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Would You Rather (2012) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Horror
Original Title: Would You Rather
Director: David Guy Levy
Writers: Steffen Schlachtenhaufen
Released: 2012
Duration: 1h 33min
Video type: Movie
A young woman, desperate to help her sickly brother, accepts a dinner invitation to what seems to be easy money. As soon as she arrives to dinner, she realizes that playing the "game" is deadly for its losers. She and several others spend the night being terriorized in a game of would you rather.


Cast overview, first billed only:
Brittany Snow Brittany Snow - Iris
Jeffrey Combs Jeffrey Combs - Shepard Lambrick
Jonny Coyne Jonny Coyne - Bevans
Lawrence Gilliard Jr. Lawrence Gilliard Jr. - Dr. Barden
Enver Gjokaj Enver Gjokaj - Lucas
Sasha Grey Sasha Grey - Amy
John Heard John Heard - Conway
Charlie Hofheimer Charlie Hofheimer - Travis
Eddie Steeples Eddie Steeples - Cal
June Squibb June Squibb - Linda
Robin Lord Taylor Robin Lord Taylor - Julian
Robb Wells Robb Wells - Peter
Logan Miller Logan Miller - Raleigh
Larry Cedar Larry Cedar - Driver
Ptolemy Slocum Ptolemy Slocum - Shift Manager

The film's presenting production company, The Lambrick Foundation, has the same name as its fictional family foundation.

Lawrence Gilliard Jr., Enver Gjokaj, Logan Miller, and Robin Lord Taylor have all appeared on "The Walking Dead".

Lawrence Gilliard, Jr., who plays Dr Baden, starred in "The Wire" as D'Angelo Barksdale and executive producer Andre Royo played Bubbles.

Robin Lord Taylor, Jeffrey Combs, and Jonny Coyne would all go on to co-star in the Gotham episode Gotham: Red Hood (2015).

After Iris makes a run for the door, Bevans' silhouette is seen. This appears to be an homage to Alfred Hitchcock and his silhouette, which would appear before his pictures and (later) on DVD boxes.

Iris only stayed one minute and sixteen seconds underwater.

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    The trailer had really impressed me so I was expecting to be blown away but I guess that the Saw franchise has raised the expectations regarding acts of self mutilation to a new level. The point of this movie was to showcase "decision making in its rawest form" something the Saw movies have already done. The main difference is that these people were dumb enough to come to the staging area by their own choice because they were eager to get their hands on lots of charity money instantly. In the Saw movies you pity the victims despite the sins of their past because they are thrown into awful traps by force. Here less sympathy is invoked and less of a point is made.

    The plot is simple really. The protagonist Iris has a little brother who is dying of Leukemia and she's desperate to save him. The answer to all her problems is a dinner party game, with 7 other contestants, at the end of which the winner will receive financial help from the wealthy Lambrick foundation. The game is revealed to be 'Would You Rather' only the stakes are deadly and players must act out their choice. Combining something as elegant as a dinner party with the crude tasks forced up the guests produces a uniquely creepy atmosphere and it is pretty much all the movie has going for itself.

    There are quite a few downsides to this movie.

    1. We don't get to know the motives of everyone at the table or even understand their characters so we are minimally involved. The son of the benefactor and the doctor who is a previous victor of the game don't add much to the movie's plot or act as any kind of inventive twist.

    2. The challenges should be new, inventive and unforeseeable to be impacting but none of the options are very original. In fact a few of deaths gave reason for doubt if something like that could kill/damage a person as much as the film shows it does.

    3. Some of the options made me think that anyone in their right mind would just let the enforcers of the game shoot them in the head, a relatively painless way to die, than go through with their 'task'.

    4. I feel like the movie should have made room for a little bit of happiness so the contrast would be more effective. For example if someone had left before the game started, it would've made everyone feel envious and idiotic. It also would have satisfied the audience if they knew that at least one of these characters has a brain.

    5. There is no satisfaction or sense of accomplishment at the end of the movie thanks to its not-that-surprising twist. Iris's victory seemed to come pretty believably and easily (the game was specifically targeted at some of the others unfairly).

    6. There isn't as much tension and anticipatory build up as you would imagine. The movie doesn't meet the standard it says it will.

    I'm not going to talk about the cinematography and lightning because I don't have much critical expertise in those areas but the script could have used some work. The pace of the movie was tolerable. The transition from refusal to willingly hurt others and trying to escape together to survival of the strong mentality was also fitting. In a way the movie was too short (it could have used extra time to let us get to know the characters and involve more tasks) but on the other hand I was waiting for it to end already (because it wasn't doing much for me).

