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Blood Freak (1972) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Horror / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Blood Freak
Director: Brad F. Grinter,Steve Hawkes
Writers: Brad F. Grinter,Steve Hawkes
Released: 1972
Duration: 1h 26min
Video type: Movie
A biker comes upon a girl with a flat tire and offers her a ride home. He winds up at a drug party with the girl's sister, then follows her to a turkey farm owned by her father, a mad scientist. The father turns the biker into a giant turkey monster who goes after drug dealers.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Steve Hawkes Steve Hawkes - Herschell
Dana Cullivan Dana Cullivan - Ann
Randy Grinter Randy Grinter - (as Randy Grinter Jr.)
Heather Hughes Heather Hughes - Angel
Larry Wright Larry Wright
Tera Anderson Tera Anderson
Dolores Currier Dolores Currier
Bob Currier Bob Currier
Jane Tarber Jane Tarber
Anne Shearin Anne Shearin
Lee Morris Lee Morris
Linda Past Linda Past
Sam Taker Sam Taker
Debbie Smith Debbie Smith
Francis Sipek Francis Sipek

The victim that gets his leg cut off by a table saw was an actual amputee.

Years later when asked about the movie, Steve Hawkes referred to it as "a sad chapter in my life."

The movie's cast was made up of acting students from producer/director Brad F. Grinter's class.

The turkey-monster head that Steve Hawkes wears was made of papier-mache.

Steve Hawkes character is named after B movie director Herschell Gordon Lewis.

The film's original financier backed out during production and left directors Brad F. Grinter and Steve Hawkes to complete it with their own resources.

The movie was originally rated X due to violent content.

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    After hearing about Blood Freak for years, after preparing myself by collecting over two hundred of the worst movies ever made, after nearly resigning myself to paying a fortune for a copy, I found Blood Freak sitting on a shelf with a cute little green price tag, biding its time, waiting to pounce.

    I wasn't ready for this. Read all the other comments and realize that they're not exaggerating in the least. WORST movie ever made? No, that's still got to be Night of Horror. Blood Freak calls for a category not yet invented - the sheer glorious dancing-with-the-angels whack flakiness of Godmonster of Indian Flats or Troll 2, combined with the absolute ineptitude of Night of Horror, Weird World of LSD, or Broadway Jungle. And then add something more, an X factor, the ability to send you off the couch and onto the Karistan wheezing like a busted calliope, like the head of Hitler mugging it up in the back seat in They Saved Hitler's Brain, or the immortal. "The natives call it - Tabanga!" in from Hell It Came.

    Yes, it's about mutant turkeys, good Bible preaching, a hair farm named Herschell, and balding cracker dopers, but Blood Freak goes so much further. It has the rare quality of twisting away from you and running off in a different direction, whenever you think you've got it pegged. At half a dozen points in the movie you'll have yourself totally convinced that this is a send-up, that the crazed lounge-lizards-for-Jesus narrator is smirking and winking at you. Then a throat gets slashed, a leg gets sawn off, and you realize that, no, the mutant turkeys that created this farrago are SERIOUS.

    I'll give a free kitten to the first person who comes up with the present location of the papier-mache turkey head.
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    I get so emotional whenever I attempt to write a review about "Blood Freak". The last review I wrote was not accepted by IMDB as I got too out of line and my review degenerated into uncontrolled bantering. Just know that my love for this movie cannot be contained in mere words. "Blood Freak" is a must see by all. The movie itself is indeed a FREAK of nature. You'll never see a movie quite like it unless it's contrived and purposely-made camp. This film is as out-of-control as a serious filmmaker could get and still be trying to make an honest-to-God film with a real message. Never have I seen a pro-Jesus-anti-drug-murder-turkey-mutant-vampire movie. Brad Gritner and Steven Hawkes have succeeded in going beyond laughing-stock into a realm of unparrelled cult statis that which few will ever attain. I wont spoil one minute of this movie for you by recounting any of it, just know that it's impossible to find any movie more deserved of the cult genre than this one. Take the plunge and see this movie!!! You wont regret it!
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    Certainly one of the strangest and most incredible films ever produced for human consumption. Mere words can not begin to describe this twisted masterpiece. The fantastic plot involves a guy named Hershel (Steve Hawkes) who rides a chopper and looks a bit like Elvis Presley. He meets up with two sisters, one an extremely straight Bible preaching evangelist named Angel who wants to save the world, the other a drug using slut, named Ann, who has the hots for Hershel. Hershel smokes some kind of super addicting pot which causes him to sc**w Ann. He then goes to work for a man who appears to be their father who owns a poultry farm with a built in laboratory run by some dim witted scientists. Hershel then eats a whole turkey provided by the lab which is laced with experimental drugs. He passes out, wakes up as turkey monster, starts killing a strange assortment of people, and drinks their blood. He also has sex with Ann in his turkey outfit while she voices her concerns about having turkey monster children. All throughout the film, a sleazy narrator interrupts things to give the audience confusing philosophical insights about God. It all works out in the end as Hershel finds sobriety, God, love, and poultry. You could spend your whole life trying to find something as bizarre as this film and not succeed.
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    A very shaky camera follows leatherclad 'Nam vet Herschell (Steve Hawkes) down the Florida turnpike, where he helps Angel, a stranded, bible quoting "seeker of the truth" in hot pants. The two go back to her place, where a hippie drug party hosted by Angel's cute, baby-voiced "far out" sister Anne is taking place. When Herschell ignores the advances of a woman, she informs him, "You' re nothing but a dumb b***ard who doesn't know where it's at, anyway!"

