disney Channel get from something like Lizzie McGuire to the rubbish Violetta.

    Don't watch it, absolutely terrible!!
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    I am going to be very short on this because time is precious and I don't want to waste it rating THIS

    Imagine, in terms of quality, Breaking Bad, directed by Scorsese, Spielberg as Executive Producer, starring the cast of The Godfather.

    Did you imagine it already?

    Well, this is the exact opposite!

    Look at what we've reached as a species, brain-washing the kids with this tale that everything is cool, destroying the future with this dull type of shows! Please, we need help as citizens of the planet Earth, because this is how low we can go! Please get this off my TV right now because, even though I don't watch it, there are lives literally being psychologically destroyed by this madness
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    We have all heard of these series. Austin and ally, Hannah Montana, Victorious etc. About unknown persons who lives out their dreams as pop stars. When I were young I watched Ed, Edd and Eddy, the Powerpuffsgirls, real Disney movies drawn by hand. But no, children today will not get to have fun.

    From Argentina comes an out of sync twilight copy. The story? I will tell you, a girl moving to a new town meets two boys she can't choose between. An evil blond bitch trying to ruin every thing, and a teacher who is really her aunt, a father who doesn't want her daughter to date boys or live out her dream with a stupid fiancé who tries to stop Violetta.

    Take twilight, add Regina George from Mean girls, two clichés 'I know a secret that would make the main character angry' and 'I am a father who wants to protect my daughter and the step-mother from Cinderella. And some Hannah Montana and Victorious. There you got Violetta!

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    I like the premise of this show which is centered around Violetta and her musical talent along with some big family secrets, mean girls, romance and school. it's typical Disney but seems more like a novela then a kids series in the sense that it's a little slower than shows like Hannah Montana, Suite Life, and Shake it up. I really like the series and I hope they keep making more original programing in Spanish. Violetta narattes the beginning of each show. Her mother was in some sort of accident, she has a sister, and she lives in buenos aires with her dad. She is portrayed as a dreamer, she daydreams a lot and has a diary she seems to sketch and write in. I wanted to write a review in Spanish but apparently that is not allowed. I thought that since IMDb lists several shows that are not in English that they would be more open to it but i guess not. very annoyed about it.
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    This is one of the most interesting shows I've ever watched! I've watched all episodes from season 1 and I'm almost done with season 2.

    It has many characters which means more stories and they are all connected. And even though pretty much everyone lie in the show, the truth always comes out and the lie has consequences. Even if they are so much that it's impossible to hold on to all of them, it's a show and no one said that it's supposed to be really possible. And about Gregorio - he is supposed to be a weird and bad personality, but it can be funny if you think about it. I've actually had a Gregorio in my life (with dancing) and maybe that's why I don't find him weird. Even if Violetta has a typical love life it's only entertainment, but even if she is the main character she just hops around all the boys, but it's part of the storyline and what the whole show is pretty much about. The fact that they made kind of a different route to this classic story is what makes it interesting.

    The acting seems like in every Disney show to me. Even if Ludmila's looks fake, that's the point and it even makes it funny. Everything that seems wrong in their acting is only part of their character.

    The songs are AMAZING! Most of them are unique and you won't hear another one like them. The dancing is also great, but not as good as the singing.

    This is my opinion. I hope it helped.
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    I think many of these reviews are too harsh, and giving the show deeper analysis than it warrants. Remember it's for young kids. They aren't familiar with the old clichés. And 8 year old girls aren't concerned with how the characters finance their tuition.

    Other criticisms are mostly about the amount of lying the characters do. Yes, they do, but the show also illustrates the consequences of lying; the further problems it causes. And the amount of eavesdropping in the show is comical, it got quite funny after a while just how often it hapens. And the acting, sure a lot of it is over the top, but show me a children's comedy/drama that isn't like that. Kids don't want subtle nuance.

    My positives are that the show was an absolute delight. It's very cute & sweet, and it was fun watching the progression of the characters' songs, from writing to rehearsing to performing. I really loved that they used real footage from the Violetta live tour for the YouMix tour within the show.

    It was a pleasure to watch the progress of the kids. Watching them grow up over the 3 years, seeing their changing clothing, hair & makeup styles. And seeing their performance ability improve. Especially seeing Leon go from bad boy who I didn't like at the start turn around and become a charming and pleasant love interest (eventually) for Violetta.