    Is this movie going to scare you? Probably not. Will it stir some empathy in you? Maybe. Will it entertain a horror fan? I doubt it. It doesn't display as much gore as a Final Destination movie and its not as suspenseful as a Scream movie. It's a mediocre thriller in my opinion. I'd say anyone 15 and above can stomach it. It'll kill an hour and half of your time. I'd definitely recommend Stay Alive or Saw over this. I'd recommend this over Cabin Fever or 1408. Now after reading my review would you rather watch Would You Rather or watch something else? The choice is yours.
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    Would You Rather takes an interesting look at a common children's game, playing it for the delight of a rich man with far too much money. The plot tells a story of a young girl whose younger brother lives with her after her parents have passed on, leaving nothing but mounting debt. Her brother is dying, her house has been sold, and ever job lead seems to fall through. One day somebody offers to pay for everything and find her brother a donor, at a price.

    This being said, the piece was decently acted, standouts being that of Sasha Grey and the always delightful Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator). The movie found ways to make you cringe without ever resorting to full on sight gore, the worst parts were left heavily to the imagination. This was a film that actually benefited from a lower budget, seeing that in a heavy budget one might be forced to see the over usage of all the stunts.

    The movie is certainly not without its faults, first and most prominently is the lack of a decent score. The film never really utilizes music to draw you in, which is especially noticeable at the beginning and end of the film. The ending also felt so flat that it could hardly produce sympathy from the audience, an attempt to cater to the twist-necessitating crowd that has been delved since Saw's low budget first film hit our eyes. Unfortunately, it is such a negative that it makes one wonder if the whole damn first 30 minutes of the film were worth anything. This also repeats itself with a worthless subplot involving the doctor. The amount of filler placed within this movie alone degrades it, and unfortunately tampers an otherwise great horror gem to unnecessary viewing.

    For all the gripes, though, the film does its job when it finally gets there. If I were to simply judge the 2nd act of this film it would get an easy 9, however, that being said, I believe a 6 is not only fair but accurate.
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    "Would You Rather," is a decent, low budget. thriller about desperate people put in horrible situations for the entertainment of a wealthy sadist.

    Brittany Snow is a decent actress, but this definitely wasn't her best effort. The movie plot was OK, and I did appreciate that they didn't just go with the usual copy "Saw" plot that most of these movies use. That being said, the things that happen in this movie are just a bit lacking in creativity. The script was pretty lame, and there was generally a lot more needed to build some suspense and really make it memorable on any real level. Ex pornstar Sasha Grey is in this movie. She looks beautiful, but again the script was just way too lean to see if she could really act (I give her a pass on the bad reviews of "The Girlfriend Experience" because it was a Soderbergh movie, and I hate his movies anyway).

    All in all, I give it all a 5. To me Brittany Snow and Jeffrey Combs are good enough actor that could have made it decent with a good script, and a bit better writing. The twist at the end was pretty standard and not surprising at all. It's decent if you have nothing else to watch.
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    SPOILER: Would You Rather tells the story of Iris, a young woman ( played by Brittany Snow ) who is in dire need of a job, trying to take care of her ailing brother who is in dire need of a bone marrow transplant. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and the measures get pretty desperate when she turns to the wrong man for help: A rich man worth millions invites house guests over to his mansion to compete in a sadistic game called Would You Rather. Now, rest assured, he's not inviting them over to play Wheel Of Fortune or Jeopardy. In fact, the only trivia question being asked is "Would you rather?", at that point each guest is asked to perform grisly acts to make it to the next round...if they even live to see the next round. By the beginning of round two, when the plastic is laid out to protect the expensive assets around the area, we can bet it's going to get pretty messy in here. Would You Rather delivers non stop intense suspense, along with that stressful, annoying music that always plays in a movie whenever something bad is going to happen. Don't want to play anymore? Want to go home? No'll be forced to continue the game by the wave of a gun, you have to play now! So, the question is : Can Iris survive this insane , violent game, and save her brother in time? Or will her fate be an early casket, along with her brother? Would You Rather is not a disappointment, however, gore hounds may be a little disappointed, it's not that gory. Would You Rather concentrates more on being a great, low budget film, rather then be a blood and guts film, and I liked that route...and you won't forget it. If you think you'd do anything for money, check this flick out, and see if you're still saying that.
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    Though I was displeased at not finding out the stories of any of the other characters (I think it would have made it a 9... the characters really don't hold much "character" at all), I did enjoy this suspense/horror film because it wasn't just another gore flick.