    Herschell ends up getting a job at the father's turkey farm, Anne gets him "hooked" on pot and scientists in lab jackets trick him into eating chemicals that transform him into a turkey headed monster that gobbles, hangs people upside down, slits their throats and drinks the blood, all while dressed in flared bell-bottom pants!

    One very blood, standout murder scene has a guy getting his leg cut off with a table saw. Some real turkeys are beheaded, too, for additional gore. But the action stops cold when the on-screen, chain-smoking narrator (played by director Grinter) reads preachy, pro-Christian commentary off of cue cards on a desk!

    The big, muscular Hawkes sports Elvis hair, thick sideburns and weird, blotchy skin, and is one of the worst actors I can think of. Other cast members flub or forget their lines and often look directly at the camera and laugh! No one is credited with writing it on the version I have (the original VHS copy), but with lines directed toward Hawkes like, "He's strong, he's handsome and he enjoys being attractive to the opposite sex," I strongly suspect he had his hand in there somewhere.

    Do NOT miss this movie!

    Score: (technically speaking) 1 out of 10 / (for laughs) 10 out of 10!
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    SPOILERS INCLUDED What were they thinking; more specifically how does a pro-christian, anti drug film double as a bloody horror movie about a vampire turkey monster? The stories you've been told about the infamous ‘BloodFreak' near unbelievable as they sound do not lie. The true story behind the film a bleak tale of a horrific burns accident, a Tarzan impersonator, an aging nudist enthusiast and much bad blood is equally fascinating. BloodFreak was the brainchild of an odd couple on the fringes of the Florida entertainment scene. Brad Grinter (aka Frank Grinter aka Brett Jason Merriman) was a bit part actor in Florida area exploitation films but his main income was as a film teacher. Grinter channelled the money from pricy tuition fees into financing the budgets of his own films, the poverty row biker movie Devil Rider (1970) and more famously Flesh Feast (1970)- that climaxes with Veronica Lake melting Adolf Hitler's face off with cannibalistic maggots. The other man behind BloodFreak was Steve Hawkes, Hawkes main calling in life was to play Tarzan, a feat he accomplished but only in movies shot in far flung places to avoid copyright problems (nervous distributors would often re-christen Hawkes' Tarzan ‘Zen of the Jungle' in case of any repercussions.) Hawkes saw himself as a family entertainer, fate had other ideas and on the set of Tarzan and the Brown Prince- Hawkes was to suffer a horrific on-set accident that left him with 90% burns. Grudgingly he agreed to appear in a horror quickie as a way of paying pricey bills- hence BloodFreak was born. Hawkes stars as Herschell a christian, vietnam veteran biker thundering around Florida on his chopper. Herschell picks up ‘pretty girl with a problem' Angel who takes him back to her place. ‘Some of my sister's friends are pretty far out' remarks bible quoting Angel on the hippie drug taking presided over by her wild child sibling. Said troubled floozy sister Ann wants a piece of ‘husky man' Herschell before her sister can convert him into a bible salesman, and shock! horror! turns him onto her wild lifestyle to do so. One drag of something ‘guaranteed to make you fly' later and Herschell turns into a laughing pot head. He tries to get back on track by getting a job at a turkey farm, but his employees are mad scientists who offer him marijuana and use him as a guinea pig for ‘experiments'. Eating a whole contaminated turkey, Herschell ends up a shaking mess and from the neck up transforms into a monster turkey man! With an oversized paper mache turkey head, complete with giant beak, ping pong ball eyes and misdirected feathers Herschell the Blood Freak is a sight you wouldn't want to meet even when stone cold sober (`all we did was give this guy some turkey').

