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El tejedor de milagros (1962) HD online

El tejedor de milagros (1962) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: El tejedor de milagros
Director: Francisco del Villar
Writers: Julio Alejandro,Hugo Argüelles
Released: 1962
Duration: 1h 35min
Video type: Movie
Cast overview, first billed only:
Pedro Armendáriz Pedro Armendáriz - Señor cura
Columba Domínguez Columba Domínguez - Remedios
Begoña Palacios Begoña Palacios - Verania
Sergio Bustamante Sergio Bustamante - Teófilo
José Luis Jiménez José Luis Jiménez - Don Cleofas
Enrique Lucero Enrique Lucero - Arnulfo
Aurora Clavel Aurora Clavel - Jacinta
José Gálvez José Gálvez - Marcial
Hortensia Santoveña Hortensia Santoveña - Eustolia
Fanny Schiller Fanny Schiller - Pueblerina
Ada Carrasco Ada Carrasco - Doña Agustina
Virginia Manzano Virginia Manzano - Enedina
Miguel Suárez Miguel Suárez - Don Sinfo
Lupe Carriles Lupe Carriles - Maestra de coro (as Guadalupe Carriles)
Sadi Dupeyrón Sadi Dupeyrón - Amado

Reviews: [3]

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    I think what's amazing about this movie is how they criticize fanatism. That's mainly what it's about. How can fanatism can be unstopable, stupid, crazy, and can do really bad things, create caos and destroy what is in the way. What's worst all is done in masses. You just need to feed them with something, in this case religion. Also how shallow and empty can be people's lives that they need a little extra to keep living, to keep hoping, to keep their faith and know they are alive. The problem is when this "faith" get away of their hands and becomes fanatism. It represents the lives, and the boredom of people that live in small towns in that epock. Good movie, not the best i've seen, but not a waist of time either.
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    This is an underrated movie which deals with religious fanaticism through black comedy and a building sense of indignation, trademarks of the major Mexican playwright of the 20th Century, Hugo Arguelles, who wrote the story. According to Arguelles, after Ingmar Bergman saw the movie in the Berlin Film Festival, the Swedish master told him that he would have liked to direct the film. It is a story about a couple in a poor Mexican town, in Christmas Eve, who try to turn the birth of the child of a miserable pair of peasants, literally into the second coming of Jesus. All of this, to make a profit of course. The cinematography is by the legendary Gabriel Figueroa, it is perfectly directed by Francisco del Villar, and it features major performances by Mexican film greats (and Emilio Fernandez regulars) Pedro Armendariz (as a priest)and Columba Dominguez, among others. It is shown once or twice a year in Mexican television, it is well worth looking out for it, as well as for another couple of Del Villar and Arguelles collaborations, Las piranas aman en cuaresma, and La primavera de los Escorpiones.
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    This picture portrays what an ignorant group of people can create, when they mix in a same bowl their ignorance with their religious beliefs. Even as fantastic as this picture may seem to be, it is not something that couldn't have happened and may still do in some parts of Mexico and other Countries. People are looking for something extraordinary that may help them improve their impoverished situation, people are hoping that a miracle occurs in their monotonous lives, a miracle that they want to believe in because they lack a vision of wellbeing in their future. If we add other human feelings like greed or the desire of power or frustration in an unreachable love, or disappointment, we get a pretty good mix of emotions that make this picture very interesting in its plot. Of course this can only lead to tragedy, which at the end happens. Good picture to watch.