    This movie is, though sick, a very interesting look into the minds of people socially/internally/psychologically. It even makes point of letting the viewer understand what's truly behind each choice.

    Overall, I do think the lack of character did make for problems; however, I would absolutely recommend this movie- more so, if you like psychological movies and/or enjoy taking a step back to look at your own mind and the choices you would have made.
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    When I started this movie I wasn't expecting too much. I thought I was going to get a badly acted run of the mill horror. But as the movie progressed I started to find myself getting invested in the plot and the main character. However, my new found hope for the movie was tarnished when it came to the torture itself. There is so much more that could have been done with character development and plot but it just seemed like it couldn't be bothered. It turned into a movie where you could predict every move up until the end.

    To me it kind of felt like hostel where if more time and effort had been taken it could have been really good and got the audience invested but sadly it was not the case.

    When watching a film like this I kind of hope to see the torture at hand but this movie lacked in this aspect. Advertising a movie as horror and torture and not providing it is disappointing.

    This isn't a terrible movie by any means but it isn't exactly good. If you want a sort of popcorn flick to watch with some friends by all means give it a go but this isn't a movie that stood out to me at all.
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    Sadistic wealthy people always spell trouble for the downtrodden or down on their luck. 13 Tzameti, Hard Target and Hostel are all good examples of the wealthy torturing and killing the less fortunate for the purpose of their own entertainment.

    The latest such cinematic example is Would You Rather. Starring Brittany Snow (Pitch Perfect), Sasha Grey (my personal hard drive), Robb Wells (Hobo with a Shotgun), and John Heard (Home Alone), Would You Rather gathers a group of strangers for a wealthy aristocrat, played by Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator) who pits his guests against each other in sadistic games where they have to choose between two options – each of which can either cause pain or death to themselves or another guest.

    So guests are put in awkward positions of having to decide whether to electrocute themselves or someone else or whether to whip a guest or stab another. Attempt to leave the game and you will be shot. Take too long to decide on the lesser of the two options and you will be killed. The goal is to become the last person standing and the reward differs on the needs of each individual.

    The main character to which the movie focuses around the table is Iris (Snow). She agrees to be part of the unrevealed game in an effort to provide for her ailing brother. She is the first to be tested with an offer to eat portions of a steak in return for $1,000 (being a vegetarian, it was a tough decision). But as the evening draws further, Iris and the others will be forced to make decisions inflicting unspeakable pain towards the other participants.

    Stealing the movie is Combs. He commands a presence at the top of the table and his evil is believable in large thanks to his charismatic and demented portrayal of sadistic Shepard Lambrick.

    The movie doesn't offer a lot of 'What would you do in the same situation'? There is little hope or much choice as the game progresses. Still, the script by Steffen Schlachtenhaufen (Primal) is interesting enough in various character developments.

    Not likely to make many Top 10 lists by year's end, Would You Rather still offers valued entertainment and a few good self-inflicted wounds along the way.
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    I started watching this shortly before midnight. I can't emphasize enough how bad I feel for wasting 90 minutes of quality bed time with this movie. It had a powerful potential, a few nice actors, and the right characters. But halfway through the movie, everything goes south. Sasha Grey, in this particular movie, is an astoundingly horrible actress. She shouldn't be casted at all. And furthermore, the best characters are treated like sh*t. Travis, the Iraq vet, is by far the most charismatic character in the movie - yet, he is the first to get screwed over. The old lady, the one I luckily can't remember the name, also gets an amazingly badly- written ending. And, to add it all up, the main character proves herself to be a full compilation of curse words. She can't be described in a single review. Fortunately, she gets something that probably sends her to her own personal green mile. I hope there's a sequel dedicated to the moment she probably commits suicide. Overall, this is the first movie I ever thought I'd say it's so bad, that it is actually bad. A solid one-starrer.
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    So rare to see a low budget horror movie this successful. If you like horror that makes you think you should enjoy this. It is suspenseful from the outset and has lots of twists and turns to keep you jumping. I like the way they created a real world in that crazy house with all the dynamics of family and servants. Extremely creepy.

