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A Verdade Obscura (2014) HD online

A Verdade Obscura (2014) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Crime / Drama / Thriller
Original Title: A Verdade Obscura
Director: Silvio Coutinho
Writers: Silvio Coutinho
Released: 2014
Duration: 1h 5min
Video type: Movie
This feature film without dialogues or subtitles is a story that could happen anywhere, but charged of symbols and fears of the darker side of human mind, can bring, as well as different points of view, the dual challenge proposed by the film itself, to communicate without words, through the eyes, through the doubts... The main purpose is to feel the different reactions impacted by the movie on different cultures and places. So, this film was planned, since the beginning, for international audiences.
Credited cast, sorted by IMDb STARmeter:
Gabriel Stauffer Gabriel Stauffer - Egidio
Ana Suely Malta Ana Suely Malta - Rita
Victor Vergeti Victor Vergeti - Denis