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The Search for Normal (2014) HD online

The Search for Normal (2014) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: The Search for Normal
Director: Joe Pisciotta
Writers: Joe Pisciotta,Joe Pisciotta
Released: 2014
Duration: 1h 3min
Video type: Movie
A writer is unable to grieve after the passing of his wife. In his self imposed exile, he does the only thing a writer can do, write. His search for normal, for what he used to have, for the whole notion of normalcy, now takes on many faces. In his loneliness these character's come alive. Deep down inside, the writer knows things must change but he is unable to find a way out.
Credited cast:
Paris Adkins Paris Adkins - Jenny
Sofia Bodniza Sofia Bodniza - Marianne and Gilda
Jay Bressner Jay Bressner - Irving
Nicolena Crescenzo Nicolena Crescenzo - Flight Attendant
Andrea Diaz-Ariza Andrea Diaz-Ariza - Ballerina
Marlene Durzi Marlene Durzi - The Nurse
Daniela Maria Escobar Daniela Maria Escobar - Maddie
Bella Heart Bella Heart - The Girl & Young Ellen
Robby Karpinen Robby Karpinen - Young Will
Kellie Kessling Kellie Kessling - Heidi
Robin Martino Robin Martino - Ellen
Aeja Pinto Aeja Pinto - Keeper of the Key
Sarah Rupp Sarah Rupp - Lucille Zagarisi
Louis Scarano Louis Scarano - Alter Ego & The Gravedigger
Greg Schroeder Greg Schroeder - The Writer