    The girl was a good little actress. Combs was suitably crazy as the administrator of the game. He definitely made the movie. I was surprised with some of the actors they got to fill out the game. I think I recognized each one, including the ex porn star and the drunk John Heard.
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    Well, if they wanted to reboot the Saw series and start over with a prequel, Would You Rather probably would be the result.

    Okay, not really, but it's about a sadist rich guy who have an enormous amount of time and resources to pit strangers against each other to survive. Only, they get paid with money and not just with their life if they live.

    While I did like this film, the lead rich man was played by the enormously charismatic Jeffrey Combs, and the female lead, Brittany Snow was also decent, but I could never get past the extremely predictable screenplay including, and definitely, the final shot. Perhaps because I've seen many movies like this…actually, I'll retract that; it's only easy to predict because there's been too many movies like this.

    Focusing in on one story more than the rest and we have a movie centered around Snow's Iris who feverishly works and stresses about taking care of her ill brother, who in turn has a great deal of guilt for her burden. When an undisclosed amount of money is figuratively flashed in her face to "play a game," she accepts and the dinner party with more money problem strangers from Hades begins.

    One by one, the "contestants" are forcefully given a mild to horrifying choice during the childhood game of the film's title. Who will survive? Is there an escape? Who is that man from The Shinning trying to rescue them?

    Aside from the aforementioned great performance from Combs, I would say it was refreshing to see the movie was NOT as gory as it could've been. I strongly believe we do NOT need to see someone unbearably mutilate themselves or others to get the effect. In fact, I prefer that. The best movie I've seen – or can recall for a quick analogy – was Frailty. In fact, I rated that movie a lot higher for not having to show the gore; it was so implied, we could stick right with the characters and story focus, which is where we should be. Would You Rather also did that. (Sadly, the story isn't half as good as Frailty's, but still I am pleased they chose this route.)

    The idea isn't exactly solid and neither are the cardboard cutout performances, but for 93 minutes of redone horror, one could do a lot worse.
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    my first red flag was roughly 10 minutes into the movie, after being spoon-fed everything i'd read in the movie description. i had pretty much zero doubt as to how the entire story would unfold, a result of both being blatantly told by some really contrived dialogue, and the fact that everything not directly relating to the main plot - playing a sadistic life-or-death game with only one winner, etc etc - was essentially non-existent.

    ill elaborate on that point - the only thing we know about our protagonist, "Iris" (even the name feels fake, i have heard better porn star names. we'll call her Jane Doe from now on) is that she is the sole bearer of a predicament that she cannot possibly solve (read: afford) except for the dubious solution provided by the sinister millionaire antagonist (who i will reference from now on as Moneybags McEvil), who appears to be genuine and sickeningly benevolent . we never learn anything about anyone else in the entire movie except for when Jane Doe enters the room where the game takes place. two of the other contestants conveniently give us 5 second quips about all of the other contestants with varying levels of detail and familiarity that i frankly find hard to believe they have gathered in the short period of time they've been there.

    the entire starting part of the next scene progresses literally exactly how you would guess any story as shallow as this would. Moneybags McEvil introduces himself as the gracious solution to all of their problems, nobody really knows what the game is or what's going on, but of course are sticking around, because, money. Cue the brief revealing of Moneybags McEvil's true nature, where he starts offering people wads of cash if they break their personal morals. as he does this he constantly forces out the most contrived evil/maniacal laugh ever recorded and berating them for taking money. this is where realistically, you'd think some characters would get the f*ck out of dodge, at least, argue or verbally demolish his incredibly feeble attempts to shame them ("you're so pathetic for taking this money i offered you to do that thing you don't like doing even when i was the one who invited you here to obviously jump through hoops for cash", or something along those lines). nobody makes a notable peep though, probably because all of the people in the room are vapid bags of meat that pretty much exist only to be tortured and killed, but we already gathered that after their delicious 5 second intros. i seriously wish i was making this stuff up.

    after sh*t hits the fan and people start dying and actually get forced to choose between one predictable choice or the other (if you've actually made it this far into the film, you can try actually being entertained by trying to guess what the choices are before they are presented, but sadly even this gets old after you get it right for the 4th time), the rest really becomes a blur of second rate torture porn - even calling it torture porn is a stretch, it wouldn't even deliver on that if it was trying to (can't tell). they go through all the motions you'd expect..."we have to work together", "i'm here to win"; these lines feel like the supporting meatbag actors are just reading them for the first time. i get the impression that the actors were perhaps given zero freedom to try to work their dialogue into something palatable which is why we see the atrocious staccato conversations throughout the entire movie.