    Herschell seeks solace with Ann, whose reaction ‘gosh Herschell you sure are ugly' meets with gobbles of disapproval (Herschell can only communicate by making turkey noises). Ann tells the turkey she still loves him despite the obvious problems ‘what would the children think of their father looking like that….my god what would the children look like?' Discovering he can only live off the blood of drug addicts the BloodFreak stalks Ann's dopy friends- dragging them into the bushes and drinking their blood. Disrupting an old man shooting up a teenage girl in the back of his car, the Bloodfreak kidnaps the girl, hangs her upside down and slashes her throat. Then as an afterthought strangles a passing old timer. Meanwhile a drug pusher attempts to rape Ann, but only gets as far as gawping at her knickers before the turkeyman shows up and severs the luckless creep's leg with a bandsaw. In the ‘uplifting' finale, the Bloodfreak enlists the help of goody two shoes Angel and prays to god to cure him of this literal case of cold turkey. BloodFreak is utterly mind-boggling, theres nothing quite like it. Although it may sound like a parody of campy anti-drug features like Reefer Madness, everything is played as dead serious as Angel's blank faced moralising. Within the confines of a fire & brimstone sermon, Grinter and Hawkes deceptively serve up a bang-up exploitation film. A real turkey is decapitated on camera, female bottoms are bared and an amputee plays the bandsaw victim- wobbling around on a wooden leg till the Bloodfreak ‘relieves' him off it. Based in Florida it's hard to imagine Grinter wasn't aware of the splatter movies of Herschell Gordon Lewis (he even acted in one of Lewis' nudie pictures). Thus Blood Freak's phoney yet nauseating gore draws obvious comparisons with Blood Feast (a title Grinter would snatch both parts of for Blood-Freak and Flesh-Feast). After BloodFreak Grinter made a couple of nudist propaganda films (Barely Proper 1975, Never the Twain 1974) before they and him disappeared off the face of the planet. Steve Hawkes was last heard of running an animal preserve in Florida. For Hawkes his sole brush with exploitation cinema remains a touchy subject, apparently the man who put up the money for BloodFreak ran out on him, leaving Hawkes to finish and distribute the picture himself. Little seen on its 1972 release (it was one of the first films rated X by the MPAA for violence) BloodFreak like that other slice of sunshine state lunacy ‘Sometimes Aunt Martha Does Dreadful Things' only really came to people's attention during the video-era. Now from New Zealand to France jaws drop at a film constantly out of focus, actors who flub there lines, dialogue like ‘how is it possible that a girl like you, young and beautiful, can be so far out' and the idea that you can put the world to rights by putting a turkeyhead on your leading man and have him run around rustic Florida. Cross paths with BloodFreak and you'll never look at a turkey in the same light again.
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    Man, oh man. What can one say about this film? There's no denying that it's a *bad* film. Of that we can be sure. But try to pigeonhole it into any other category, and you'll end up with a headache the size of Lake Michigan. What can one say about a movie in which a beefy Vietnam vet (resembling a late-60's Conway Twitty) follows a nice Christian young lady home, only to fall for her sister, get hooked on some bizarre strain of pot, eat an entire "experimental" turkey cooked up by some mad poultry scientists (who themselves are hooked on the wacky weed), turn into the ugly cousin of the San Diego Chicken, and become driven to feed on the blood of addicts? Where else can you see a tender love scene between a young woman and a turkey monster? Where else can you see a man in a bad turkey mask cut the prosthetic leg off of a drug dealer? Where else can you see the most insane bad-movie dream sequence this side of "Glen Or Glenda?" Where else can you see an entire cast made up of what appears to be either Foghat or their roadies? What other film features an almost-constant barrage of turkey gobbles that sound more like pencil erasers on glass? Where else can you see the director chain-smoke on camera, preach against defiling the body with chemicals, and have a coughing fit? Stop reading this review *right now* and track this baby down! I laughed until I wept. It's a beautiful thing.
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    I love this movie! It is so bad that it's great! To enjoy this movie you have to have a place in your heart for crackpot cinema (low-budget movies that are so bad that they're good). It's completely unrealistic and so poorly shot that you will laugh until you cry. This movie's just plain fun.
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    Where does one even begin when trying to describe this insane film?