    Negatives: some of the characters were just awful, like Milton. He seemed unnecessarily evil, then just vanished without really doing anything significant. Tomas, Braco, and Napo disappeared after season 1 without any explanation. And the whole Roxy/Jeremiah disguise situations were ridiculous, but hey, there were 240 episodes, you're bound to get some storylines that aren't so good. I never liked Diego at all, but the bond between him and Gregorio in season 3 was lovely. Also, Antonio being killed off was just bizarre, especially for a young kids' show. If he had to be written out for some reason, ok, but why did he have to die?? I imagine it would've been upsetting for younger viewers.

    In summary, it could certainly have been better, but there is plenty to like.

    PS Just a sidenote, one of the other reviews says we don't find out how old Violetta is. In episode 7 it's stated that she's seventeen.
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    These are the words I have to say about this trash:

    Garbage, trash, who came up with this, typical modern Disney show 10 times worse, burn it, terrible acting, horrid dubbing, annoying beyond anything, horrible dancing, cliché heaven, terrible dad that I would run away from, everyone is stupid, and the worse thing I can think of in my mind is this trash (I'm not even gonna call it a show)

    And many more things are terrible about this show. Yeah imagine having an obsessed sister that loves this show and having to listen to the dubbing every day for at least a few hours. I say anyone under 6 and a female should watch this trash. Anyone above will probably be laughed at.
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    At first, I found the language show called Violetta on Netflix. So I thought sure. To be honest the show is really good. IT's like a soap opera. I thought this is a perfect show for me. Yet then I saw all the lying. I can't stand all the lying. Why would Disney channel even do that?! I'm serious. They were lying so much I had to skip scenes, episodes and seasons. But, the way Gregorio acts is just really aggravating. OMG I can't even! Violetta is the worst person of all! I mean really, that girl can't even dance. If hopping all over the stage is what you call dancing, then IDK what it is. Cami is always choosing a boy on how they look. Francesca is always having boy trouble. And Violetta can't keep a man?! Hey, I have an idea. How about all three of you stop dating!!! But hey, if I told that to Violetta she is just going to make a excuse as usual. "But I can't get him out of my mind!" Well here is what you do. Go get therapy. Pablo is way to stubborn. He is always thinking that he is always right. But yet when he is wrong, all he does is nothing. He moves on. HE doesn't even have much in his head. Angie always gets on Herman's case for no reason. Like, you don't have a daughter so you wouldn't know. If Herman only have his daughter left that he can trust. Then he can't let her go or something bad will happen to her. Other than that, Violetta is perfect and I suggest that you watch it.
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    I'm twenty-one, currently I only watched the first season (dubbed into Italian) and I liked it. Martina Stoessel has a beautiful voice, four/five songs are stunning and there are touching moments, or that make the heart beat. Follow the story of this girl who tries to fulfill her dreams in secret is exciting, and, when she's likely to be discovered, you hold your breath. The last seven or five episodes, when the whole truth comes out, are done well. But, as far as such a story is engaging, there are some flaws. The first and foremost is that eighty episodes are too many, really too many. Several dialogues are recycled endlessly ("you have to tell the truth," "no, I can't, he wouldn't understand, but sooner or later I will"), the two/three times the truth comes out, a word game is enough to forget everything, and the fourth time that Violetta's father is likely to discover her, the only thing you can do is huff. The fight between the two boys for Violetta is exhausting for nerves because she's terribly indecisive and, even when she seems to have chosen one, she continues to upset the other, only to reject him again. Some of the characters are exaggerated and created to be ridiculous, not at all credible. Perhaps all this, however, isn't annoying for the younger, the target to which the series aims (I think up to thirteen years), but to me, often, yes. So, to conclude: an enjoyable series, with nice music, nice story and nice female lead, but that can be improved a lot. Filing defects, removing all unnecessary events and rehashing something, in thirty-five episodes it could still have been a beautiful and compelling series. More quality at the expense of quantity, please. Now I look forward to the second season on free television.
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    Love this series! It is both so amazingly good and so horrible at the same time! There is a cliffhanger at the end of EVERY single episode and the main character Violetta has too many problems at the same time, just when one problem is solved another one appears and some plot lines like Andrés spying on the others for Gregorio is never revealed tot he others, actually the poor guy is so stupid that he probably doesn't even remember it himself. And it is never revealed that Ludmilla was the one who sabotaged Violetta's date with Tomás, making both of them think the other had stood them up. And then there is Gregorio, who sabotaged the studio's show and I never quite got why. I mean sure he was against the show because he said it was a ridiculous idea that would harm the studio but then he does something that he knows will harm the studio. And he never has a good reason to hate Tomás so much anyway. Ludmilla is unrealistically evil and just watching her ruin all the would-be-perfect moments makes me so angry. And then there's Olga's rants! Can't she just shut up? And then there is German (Herman in the English dub), Violetta's father. He does everything in his power to keep her away from her mother's family and he absolutely despises the idea of her becoming an artist like her mother and he doesn't allow her to have any friends or even standing within ten feet of a boy and then he has the nerve to lecture her about lying and be surprised when she gets upset and breaks one of his ridiculous rules! I really hope no girl has a father like that. And then Angie falls in love with Herman instead of Pablo, who's so gorgeous and sweet and caring and just perfect while Herman is this crazy control freak who should be admitted to a mental hospital! Apart from that the series is great and the lead girl, Martina Stoessel is GORGEOUS, can't believe she's only 17, which would make her about 15 when she started filming.
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    This is one of the most interesting shows I've ever watched! I've watched all episodes from season 1 and I'm almost done with season 2.