    "Peter" (Ricky from trailer park boys) is my favourite throughout the whole "game - he genuinely looks like he is about to lose his sh*t laughing at how bad his lines are. i swear i saw him sigh with boredom after he stabbed an old lady in the thigh: "oh...i think i hit that artery we were talking about..."

    the rest of the movie continues to go so far downhill i won't even bother with it. "Would You Rather" has absolutely no redeeming qualities, the dialogue is so poorly written and seemingly forced on the actors that even the best wouldn't be able to liven it up. the only things that are not readily available from the blatant spoon fed story would be just how individuals get tortured or murdered, and even from a purely slasher perspective these are still unimpressive.

    i am genuinely serious when i say the most entertainment this movie gave us was from predicting every shoddy thing, from the plot events to when we'd hear Moneybags McEvil's crappy cackle. this movie is not worth the length of this review, but i'm hoping i managed to entertain those poor souls who lost 93 minutes of their life to this garbage.
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    Where do I begin - I will start with the premise, a bunch of people we never learn anything about other than one guy was a gambler, one guy was an alcoholic and the main character if you can call her that is a vegetarian, are all rounded up from across the nation to compete in a game that they have no idea of what it is and how it is played for a chance to win enough money to take care of yourself for the rest of your life. (been done before) That is all you learn. So there is Zero Depth in the performances because there is no story about them.

    Next we have the actual photography of the film, I guess since the characters have no color or depth to them, they decided to make the movie look dull and colorless. If that was on purpose, good job, however, I doubt it, Horror films and dark films are known to have a more contrasted look because if gives color to blood and performance and makeup. This film was pretty much grey they whole way. So, in my humble opinion, the director of photography doesn't have much knowledge of actual cinematography and the color palate.

    Next we come to the acting which as I mentioned above that the performances were flat. They were all bad. Not one worthy performance, mostly because we didn't know anything about them but also the writing of the film was 96% exposition which is just garbage, all they did was argue about what we already saw or know through the visuals. The main guy was doing his best or worst impression of John Cleese, which was horrible and overacted. His son, had zero point to the film and he seemed like a favor to a friend to give the dude a part and it showed cause he cannot act at all, the worst of the movie. maybe it was the writing but his performance just made no sense what so ever. Something about his mom died and he has been off his rocker since. The main girl, who agrees to this because crap happens in life and she wants the money. is uninteresting to say the least. I never felt for her because as I said multiple times, we never learn anything other than the bare minimum. The rest of the cast is rounded out with glorified extras really.

    next, the kill scenes. Lame, no new ground covered and horrible shot. Every time something happens the camera turns away. OK, so they wanted a Horror film and not a gore film, got it, good. But no intensity behind the kill scenes. Nothing. Not to mention half the group dies by seemingly non lethal blows. I know this because I spent 14 years as a Corpsman in the Navy and marine corps. A paralyzed old lady gets stabbed in the thigh an ice pick and dies in seconds. Never gonna happen, first of all they show where she got stabbed and the femoral artery is not there and second, its an ice pick, the artery would roll and be undamaged. A dude gets whipped 12 times on his back and he dies. of what? Shock, ehh, maybe, but he was young so, I don't know what he died of, but he did. Not blood loss that is for sure. Then a dude gets his hand blown off by a supposed 1/4 stick of dynamite which looks an awful lot like an M80 and not a 1/4 stick. anyway, regardless, he died after having a heart attack after his hand blows up, which of course we don't see. He was a bit overweight, but yeah, I am not buying it. I wont go into all of them, but know, some dudes get just plain ol shot. The only believable death scenes.

    The directing - uninspired, boring and stereotypical in shot selection. Like the guy just read a book on basic coverage and then did it. OK, I get that, I am currently in film school so, very safe. however, to make it in Hollywood, you need to bring something new to the table. Not a bore film, with uninspired performances, writing, action, cinematography and directing. This film lacked on ALL FRONTS.

    If anything, you learn what not to do in making a film. first thing I would have done in reading this script was ask WHY are the people going to the game not asking what exactly will we be doing during this game? I would have had a character say, wait a minute, when you said play a game, you didn't say it was to the death, you never told us the rules of said game therefor game is null and void. You as a director need to be able to answer these basic questions before you make a film. I don't care if it is your first film, you don't want it to be a stinker. Eliminate the problems with concept and dialogue which was ohh man, some of the worst dialogue I have ever witnessed in horror films.

