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Landspeed: CKY (1999) HD online

Landspeed: CKY (1999) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Comedy
Original Title: Landspeed: CKY
Director: Bam Margera
Writers: Brandon DiCamillo,Bam Margera
Released: 1999
Duration: 1h 6min
Video type: Creative Work
The first video in the CKY series. The movie is based around skateboarding thrills and spills, but it contains the insane and disgusting stunts that eventually blossomed into "Jackass".
Credited cast:
Brandon DiCamillo Brandon DiCamillo - Himself (as Brandon Dicamillo)
Bam Margera Bam Margera - Himself (as Bamargera)
Jess Margera Jess Margera - Himself
Chris Aspite Chris Aspite - Himself (as Hoofbite)
Rakeyohn Rakeyohn - Himself (as Rake Yohn)
Ryan Dunn Ryan Dunn - Himself (as Ryan Dunn aka Plugs)
Kerry Getz Kerry Getz - Himself
Mark Hanna Mark Hanna - Himself
Chris Hanna Chris Hanna - Himself
Chris Raab Chris Raab - Himself
Phil Margera Phil Margera - Himself
The Gill The Gill - Himself
Mike Maldonado Mike Maldonado - Himself
Deron Miller Deron Miller - Himself
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
David Bottaro David Bottaro - George Patamkin

Landspeed was a division of Tum Yeto Inc. from 1998 - 2000. The full company name was Landspeed Wheels or Landspeed Research Wheels. They made skateboard wheels and clothing. Landspeed produced CKY, but when Bam found out that the man behind Tum Yeto, Tod Swank, was ripping him off with it, he left Toy Machine and took the CKY video with him, hence removing the Landspeed title and other references. Landspeed Wheels later went into liquidation being classed as a complete failure.

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    Now, I love skateboarding videos as it is so when I heard about CKY I was psyched. But I never thought it would be so damn funny. I've seen all three and I can't wait for a fourth! Bam and Brandon make the movie along with Raab and Ryan. Anyone who hasn't seen it doesn't know what they're missing! Stupidity at its finest.
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    Just got this from Netflix, and I was pleasantly surprised. First of all, THIS IS NOT JACKASS. Some of the random pranksters from Jackass make an appearance, but this is Brandon and Bam's movie, nothing more or less. Some of the skits are excellent, some fall flat, but all of the skateboarding is awesome. This movie will definitely make you laugh, especially if you spent your high school days wreaking havoc on your crappy town because there was nothing better to do. Watching this also made me wonder what Mr. DiCamillo is up to these days, he seems to have a lot of talent resting inside that demented head of his. Anyway, this is not for everyone, but if you are a fan of Bam it is a must see.
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    What's the deal? Be for real. Here's the troo storey of CKY for all you perpetratorz: BAM and his GENIUS pals (Bran, Ryan dunn, Raab Himself, Gill, etc) made movies for fun in high school. To make them have all the good stuff, they had skating and rando funny skits in between (i.e. Brandon harassing drive-thru people, Brandon thinking up ridiculous plots and them all acting it out (i.e. How to Rob A House), Raab dealing with turds, Ryan Dunn being hottt, nudity in public, shopping carts, and generally doing bizarre s*** in the suburbs). Perfect. Then MTV's hellhoundz got a sniff of this s*** and decided to do a bit o' editing: take out the skating, add a hot guy as an everyman (Johnny Knoxville) who could sell magazines, add a freak who will do anything for money, pussy, drugs, or whatever (Steve-o), and Party Boy makes 3. Plus some other dumb-bums I don't care about. THIS is performance art of the most avant garde highest degree, Yoko Ono eat your heart out, Chris Burden have a jizz-fest, Adrian Piper take a chill pill. This is the sure s***, y'all. Consider yourself cultured, privledged, and highly educated in general for having seen it. You are now a super-illuminaudi agent.
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    This is the definitive skating/stunt/prank movie! Without this, there would be no jackass! Bam is absolutely fantastic, along with the crew of Raab, Ryan, Rake and of course Dico! Hilarious, daring and hilarious again! All four cKy movies are brilliant, but this and number 3 are the best. They started a craze! Who would have thought that this would sell thousands of copies, launching Bam and his crew into fame! Viva la Bam, Bam's unholy union and jackass! Up until the unfortunate death of Ryan Dunn Bam was the coolest guy on the planet! I hope to see him make jackass 4 soon, as his latest album The Evesdroppers is fantastic.

    Overall, this movie is one of the best prank and stunt films ever! Get the lads around and enjoy!
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    This film is pretty much stunts, skits and ass****s but this is what makes shows and movies like CKY, Steve-O, Jackass, Wildboys and everything else in the genre big hits. If you can't laugh at people hurting themselves badly and constantly slapping each other you don't really seem to have an upbeat modern sense of humour. This film came before Jackass, before Wildboys, before Viva La Bam, and before the Steve-O: Don't Try This at home series. This is the movie that sparked off the entire dumb-ass stunt genre that worldwide audiences where introduced to when Jackass and Jackass: The Movie was released. This is a great film to watch on a Saturday night. I strongly recommend this film and the rest of its series, CKY2K, CKY 3 and CKY 4: The Latest And Greatest. I guarantee you won't be disappointed, but this is not a film that will go down well at a family get-together
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    one of the classic "prank movies" of all time. if you enjoy Jackass or Viva la Bam, come see where it all got started. CKY is hilarious and will keep you rolling for hours. (make sure to see all 4) IMO, CKY and CKY2K are the best, while the latter two are more scripted but none-the-less still funny.