    Chances are the jargon "turkey monster", "christian", "druggie", "inept scientists", etc. will come up in the process, but I think the word that best sums it up is "amazing".

    If taken at face value this would appear to be an over-the-top, ridiculous anti-drug christian scare film, but it seems to me like it's more likely a wierd joke by a sadist with a bizarre sense of humor. The plot is pretty much outlined in the other "Blood Freak" review on this site, but I would recommend this highly for anyone into "I can't believe this movie was ever made" type fare. My favorite element personally is the crusty narrator who occasionally interrupts the movie from what appears to be a suburban family rec room(?) and gives cryptic warnings about the harm of putting chemicals in one's body, all the while puffing away on cigarettes (at one point the guy even breaks out into a heavy coughing fit!). Everything about this is guaranteed to blow even the most jaded video geek's mind, and if you can get your hands on it I recommend it highly. Truly a masterpiece as far as cinematic trash is concerned...
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    There are very few horror films that could make me laugh as much as "Blood Freak". The cinematography, script, and especially the ACTING in "Blood Freak" are so mind-blowingly awful that I still laugh at it even after seeing it 50 times. My favorite actors are the guy that owns the turkey farm and his two scientists. Their complete lack of emotion and their stumbling over their own lines (among other things) make me suspect that this movie only filmed ONE TAKE of each scene, regardless of mistakes.

    I simply LOVE "Blood Freak" and never get tired of it. I even dig the '70s styling and funky soundtrack. There really aren't any other films like this out there.

    I highly recommend "Blood Freak" to fans of unintentional hilarity. It is hard to find this film, but it's worth searching for it.
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    Total "Suds & Buds" flick! How's that, you ask? It's a term I use for movies that are best appreciated with a couple brews and... some friends (what kind of "Buds" did ya think I was reefer, oh, excuse me... I meant, "referring" to?). That's not to say this movie couldn't be enjoyed without such things, it just adds to the fun. Now, let's make one thing clear right off the bat, this is not what one would call a good movie. This is CULT. If bad acting, shoddy directing, awful effects and the usual stuff that comes with this fare doesn't immediately turn you off, then tune in, turn on and drop to the floor in fits of laughter! If you're the type to take a movie like this too seriously (or serious at all) then keep walking Jack, cause you're not gonna dig it in the least.

    Soooo, here we go! Things start with a burly biker named Herschell (who looks like the love child of Elvis Presley and Conway Twitty) riding down the highway and happening upon a girl (named Angel... subtle) having car problems. He gives her a lift to her sister's place and they walk in on a super swinging 70's drug party. Angel's sister, Ann, gets the instant sweats for Herschell but, he's diggin' on Angel. So what does Ann do? Decides to turn him on to weed (yeah, the hard stuff). The problem is, Hersch doesn't get down like that. So Ann plays the old "You're a coward" card and the only thing Herschell hates more than drugs is being thought a coward, so it's puff, puff, pass! Dude, don't ya think it's kinda cowardly to let someone bamboozle you into doing something you don't want to do? Well, he lays Ann afterward, so it's all good.

    Angel hooks him up with a job at a turkey farm were it appears he doesn't have much to do but throw turkeys from one cage to another. But, mystery lurks within the confines of this farm. Chief among them is some weird experiments being performed by the 2 most awesomest scientists EVER, Lenny and Gene! I mean, Gene looks genuinely scared to be on camera. Lenny's not much better but, Gene kills me! He stutters and looks shook as hell whenever the camera is on him. They offer him a bunch of pot if he'll take part in their experiments (oh yeah, it might help to point out that after one joint, Herschell became a total junkie for the Devil's Weed). I've seen this movie a whole bunch of times and I'm still not sure what the hell these experiments are or what they're supposed to do to enhance the already pleasurable experience of eating turkey (unless you're a vegetarian). So, he agrees and starts pounding down tainted turkey like it's the last meal he'll ever eat (no doubt aided by a super case of the munchies).