    OK, I guess you can say I didn't like the film and I told you why. You know who is going to win before you even start the game. Now your just watching it happen and in the end, when you get there your like, yup, just as I said.

    bad movie fellas...
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    Desperate to help her ailing brother, a young woman unknowingly agrees to compete in a deadly game of "Would You Rather," hosted by a sadistic aristocrat.

    Would You Rather is a leading contender of the most angst and depressing filled horror film of 2013. The film is like a different variation of a Saw film but meatier, more suspenseful and old-fashioned with not much bloodshed. It's also like a deadlier version of MTV's Silent Library. The film raises a lot of questions on human nature and how far would you go for a huge chunk of cash or help a gravely ill loved one, which leads to shocking results. Are you ready to witness the most dangerous game? The performances were gripping and darkly humorous. Brittany Snow gives her most emotionally challenging performance to date, she should definitely do more horror movies, and she was great! Brittany plays Iris, a young woman who recently lost both of her parents and is left caring for her ailing brother Raleigh. Iris soon meets with his doctor to see what she can do to help with the medical cost, the doctor then introduces her to a wealthy aristocrat, Shepard Lambrick who wants to help her with her struggles. Iris agrees to his offer and meets him at his mansion for a business dinner to make a deal, but she is unaware though that it's a deathtrap that leads to the sinister game of Would You Rather. Jeffrey Combs was wickedly entertaining as the sadistic, cruel and unusual host Shepard Lambrick, but at the same time you wanted to punch him in the face. The supporting players were pretty solid as well that includes Enver Gjokaj, Sasha Grey, John Heard and Robin Tayler who plays Julian, the creepy and sociopath son of Shepard Lambrick. They were all pretty effective in their small roles.

    Director, David Guy Levy who's only done one full-length film before this one, gets the job done with rigorous effect. The director grabs you and throws you into this demented game of survival of the fittest and accomplishes more when it come to this type of film than directors who have been doing this for years. He creates a dread filled and suffocating atmosphere that reminds me of Hostel but just not all up in your face about it. The suspense was unrelenting and the finale was harsh and a punch in the gut, it was frustrating and a case of the blues that will linger with you long after it's over. Writer, Steffen Schlachtenhaufen also impressed me as this is also his second effort and creates a confronting script, with wicked, dark humor thrown in for good measure. Steffen seemed inspired and influenced by horror movies of the past as well as present and adds his own touch to it, even though it's not all too original. I'm interested to see their next effort. I also love the poster; it's simple, retro and accurate.

    Overall, Would You Rather is a game of greed and survival at its most twisted. The performances were great, the suspense was there, the story gripping, the kills brutal but not over the top. The characters though had so many chances to fight back against their captors, it became frustrating and draining but the film as a whole mostly accomplished what it set out to do. It will crawl under your skin and stay there for days and for a horror movie that's gold. Recommended! 7 out of 10
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    I have just watched this at a screening hosted by Fangoria at IFC in New York. Absolutely loved it. 8 people that for a reason or another all need help, they are gathered in a house for a 'game'. Who wins will get all his problems solved, but there are no free lunches in life...

    I was in tension from the moment the game starts until the ending. What I loved about the movie was its visceral and raw simplicity. No need for special effects or to show anything to keep the audience on the edge of their seat.

    Jeffrey Combs is great, as well as all the other actors. The soundtrack is almost basic, but so effective in creating an atmosphere of a place of pure evil that is eternal in time.

    I recommend this without a doubt... Agatha Christie would be so proud.
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    As a horror movie fanatic, I thought the plot and title was rather interesting. Though as I watched the movie, I didn't feel the thrill that I usually get from horror. I felt quite disturbed by everything. They made deaths look way too easy and fake.

    Acting was sub par and the plot and characters were missing A LOT. You only knew about Brittany Snow's character and no one else. One guy is there because of being in a lot of debt and previously being a drinker.. That's all we got from the other characters. It really didn't give us anything to root for and made it quite obvious how the ending would turn out.

    The ending had to be the worst ending to a movie I have ever seen. I'm not going to spoil it but seriously? After all she went through they go and do that? The movie ended with that unfulfilled feeling and disappointment. That doctor didn't even get caught? At least have something good happen. I know that not everything has to be a happily ever after but that's what I was hoping for since the start.

