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Paris, le Pont-Neuf (1897) HD online

Paris, le Pont-Neuf (1897) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary / Short
Original Title: Paris, le Pont-Neuf
Released: 1897
Duration: 1min
Video type: Movie
A short film which documents activities on a street in Paris.

Lumiere Catalog no. 688

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    Paris, le Pont-Neuf (1897)

    A Paris street is the setting for this Lumiere Brothers film that gives a chance to see the statue of Henry the Fourth. The statue is at the middle of the frame with the camera set up across the street, which allows us to see everything that passes in between. This includes countless people walking as well as a few carriages going by. If you're a fan of these early actuality movies then you're bound to enjoy this one since it beautifully captures a Paris street in 1897. The statue is something fun to see as are the various people walking in between it and the camera.
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    It is the 688th piece of film from the Lumiere brothers. It was shot in October 1896. This minute of film is very interesting. It's just a basic point of view, but you can see it as a tourist visiting Paris in the 1900's. The Lumière brothers were not from Paris, we can imagine them as tourists trying to create moving postcards. Look at the pace of the walkers, the way they're dressed, the general lack of speed. The statue represents Henri the 4th and was erected in 1818, less than eighty years before the shooting. It is interesting to note that nobody seems to notice the camera.

    It gives you the taste of Paris in the past centuries !