    Would you like to guess what happens next? That's right, he turns into a Tukey-monster with an insane lust for the blood of addicts! Or rather, a guy in a f'd up papier-mache turkey head with an insane lust for red paint that comes shootin' outta poorly placed squibs. Turkey-Hersch goes about his bloody business picking off other junkies (and one old man who didn't appear to be any threat to him). Finally, a couple of Ann's friends (who look like roadies for Grand Funk Railroad) catch up to him and give him a hair cut with a big blade, real close to the shoulders like, which is inter-cut with a scene of a real turkey getting it's head cut off (charming). Why? Got me. I'm guessin' it was an affordable piece of shock value footage.

    At this point, Herschell wakes up in the woods and realizes it was all a hallucination (natch). He's found by the old dude that runs the turkey farm (who is named Tom... clever) and he calls Angel. She gets Herschell to beg forgiveness from God, just to drive the point home. Through his newfound understandings of His teachings, Hersch forgives Ann and a happy endings enjoyed by all.... well, except for that headless turkey.

    Sounds great, huh? Well, I didn't even mention the best part yet... the narrator! This joker pops up once in awhile to do a little bible thumpin' and preach the evils of drugs, all the while, puffing on a cigarette. At one point (and I'm not sure this wasn't some sorta put-on) he suffers a coughing fit... I mean,on camera.... and nobody yells "CUT!"..... and it wasn't even edited out after filming! AWE-freakin-SOME! Not to mention all the other goodies like the camera man's shadow popping up in shots, editing that seems to be done by a 7 year old on acid and some dialogue so inaudible that if you turned your t.v. up to full blast, you still couldn't make it out. Well, as the narrator would say, "Right on"! I know plenty of people wouldn't understand how anyone could enjoy a movie like this and wouldn't hear of the old "so bad, it's good" excuse but, it's harmless to enjoy it for what it is... which is, the best Anti-Drug/Pro-Religion/Turkey-Monster movie ever made! The Good: The freakin' narrator, man! He's too much! He's obviously reading his lines (and probably doing his "lines") off the desk in front of him, which he tries to cover by making it look like he's just looking down and collecting his thoughts or something. If your in the mood, you'll probably laugh your ass off during this flick.

    The Not So Good: If your not in the mood for it, this movie will probably seem like the worst thing ever caught on film. Acting is so below the bottom of the barrel, it's really not easy to describe.However, if you were expecting anything else, shame on you.
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    Okay, I have two things to say about BLOOD FREAK. First, about my disappointment with the twist ending. And second, a warning to those who don't like real on-screen violence inflicted on animals.

    Okay, first: I bought the BLOOD FREAK DVD mainly because I love SOMETHING WEIRD DVDs, which are full of extras, and also because I love really bad movies. BLOOD FREAK is woeful. There's no doubt about that. But, and this is only a technicality and I'm not trying to be pedantic here, the story actually makes sense. The thing that everyone has failed to mention is the "twist" ending: that the whole idea of the guy (played by beefy Elvis-look-a-like Steve Hawkes) turning into a monster with a head of a turkey and feeding on addicts' blood is nothing but a DREAM or a HALLUCINATION. The character never really turns into a monster. After the guy takes the drug from the turkey farm, the man has this really bad trip and dreams he's turned into the turkey monster. At the end, he wakes up and realizes that everything was only a nightmare. I was sorta disappointed by this twist ending. BLOOD FREAK is still bad but it's not as bad as if the character had actually changed into that turkey monster. The hallucination twist is a cop-out of sorts, which robs the movie from being the next PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE.

    With that off of my chest, BLOOD FREAK is still inept in every respect. The acting, the cinematography, the dialogue. Everything is strictly amateurish. And the chain-smoking narrator, who is often seen coughing, is probably the stupidest and most hilarious thing ever put on screen. I mean, at least Criswell didn't look sick in PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE. Some moments are truly weird, like when Steve Hawkes's girlfriend sees him for the first time as the turkey monster and starts talking about how the people will perceive them as a couple or how their children will turn out is, for a split second, unbelievably brilliant in its total ineptitude. There's a fair amount of violence in BF, including a scene where a man gets one of his legs chopped off. It's obvious the actor has an amputated leg in reality and they simply hired him just so the scene when the turkey monster cuts off his foot looks very convincing.