    Also, it is incredibly unrealistic to make every character stupid. I don't know what the writers were thinking but couldn't they at least have one that could think a little more logically? Also, where's the real motive of the doctor? Why does he enjoy watching people torment each other? What's the whole point of having the doctors son there? If the first doctor (the one who went to rescue them) knew where it was happening, why not just report it to the cops instead of going in to a dangerous place? I would not recommend this movie to anyone. Even those who enjoy watching disturbing movies. This one pretty much crossed the line.
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    Caught this movie on TV and I can't remember a movie I enjoyed less.

    It's so bad, it defies placement in any genre. It's hard to call it a horror movie when it lacks any suspense or call it torture porn when it lacks gore. Other things lacking from this film include plot, character development, and competent acting and scriptwriting.

    The reviews calling this a character study are way off the mark. Caring about a character's moral choices requires characters with moral agency and an audience that's invested in the story enough to care about the choices made by the characters. These characters are nothing more than objects to be used in a sadistic fantasy.

    If you're thinking about watching this movie, don't. There's a long list of things you'd rather do.
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    Dead Samurai

    I came to this movie after watching Truth or Dare, and the concept is similar; a children's game which has been twisted into a "do or die" game, which is actually quite interesting to watch. It is hard to sympathize with the characters as you don't really get to know any of their backstories. It would have been nice to know their motivations, especially that of the dinner party host who's name I can't remember. While there is blood, death, and stabbing and shooting and the like, it doesn't directly show anything too gory. I didn't find myself having too look away at any point like I did while watching Truth or Dare, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who is a but squeamish.
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    Pls dont look at the reviews... most people, that voted bad reviews for this movie, doesnt like splatter movies.

    If u are into Saw like movies genres, u would love Would You Rather...

    Im still Hoping for a sequel!
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    People don't seem to really like this movie, but I think that's because it shows us a side of human nature we don't really want to see. In the ultimate position of chosing to help others or throw them under the bus for our own sake, most people don't want to admit which choice they'd take. An excellent film that shows us that our morality is ultimately as flexible as our circumstances dictate
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    And as confusing as that may sound, I stand by it firmly.

    Would You Rather's main plot lines have been done time and time again... Helpless protagonist struggles with own morals after being thrust into a lose-lose situation.

    Been there. Seen that.

    But that being said, Would You Rather is an extremely well made movie in the realm of cinematography, character development, and pacing. No cheap thrills or gore-for-the-sake-of-gore here -- which in itself is always refreshing when it comes to modern horror movies.

    There were a few unique twists and turns, but not enough to call it a strikingly original feature.

    I would still recommend this as a watch, if only on a day you can't find anything decidedly better and really need to get your horror fix. Not entirely unsatisfying, but not as effective as it would have been if only a bit of originality were at play.
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    CONTAINS SPOILERS- but to save you the hassle, you might as well read rather than watching this film.

    Awful film. It became really predictable and again didn't go into other players motives. Also it became highly doubtful at some points. Like as to why the doctor cared so much for Iris, yet not an old lady who was going to play the game? And how her character was stabbed then minutes later she was running around like it was no bother? Also I wondered why people would bother flying out just to play a game. Even if it did involve a lot of money, I don't see it being a realistic approach to this.

    I didn't see much depth to it really. Also I feel as though the games should have been different, a good 10 minutes was wasted on beating Travis and stabbing old ladies in the leg and not much came from it. It got quite boring from there.

    I could tell what was to happen at the end as soon as she checked on her brother which was a let down. I thought it had real potential at the start and I did like it until the actual game really. The beginning didn't beat around the bush and got right into it. I still would not recommend it.
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    A truly bad movie from start to finish. A movie about a rich family who makes people hurt others to gain rewards. Usually movies with that type of theme have people make choices to see who is good at their core, but this one has nothing like that within it. This movie is just about a sadistic family who makes people stab, shoot, etc. others for no apparent reason.

    The only interesting character was Amy who was the coldest character at the table. The rest of the cast was forgettable.

    The script (even the game) was beyond bad.

    Not worth watching.
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    Just like others described it, it's Saw at a dinner table.

    Willing to do anything to get the money she needs to help her dying brother, Iris (Brittany Snow) signs up for a game of "Would You Rather" unaware that it isn't just any typical party game, it's a competition to the death.

    Alright, I have to admit it had my attention the whole time, something very unusual for dumb movies like these, it's just that a couple of characters in the dinner table were kind of cool people and not just the annoying cynical horror movie characters I'm getting used to by now.

