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Phantasmagoria (2014) HD online

Phantasmagoria (2014) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Thriller
Original Title: Phantasmagoria
Director: Mickael Abbate,Domiziano Cristopharo
Writers: Mickael Abbate,Davide Chiara
Released: 2014
Budget: €50,000
Duration: 1h 20min
Video type: Movie
3 shocking tales of horror that takes you beyond fear.


Cast overview, first billed only:
Venantino Venantini Venantino Venantini - GrandPa (segment "My Gift to You")
Maya Dolan Maya Dolan - Marilyn (segment "Diabolique")
Sophie Pâris Sophie Pâris - Madame (segment "Diabolique")
Cristina Puccinelli Cristina Puccinelli - Sarah (segment "My Gift to You")
Alberto Cattaneo Alberto Cattaneo - Janus (segment "Il Serpente dalla lingua d'Acciaio")
Dee Dee Barksdale Dee Dee Barksdale - Manson (segment "Diabolique")
Agathe Teller Agathe Teller - Mia (segment "Diabolique")
Julien Bonfanti Julien Bonfanti - Gas Station Man (segment "Diabolique")
Poison Rouge Poison Rouge - The Lady (segment "Il Serpente dalla lingua d'Acciaio")
Michel Addams Michel Addams - Michel (segment "Diabolique")
Ilaria Balluchi Ilaria Balluchi - Young Sarah (segment "My Gift to You")
Donata Inghirami Donata Inghirami - Mother (segment "My Gift to You")
Marta Manni Marta Manni - Mary (segment "My Gift to You")
Camille Bas Camille Bas - The Women in White (segment "Diabolique")
Vittorio Castellano Vittorio Castellano - The Innkeeper (segment "Un Serpente dalla lingua d'Acciaio")

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    Phallozs Dwarfs

    What a waste of time! It's cheap but not in a fun b-movie kind of way. The storylines are dull and predictible, the characters suck even by low-budget horror movie standards, the cinematography and acting are amateurish, it's not scary, atmospheric or even shocking. The dialogue is the worst part horrendous writting and delivery. The grammar is off even in the fucking description. Normaly I would try to find at least something good even in a crappy movie but in this case I just had to fast-forward through most of it and won't even waste my time writing a more in-depth review.