    And speaking of violence, here's my second point: I also have to warn people who don't like to see animals killed on screen. At the very end of the dream, a real turkey is killed senselessly. Personally, I would have easily avoided this scene if I had known about it in advance. It's totally gratuitous and tasteless, but then this is to be expected in low budget exploitation films, even Christian exploitation films. LOL!

    In the end, BLOOD FREAK is a must see for all aficionados of bad films. But I have to admit that I was disappointed by the two aspects that I mentioned above.
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    When the aliens land on Earth and ask me what mankind has accomplished, I will show them "Blood Freak". The Earth will then be vaporized. We were hopeless. We made a movie like Blood Freak and called it entertainment. It was for our own good.

    I was going to take a sledgehammer to this video but decided against it. It's so over the top "WOW!" bad that it needs to be preserved for the upcoming alien invasion. Maybe put into a time capsule to be dug up in the future. It is in a class all its own. Good Lord is it bad.
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    I consider myself to be an authority on Bad Horror/SciFi Movies. Nothing in this world gives me more pleasure than watching something so terrible it makes you laugh when it wasn't supposed to. I have on more than one occasion thought about writing a book about my love of crappy horror and sci-fi movies. And this has to be the single most horrible thing ever put to celluloid. Not only do the cimematics look like someone shot it with an old pre-video tape home movie camera...

    ...the monster is a guy in a rubber turkey mask, and is quite obviously a guy in a rubber turkey mask. Nothing else, guy in coveralls and a rubber turkey mask like you get at the supermarket just before halloween. No spirit gum to keep the mask in place, no black makeup around the eyes so you don't see any skin, no attempt in any way to make this look any less than a crappy, cheesy low budget piece of garbage. I loved it! I laughed so hard I almost had an accident. Heck, I'm laughing right now just thinking about this complete waste of video store real estate! Now there is low budget, crappy horror movies and then there is this film. If you want a great laugh and to wonder where an hour and a half of your life went, see this movie.
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    I've seen this one 7 times now, and I don't know if I'll ever recover. I'm still in a state of shock over it now. Really raw for a Christian movie, really preachy for a horror movie, and for heaven's sake, our hero TURNS INTO A GIANT TURKEY!!! An awful lot of the dialogue is muffled to the point of unintelligibility, which only makes it better. Figuring out just what the heck is going on is a big part of the enjoyment on this movie. The two lab assistants should earn some sort of award as the best characters ever to appear on film - I'll leave it a that. Every single scene is flawed in one way or another. Even the one good corpse, which for a few second looks like an honest to goodness dead body, is ruined when you see the cameraman or somebody's shadow move across the floor. My life was an empty shell before viewing this film. It has become a part of me, something I will carry to my grave. Never before, and likely never again will I see such failure blazoned boldly across my television screen. A GIANT, BLOOD-SUCKING TURKEY!!!!!!
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    A buff, but gentlemanly, biker rides into the life of two sisters, one a Born-Again Christian, the other a heavy partyer who enjoys smoking pot and having a good time. Thanks to some kind support from his Christian pal, an employer at a poultry farm gives him a job. Hershell(Steve Hawkes, who also co-wrote, co-produced and co-directed)agrees to eat experimented turkey(?!)and suffers such an illness it causes him to fall unconscious. Before taking the job, he fell under the spell of the care-free sister, smoking some pot with her which re-awakened a habit he suffered in Vietnam after an arm injury. Coupled with the experimental meat, it seems Herschell is effected drastically..he grows a turkey head! Any woman in the surrounding area other than the two girls Herschell cares for are victims for his blood thirst. Often victims are hung upside down, their necks cut with blood pouring into the beaked fiend's human hands. What will Herschell do? How can he control his craving for blood?