    I liked the moral choices the characters had to face during the movie, it wasn't paying that much attention to the gory aspects, but instead to what they're going to decide to do to get out of there alive. It wasn't that bad and my friend I saw it with seemed to enjoy it, therefore I'd still recommend it to an avid horror fan. What I didn't like about it was the performances, specially the bad guy who was trying too hard to rip-off Dennis Hopper's character in "Blue Velvet" and some scenes were just amateur and silly.

    I'd recommend it to anyone who liked "The Hunger Games", "Saw", "Sinister", and/or "Battle Royale" (it isn't as good as any of those movies though).
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    Went to go check this out after hearing from about it being screened at The Silent Movie Theater in LA. I had heard about this movie months ago, saw the trailer for it and since then was instantly intrigued. I can honestly say I was not disappointed. For me personally, and my dad as well, there wasn't a dull moment throughout the film and I was definitely captivated by the story. The performances were stellar, from Brittany Snow to Jeffrey Combs and Sasha Grey, but to be honest, every actor turned in great performances in the roles they had. Really liked the use of music in the film as well, it gave it an eerie and atmospheric feel to it and for that reason I loved it even more. A Q&A followed after the film with director David Guy Levy, writer Steffen Schlachtenhaufen, and actors Jeffrey Combs & Sasha Grey in attendance. Got to meet them after the Q&A and got pictures with them, very nice and down- to-earth people. I would highly recommend this film to anyone looking for a good horror/thriller, can't wait to get it when it comes on DVD/Blu-ray!
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    let me just start out by saying I NEVER, EVER write movie reviews but I made an account on here just to write a review on this, THAT is how bad it is. I had been meaning to watch this movie for a while and it had been sitting on my Netflix queue, so one night when I couldn't sleep I turned it on at about 4 in the morning, which is what I contribute to why I didn't turn it off after 5 minutes of it.

    First off, our "protagonist" is a one-dimensional idiot that we are given no backstory on, besides the basic "my brother has cancer, it's just us, oh no" description. After watching about 10 minutes of this, you could tell exactly where the plot was going, but somehow felt compelled to watch it crash and burn. Iris, our lovely, boring protagonist, is invited to a philanthropist's dinner party, where cash is promised to the winner of a simple parlor game.

    Now this is where we get to the "horror" of it all. First off, I know when you go into a cheesy horror movie like this you are going to see people die in ways that shouldn't kill a person, but this was just unbelievable. Some lady died by getting stabbed in the leg, while someone else survived after getting stabbed in the lung? Not to mention people dying from getting whipped just a couple times, as well as being submerged in water for less than two minutes at most, it was just unconvincing.

    Besides the unrealistic aspects of it all, all the characters were flat and boring, with no backstories so we couldn't care less if they lived or died, and of course there were the stereotypical "we gotta be a team" and "I don't come here to make friends" people. Also while on the subject of bad and rather useless actors, the role of both the doctor and the philanthropist's son were completely useless and had about 5 minutes screen time combined; I am still trying to figure out why these characters were introduced in the first place. There was also a useless rape scene which was just concerning to why it was put in there in the first place, as it served absolutely no purpose and made zero sense.

    The characters also were just all over the place, with the main character supposedly this nice, sweet vegetarian who ends up shooting this guy who she didn't even want to stab? Also we were given scattered descriptions of each "background" character, with, oddly enough, more information about the ones with no screen time and no information about the ones that mattered the most.

    The ending was the part that really just got me. First of all, what really annoyed me was after getting stabbed in the lung, or presumably some other organ, our idiot protagonist Iris neglects going to visit a doctor or even trying to alert any authorities about this at all (it still boggles me that somehow we're supposed to believe that just no one has ever tried to stop this or tell the police that this insane billionaire is killing people in his mansion, also how are they disposing of all these bodies every year??? like isn't someone somewhere like maybe we should check up on them they throw away a lot of human sized containers every year around the EXACT SAME TIME and a bunch of people go to that house, but only ONE person leaves???? but that's a whole other matter). She proceeds to shower up and pretend nothing ever happened, and then OH MY GOD. I just knew that her brother was going to kill himself, and that's the part that really makes me angry. After sitting through an entire movie of clichés and over-used plot devices I was just hoping I could enjoy my happy ending and go to bed, but no they had to kill off the cancer kid because 8 deaths wasn't enough in this movie.

    All in all, this movie has destroyed me as a person and individual and I don't think I am going to be able to trust movies on Netflix for at least a month. The whole world has let me down with this one, especially you, Brittany Snow.