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Seven Rounds (2018) HD online

Seven Rounds (2018) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama
Original Title: Seven Rounds
Director: Giorgos Alexandros Savvidis
Writers: Akshun Abhimanyu,Karthik Menon
Released: 2018
Budget: $40,000
Video type: Movie
During the Muslim ban in 2017, two young Indian engineers go to their local bar only to encounter a series of challenges related to perceptions of their ethnicity.
Cast overview:
Akshun Abhimanyu Akshun Abhimanyu - Ashok
Abhay Walia Abhay Walia - Suraj
Kevin Mukherji Kevin Mukherji - Ashok's Father
Karl J. Morris Karl J. Morris - Adam
Raj Jawa Raj Jawa - Sardar
Nakia Secrest Nakia Secrest - Vanessa
Dennis Garr Dennis Garr - Police Officer
Dennis Getmanski Dennis Getmanski - Greg
Orlando Pineda Orlando Pineda - Jim
Kiara Beltran Kiara Beltran - Customer
Miranda Guzman Miranda Guzman - Nurse
Trevor Doyle Trevor Doyle - Trevor
Nicoletta Brunelli Nicoletta Brunelli - Bar Patron

Nakia Secrest was actually pregnant during principal photography.

Greg's charcter portrayed by Dennis Getmanski is based on Ian Grillot. The bar patron who intevened and got shot in the process. He survived the incident.

Ashok's character is based on Alok Madashani.

The movie was shot in 6 days.