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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Crime / Thriller / Drama
Original Title: Tumberos
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Series
Follows a lawyer sentenced to prison and his life inside an Argentinian jail.
Series cast summary:
Mirta Busnelli Mirta Busnelli - Edith 7 episodes, 2002
Gastón Pauls Gastón Pauls - David 7 episodes, 2002
Alejandro Urdapilleta Alejandro Urdapilleta - El Seco 7 episodes, 2002
Elsa Berenguer Elsa Berenguer - Madre Ulises 7 episodes, 2002
Chela Cardalda Chela Cardalda - Madre Walter 7 episodes, 2002
Fernando Caride Fernando Caride - Durán 7 episodes, 2002
Marcela Coronel Marcela Coronel - Ella misma 7 episodes, 2002
Pablo Ini Pablo Ini 7 episodes, 2002
Patricia Jacyk Patricia Jacyk - Gisella 7 episodes, 2002
Luis Machín Luis Machín - Darío 7 episodes, 2002
Luis Margani Luis Margani - Padre Walter 7 episodes, 2002
Marcos Martínez Marcos Martínez - Negro 7 episodes, 2002
Julieta Novarro Julieta Novarro - Periodista 7 episodes, 2002
Claudio Orellano Claudio Orellano - Él mismo 7 episodes, 2002
Patricio Pepe Patricio Pepe - Mauricio 7 episodes, 2002
Santiago Rios Santiago Rios - Castillo 7 episodes, 2002
Pedro Segni Pedro Segni - Pluma pabellón contra 7 episodes, 2002
Mónica Villa Mónica Villa - Madre Ernesto 7 episodes, 2002
Carlos Weber Carlos Weber - Coronel Lanza 7 episodes, 2002

Filmed in the recently closed jail of Caseros (Argentina), in which the convicts lived on groups inside a pavilion just as in the mini series.

The graffiti on the walls is "genuine", having been made by the former prisoners.

In the episode "Liberen a Willy", when Willy is released from prison, theme is from the film of the same name - Free Willy - Ruf der Freiheit (1993).

We can see horses in every episode of the series.

Each episode title is also that of a famous Argentine movie: Deshonra (1952), _Un Lugar en el mundo (1992)_, _El Viaje (1942)_, _Nueve Reinas (2000)_, etc.

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    And 7 cause of the actors that are just fantastic, all of them are on a wonderful characterization school and perform amazing!!! Worth following movies with them, most of the cast were pros and slipped artist and local songwitters to the cast, nice touch!!! Productionwise from being on late 90s was a success, much talent all areas! And the movie beggins super with an incredible tramma with one of the best lawyers going to prison charged of murder and from day one the spectator has seen the curruption, high middle poor class in argentina, it's great, the first 5 parts are superb. There's a woman lawyer who believes in his fate and tries to follow the case and it's an incredible story bout the villages of buenos aires full of mystical beliefs - Direction has it all on and Production. Music is hilarious and appropriate! It kicks Prison break's ass!
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    This mini acts as a wonderful homage to every movie of the subgenre 'Men in prison'. Ulises, a typical successful lawyer is found guilty of murder and sent to prison. There, he has to learn new rules, and confront (and even become friend) with the dangerous and mad 'Willy Marmota', who he had imprisoned, as a lawyer. In the meantime, a young female lawyer try to resolve whether Ulises is innocent. His old friends and associates abandon him . And his family lives menaced. The result is an impressive mini , where every character (even the sadistic prison guards) is fully developed, Jarmusch-style, and the story is as interesting and shocking as 'Midnight Express'. 10/10