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The Heartbreaker (2011) HD online

The Heartbreaker (2011) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Romance
Original Title: The Heartbreaker
Director: Robert Carminaty
Writers: Alec Ward
Released: 2011
Duration: 1h 31min
Video type: Movie
Have you ever suffered the pain of a broken heart? Ever wanted to make that person feel the same pain? When an average guy gets his heart broken, he hires a professional heartbreaker.
Credited cast:
Giovanna Antonelli Giovanna Antonelli - Anna
Donna Barnes Donna Barnes - Tracy
Guy Camilleri Guy Camilleri - Billy
Susie Castillo Susie Castillo - Linda
Layla Hosseini Layla Hosseini - Nina
David Ige David Ige - Feng
David Ige David Ige - Feng
Bjorn Johnson Bjorn Johnson - Duncan
John Joyce John Joyce - Max
Sylvia Massari Sylvia Massari - Maria
Christy Mendenhall Christy Mendenhall - Megan
Alexandro Mendes Alexandro Mendes - Robin
Stephen O'Neil Martin Stephen O'Neil Martin - Enzo
Steven Ranelli Steven Ranelli - Vinny
Todd Rotondi Todd Rotondi - Sebastian Wallace