    Simply dreadful in every conceivable fashion. I could not find one single aspect of worth throughout the entire painful experience. It's clearly visualized that those responsible for this abomination had no reason to ever make a film in the first place. Those involved should've cut their losses and forgot about ever making this inept travesty. The camera work is simply putrid as is the editing. Some narrator smoking a cigarette is reading off some pamphlet about change or behavior, which really could've wisely(..if any wisdom whatsoever was used during the entire process of this thing's production)been left on the cutting room floor and is merely intrusive(..which, if it were any good, would be a welcome interruption from this vile pile of garbage)bothering us with opinions that irritate instead of enlighten. The beaked, feathered bird head is a laughing stock. It is the icing on the cake and will certainly appeal to those who enjoy the worst kind of films possible. The acting is brought to us by a gathering of the directors' friends, I guess, and they all look about as interested as I was during this whole abysmal experience. The attacks on women are about as laughable as the sawed-off leg of one drug pusher with blood gushing forth. Loud screams are repeated in cycle over and over the scenes of violence which bring chuckles instead of terror or repulsion. If anything brings repulsion it's the camera set ups which often shoot characters out of frame and off-focus. I don't ask for much..just shoot your actors in the center of the frame for Chrissakes! And, the actors often look off as if attempting to understand when they're supposed to talk(..and perhaps seeking help with their dialogue;I'm pretty sure they could've ad-libbed and it would've been just as effective as what they had to say)and where to look. There's a legion of beloved fans for this turkey(..pun intended)and those who enjoy this junk can have it. While others find it incredibly entertaining, I found it pathetic and just plain tedious.
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    Did you say Mutant Killer Turkey? Well if you did, I'm there baby! This is a whacked out, B...possibly Z movie that revolves around anti-drug statements and has some religious stuff going on as well. But besides those boring themes you also have a guy with a Turkey head running around killing and drinking people's blood. Unfortunately only towards the end of the flick does the "action" really start happening. But don't fret, this movie has some of the worst (and I say that in a loving way) acting you can find. A lot of people say they find the movie hilarious. Well I suppose it is damn funny, but it's not funny the entire duration. It's consistently bad, that's for sure, but since you get the idea that everyone sucks at acting and the bland lines won't stop coming, I just wasn't smiling as much as I hoped. Again, don't get me wrong, after the first dinner scene I laughed, but only sporadically. But if you're a fan of gems like Invasion of the Blood Farmers or any other ridiculously bad horror movies, you'll most likely be really entertained by Blood Freak.

    So all in all, Blood Freak is probably one of the worst movies I've seen, but it's probably also in the top 5 of my favorite "So Bad It's Good" movies. Probably the funniest thing about this movie is that it was trying to take it self seriously. Imagining Herschel convulsing on the ground is a sight to see. Blood Freak is a must for lovers of Bad films.
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    Well, I suppose that one CAN contract worse things from birds than the avian flu. For example, look at what happens to poor Herschell, a musclebound Vietnam vet, in the 1972 film "Blood Freak." When we first meet him, Herschell is hooked on painkillers and soon--shades of "Reefer Madness" (1936)--becomes PHYSICALLY addicted to some kind of superpot (patent BS, to be sure). After volunteering to eat some chemically laced turkey at his new poultry farm gig, he himself grows a giant turkey head and starts to maniacally slay young drug dabblers about town. Like his namesake, Herschell Gordon Lewis, he indulges in some pretty gory killings, including slicing the leg off of one drug pusher with a power saw. Anyway, to call this film a giant turkey would be too obvious...and far too generous. In truth, "Blood Freak" has to be one of the Top 10 Worst Films I have ever seen. It is horribly lit (whole segments transpire in near total darkness), acted, edited and directed, and with problematic sound, to boot. The "good" characters are annoying and the "bad" ones are obnoxious; actually, the only character I felt anything for was the real-life turkey who gets his head chopped off in one scene. What little pacing and suspense there are is periodically broken by the director, Brad Grinter, lecturing to us from behind a desk, a la Criswell, about the evils of dope and the implacability of fate or some such drivel; a message that might carry more weight if his film didn't practically demand pot smoking on the part of the viewer just to get through it! Anyway, in the pantheon of bad bird movies, this one makes "The Giant Claw" (1957) seem like high art.
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    BLOOD FREAK is a classic example of cheezy, inept, but fun cult-cinema. Nothing about the film is particularly "good" except for the total ridiculousness of the whole thing - but regardless, it has a fun "charm" to it that fans of drive-in exploit-style films will no doubt enjoy.

    Herschell (a nod to the "Godfather Of Gore", Herschell Gordon Lewis perhaps?) is a kind-hearted drifter who comes across Angel, a sexy bible-banger, broken down on he side of the road, and helps her get her car started. Angel invites Hersch back to her place, where Angel's sister Anne is throwing a drug party. Neither Angel nor Herschell partake, but Anne ends up taking a liking to the manly vagabond. Looking for work, Angel hooks him up with a friend of hers for some farm-work - and all is looking well for Hersch, until...Anne tricks Herschell into smoking some drug-laced pot, making him an instant addict, and some scientists at the farm trick Herschell into eating some drug-laced turkey, turning Herschell into a gobbling, blood-thirsty, turkey-headed freak! Talk about a bad day...

