» » Spongebob v kalhotách Whatever Happened to SpongeBob? (WhoBob WhatPants) (1999– )

Spongebob v kalhotách Whatever Happened to SpongeBob? (WhoBob WhatPants) (1999– ) HD online

Spongebob v kalhotách Whatever Happened to SpongeBob? (WhoBob WhatPants) (1999– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy
Original Title: Whatever Happened to SpongeBob? (WhoBob WhatPants)
Director: Vincent Waller
Writers: Stephen Hillenburg,Casey Alexander
Released: 1999–
Duration: 24min
Video type: TV Episode
Whatever Happened to SpongeBob? (WhoBob WhatPants): When SpongeBob tries to spend some quality time with his friends, he just ends up being a nuisance to everyone instead. They all tell him to go away, so with a heavy heart, SpongeBob decides to do just that-he packs up to leave Bikini Bottom forever. Along the way, SpongeBob takes a nasty tumble and bumps his head, making him lose his memory. He doesn't remember anything, not even his own name. With nothing but a bottle of bubbles in his pocket, SpongeBob stumbles into New Kelp City. Lost and confused, he does the only thing that feels familiar to him-blowing bubbles. But in this town, bubble blowing has been declared illegal, and the law is enforced by a tough and ruthless street gang. SpongeBob uses his bubble-blowing skills to trap the gang in a bubble, which floats them right out of the city. Now that they are freed from the thugs' rule of terror, the citizens of New Kelp City declare SpongeBob their new mayor. Meanwhile, ...
Episode credited cast:
Tom Kenny Tom Kenny - SpongeBob SquarePants / Patchy the Pirate / Gary / Mr. Dollar / Rioter Fish #2 / TV Guy (voice)
Rodger Bumpass Rodger Bumpass - Squidward Tentacles / Mailman / Pilot Newscaster / Fish #4 / Fish #9 (voice)
Bill Fagerbakke Bill Fagerbakke - Patrick Star / Fish #1 / Fish #6 / Fish #10 (voice)
Clancy Brown Clancy Brown - Mr. Krabs / City Fish / Fish #5 / Mayor (voice)
Carolyn Lawrence Carolyn Lawrence - Sandy Cheeks, Female Fish #1 (voice)
Ray Liotta Ray Liotta - Bubble Poppin Leader (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Lori Alan Lori Alan - Pearl Krabs (voice)
Dee Bradley Baker Dee Bradley Baker - Gypsy #1 / Perch Perkins / Fish #3 / Fish #8 / Boy Fish (voice)
Mary Jo Catlett Mary Jo Catlett - Mrs. Puff (voice)
Mark Fite Mark Fite - Boss / Citizen / Fish #7 (voice)
Elan Garfias Elan Garfias - Theme Song (voice)
Sirena Irwin Sirena Irwin - Mrs. Dollar / Female Sting Ray / Gypsy #2 / Lady Fish / Female Fish #2 / Female Fish #3 (voice)
Caryn Johnson Caryn Johnson - Theme Song (voice)
Paul Tibbitt Paul Tibbitt - Fish #11 (voice)