    It has many characters which means more stories and they are all connected. And even though pretty much everyone lie in the show, the truth always comes out and the lie has consequences. Even if they are so much that it's impossible to hold on to all of them, it's a show and no one said that it's supposed to be really possible. And about Gregorio - he is supposed to be a weird and bad personality, but it can be funny if you think about it. I've actually had a Gregorio in my life (with dancing) and maybe that's why I don't find him weird. Even if Violetta has a typical love life it's only entertainment, but even if she is the main character she just hops around all the boys, but it's part of the storyline and what the whole show is pretty much about. The fact that they made kind of a different route to this classic story is what makes it interesting.

    The acting seems like in every Disney show to me. Even if Ludmila's looks fake, that's the point and it even makes it funny. Everything that seems wrong in their acting is only part of their character.

    The songs are AMAZING! Most of them are unique and you won't hear another one like them. The dancing is also great, but not as good as the singing.

    This is my opinion. I hope it helped.
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    First of all I want to say that I think that this is an amazing show because of the story. And to everyone who has just made comments because of the dubbing and the voices actually stop and think that the show is Argentinian, so of course the mouths won't be in sync and of course it isn't their real voices, but it is just like people in Argentina watching our Disney Channel shows. Also, the story contains a lot of drama and I find it very exciting, so much that I have even watched the season 3 episodes in Spanish because I live the show so much. But to everyone who doesn't watch it because if the dubbing just consider if you should be writing bad things about that on a website where you are supposed to write about the actual content. So basically, I would definitely recommend this show because every episode ends with suspense and I just love it! Also Tinistas are one of the biggest Fandoms! Go Tinistas
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    I started to cry when this show got off I wish I was still on I locked my self in the bathroom and keeper crying
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    Okay, just for fun I clicked too see how many stars this series had and discovered it only had 5.2. Then I read some of the rewiews and honestly it's like people really don't know what they are talking about. In my opinion this series is for 5-12 year olds maybe 13. When this series came out and was popular, i was a big fan and yes I can now look back at it and say that some of the things was a little unreal and some people will find it cringe. But give me one Disney film of Disney series that doesn't have something unreal in it. Almost every Disney series has that, because it's mostly made for kids. Things like that makes it more interesting for them. When I say unreal I don't mean that there are unicorns, more like real life situations that can happend but usually don't. They Take a real life situations and pimp it up a little, too make it more interesting, especially for the kids. This is a good series. Yes the dubbing in English is terrible. When I saw violetta I watched it in polish where it actually was pretty good. In English its terrible, also the fact that they make other people sing the song in English is also terrible, leave at least some of the real content. I just wanted to say that this series is something I really can recommend to people between 5 and 12. Yes older people can watch it too, I just think that people In the age of 5-12 years old will enjoyed more. Looking back at it Im so happy I watched it, it really is good and I hope you won't judge this series based of the bad reviews it has, its really not bad at all. I loved it. Today I'm 15 years old and I don't think I would have loved this series as much if I haven't watch it when I was 10-12 years old. So if you beetween 5-12 WATCH IT!!!