    I dig these 70s-era goofy splatter films, and BLOOD FREAK is a suitable entry. The turkey-head concept is totally off the wall and is hilariously enjoyable, and there's a few decent splattery moments as well, including a real turkey-beheading at the end. I will say that the pacing is a bit slow, especially in the beginning - and the fact that there were two hot female leads in this that never showed any skin is downright criminal. For these reasons I can't give this one a "great" rating. But I will say that BLOOD FREAK is essential viewing for early splatter-fans, or those that enjoy turkey-horror...7.5/10
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    From the first moment the somewhat skeezy looking chain-smoker sitting in front of the wood-paneled wall begins his clumsy, silly narration, you'll know that you've found a real winner here! This film is an early-1970's manifestation of the classic boy meets girl, boy has sex with girl's sister, boy turns into a vampire with an over-sized papier maché turkey head, boy gets stabbed in the eye with a screwdriver story. The boy, in this case, looks like a cross between Elvis Presley and a moon pie. It's all so beautifully bad! If you and your friends can't sit around and come up with a million wisecracks over this mega-turkey, check your pulses. You may all be dead.

    Bad acting, bad direction, a profoundly stupid plot (term used loosely), shadows of a camera man, editing that at times looks like it was done by tossing the stock into a blender and scotch-taping the bits back together in whatever order they hit the floor, and some of the most mind-numbingly awful makeup and "special effects" you are ever likely to see add up to a film that ranks among the best of the bad, bad, bad z-grade flicks ever. And where else are you going to find a celluloid stinker about a blood-drinking turkey-man shot in Florida and laced through with moralistic nonsense about drugs, religion, and sex, anyhow? You just haven't truly experienced the pits of amusement until you've seen "Blood Freak." And the best part? It's got an "it was all a dream" ending! RAPTURE!
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    Oh of, if not THE best in the indie "Z" category. "Blood Freak" should be mandatory viewing for everybody, what a different world it would be.

    Words cannot describe what you'll witness should you choose to watch this film! As far as I know, it's the only Christian/Anti-Drug/Gore/Turkey film ever made, obviously those who came after realized trying to outdo "BF" would be an impossible feat.

    Highlights include the coughing fit of the on screen narrator, the retina destroying fashions and two of the coolest lab workers. ever.

    It's hard to tell if the filmmakers were taking this seriously or not, as a lot of the unintentional humour (e.g. coughing fit) could have easily been edited out. Was it a big in-joke? A decision to camp it up half-way through filming? Some of the dialog points to this: (paraphrase) "Is there anything else that's different about you?", etc. I dunno...but what you do have here is pure gold!

    10/10 on the so-weird-how-can-you-not-like-it? meter. For the gents: Herschell's love interest is a good lookin' honey too!
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    I picked up this little turd as part of a 4 pack from Something Weird Video. The other films really helped ease my reservations about this one. I had seen it before. This is one of those flicks I like to put on when my friends come over so I can hear the classic "What the hell are you watching?" from them. The movie drags for the first half (even more so than the usual padded schlock), but when things get going it gets really wacky. The plot is so asinine that I really don't want to get very far into it.

    Hershel eats some drug laced turkey meat and turns into a turkey-man who craves the blood of drug addicts; all narrated by a "cool" smoking guy. The movie was supposed to be a pro-Jesus, anti-drug movie, but you need to be a little trashed to enjoy the damn thing. The acting is atrocious, and the camera effects and mis-en-scene are equally horrifying. All in all, if they were trying to be serious, they really missed the mark.
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    doesnt Do You

    What more needs to be said about a pro-Jesus, pot smoking, heroin addict killing monster turkey epic? With acting worse than PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE and totally inept dialogue, this is a must see for "so bad it's good" fans. Add a plus for all the extras on the SOmething Weird DVD release.
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    While watching this film, I found myself utterly stunned. Picture it--a chain-smoking narrator who portrays a god-like role in the film, a killer turkey man, LOTS of late-sixties/early-seventies clothing, and a renegade biker named Herschel. Then, out of nowhere, the film tried to slap me with a baffling and misplaced moral at the end. Rent it, buy it, whatever it takes, but watch it. If you like bad movies, you will love this one.