» » Caillou Caillou Learns to Drive (1997–2010)

Caillou Caillou Learns to Drive (1997–2010) HD online

Caillou Caillou Learns to Drive (1997–2010) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Animation / Family
Original Title: Caillou Learns to Drive
Released: 1997–2010
Duration: 5min
Video type: TV Episode
Just like his Daddy, Caillou loves anything to do with trucks, so he's very happy when Dad asks him to help wash the family truck. And while he sits in the truck, he imagines he's driving a truck to the beach. When he beeps the horn, he surprises Dad, making him accidentally turn the hose on himself. Later on, when the family really goes for a drive to the beach, Caillou is reminded of his imaginary journey.
Episode credited cast:
Al Gravelle Al Gravelle - Additional Voices (voice)
Evan Smirnow Evan Smirnow - Cailette Singer (voice)