    Brandon Dicamillo is by far the funniest and most genius person i've ever watched. The things that he comes up with are insane. Bam is always Bam. Ryan Dunn is hilarious. Raab Himself is involved in most of the grossest stunts ever performed. lastly, Rake Yohn still looks dirty and nasty as usual. You owe it to yourself to see it !!!!! Get off your lazy butt and go watch it now.
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    First off i LOVE CkY. I just realy really wish people would stop comparing it to Jackass. They arent even close to being the same thing. CkY is a movie that Bam and his friends made. Jackass is a tv series that Bam and some of the CkY crew happened to be on. You cant put the two things in the same catagory. CkY RULES. Everyone should watch and love all three.
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    Very good film, the first in the CKY series (CKY2K and CKY3K are the others, and much better in my opinion, if any site administrators are reading this you should add those films to your database!), not as good as the predecessors but still worth checking out if your sense of humour is a little warped.
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    This is the first installment of a little thing called Camp Kill Yourself. (the following is to the best of my knowledge),All of the people in this movie are mainly from Chester County, Pennsylvania. Landspeed was a small skateboarding wheel company that let Bam make his own movie to distribute. Although Bam and Brandon, Raab, Dunn, etc. had been filming skits and prank movies for a long time, some of the stuff first premiered in Toy Machines "Jump Off a Building". At the end of the movie it showed the skit played to Billy Idols "White Wedding". Anyways, this is a great movie that shows the roots of the CKY crew before fame and fortune from Jackass and Bams skating. Great original stuff from everybodys idols...think about quit school to pursue a career in skateboarding, all the teachers think you are a dumbass, but yet only a year or 2 years at most you are making more money than all of them combined...pure bliss... IF YOU LIKE THIS MOVIE CHECK OUT CKY2K, CKY3, THE UPCOMING CKY3 take2, AND BAMS FEATURE FILM "HAGGARD". ALSO CHECK OUT THE BAND CKY (Bams brother jess is the drummer, and all of the songs on Landspeed are by CKY) BUY THE CKY BOX SET TO GET ALL THE CURRENT CKY MOVIES!!!!...if you like CKY e mail me....
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    Bam Margera in some childish yet hillarios pranks. This movie is definitely worth the money. I love every one of the 3 CKY series. If you like the movies you should check out the band, CKY. CKY has Bam Margera's brother , Jess Margera, and there music kicks ass. Cky has a song on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 that made me buy the cd then i bought the movies on DVD. If you enjoy JackAss and cant get enough of it then this movie will help satisfy your craving.
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    Landspeed:CKY is mostly pre-Jackass material filmed by Bam Margera and his West Chester crew. If you throughly enjoyed Bam on Jackass, then this video is a must have. There are also various skateboarding clips featuring Bam and other skateboarders. One of the best things about this video is the fact that the soundtrack is mostly comprised of music from cKy (the band). Be sure to check out CKY2K and CKY3, too. You can actually see the improvement in film quality as the series progresses. The CKY series is a landmark in its class of entertainment. Don't dismiss it as just humor for males age 16-24. ::gets off soapbox::
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    The movie is like one long Jackass episode. One difference though, skating. A lot of skating is put in, but I don't mind. It's all Jackass style with a lot of hefty music. Cool pranks and insane stunts! Chances are that you will "Oh, look at that!" a lot during the movie.
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    If you like "Jackass" you will love this video. Totally uncensored & unrated. Bam gets together with some friends and mayhem ensues. Prank phone calls, crazy skating, and poor acting!!! This is what all immature 20 something males drool over. However there is no naked chicks. Oh well, I guess nothing is perfect.
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    This movies the best. Bam is funny and made this movie good. And Brandon with his prank calls and drive thru jokes is the best. Everyone can laugh at these movies cause they'd do it with their friends. I have all these movies and they're all great. These guys basically made Jackass and started all this. They are the coolest people alive!
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    I never knew the Acme parking lot could be so much fun. Getting in a shopping cart and having it pushed into a curb while you fly into the bushes. I saw this movie last night and really couldn't believe what I was watching. Some of it was really stupid and some of it was hilarious.
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    Well Landspeed:CKY was not that great of a movie although i think bam margera is one of the cooliest people in the world.They needed to have more funny things and not so much skateboarding.I would give this movie a C.
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    This movie is so amazingly hilarious...between the skits and the candid tapings there wasn't a moment when I stopped laughing! Bam and Brandon are truly comic geniuses because they're idiots! If your a fan of Jackass and Bam Margera...than you haven't seen anything till you've seen any and all of the CKY movies!
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    I'm not a skateboarder, I don't pretend to be. But, I do love seeing people hurt themselves and do stupid things. Which is probably one of the reasons why I loved CKY, CKY2k, and CKY3. There's are pure gold. I must say, Raab, Bam and the rest do a get job of hurting themselves and breaking things. This is a must see for everyone between the ages of 15-18. See it, it's great.