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The Pacific Melbourne (2010) HD online

The Pacific Melbourne (2010) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action / Adventure / Drama / History / War
Original Title: Melbourne
Director: Jeremy Podeswa
Writers: George Pelecanos,Michelle Ashford
Released: 2010
Duration: 56min
Video type: TV Episode
After four months of combat on Guadalcanal, the 1st Marine Division is relieved and the men are transported to Melbourne, Australia. Shocked and befuddled by the heroes' welcome they receive, the men soon find that they are in something akin to paradise with plenty to eat, drink and an endless number of beautiful women to keep them company. Sid Phillips meets a young girl, Gwen, whose grandfather makes sure he understands the rules of behavior when it comes to his granddaughter. Bob Lechie meets Stella Karamanlis on a tram and is soon taken in by her family who see in him the son they never had. Bob and Stella are soon lovers but the war and the never-ending pall of death casts a shadow on their relationship. John Basilone is awarded the Medal of Honor and soon realizes that he can no longer act like he did before. He also has to leave his men when he's asked to return to the US to help sell War Bonds.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
James Badge Dale James Badge Dale - PFC Robert Leckie
Joseph Mazzello Joseph Mazzello - PFC Eugene Sledge (as Joe Mazzello) (credit only)
Jon Seda Jon Seda - Sgt. John Basilone
Joshua Bitton Joshua Bitton - Sgt. J.P. Morgan
Tom Budge Tom Budge - PFC Ronnie Gibson
Josh Helman Josh Helman - PFC Lew 'Chuckler' Juergens
Ashton Holmes Ashton Holmes - PFC Sidney Phillips
Toby Leonard Moore Toby Leonard Moore - Sgt. Stone
Henry Nixon Henry Nixon - 2nd Lt. Hugh Corrigan
Keith Nobbs Keith Nobbs - PFC Wilbur 'Runner' Conley
Jacob Pitts Jacob Pitts - PFC Bill 'Hoosier' Smith
William Sadler William Sadler - Lt Col. Lewis 'Chesty' Puller
Zoe Carides Zoe Carides - Mama Karamanlis
Nick Farnell Nick Farnell - Thomas
Alex Ferguson Alex Ferguson - Boy on Bike

Private Gibson who in episode 4 is in the mental hospital with Leckie is one of the 4 prisoners in the brig with Chuckler and Leckie.

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    The concept of covering the time in which the soldiers stayed over in Melbourne seemed appropriate to me to provide a bit of a break to the viewer. However it goes beyond reason as to why the entire episode is devoted to side stories which could really have been covered off in quick fashion over a 15-20 minute segment. It was disappointing to see what appeared to be a "soap opera" style episode stuck in what was advertised as another war film.

    I am not in a position to determine the veracity of such stories, but sufficeth to say, that this episode was painful to watch ... time dragged on and yet before I knew it, it was over with very little to show for it. BOB managed to include a few side stories including the usual drinking, bars, women, etc., but it was done amist episodes which carried more punch. In none of those was the main storyline about the side story of soldiers.

    I believe the only shots fired in this episode where at the cows from the passing trains which carried the service men back to combat.
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    The boys dock in Australia for the episode. This episode again centers on Leckie and Basilone, with Leckie being kinda lame and Basilone being a bit better, however both are tearing at the seams. The relationships in this episode are a bit odd, as Leckie's girl breaks up with him before he leaves, but I feel that as young as they are they would attempt to make it work. The boys all get drunk and rowdy a few times in this episode, and pay the consequences several times as well, with the military police coming in to crack down on them. I would have expected the girls to be less amiable with the marines at this time, but no marine seemed to be shut down in this episode.
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    My rating is for this episode and episode 8.

    Okay, despite all the good bits that I will like to say about the miniseries "The Pacific", I just couldn't stand two episode in this show, which are E03 & E08. Why the heck did either the screenplay writer or the director as well as the producers find it interesting to put so many sex scenes in a movie that was suppose to present a bloody HELL in the war? And why should the personal "romance" of John Basilone take almost an entire episode?? Why did the producers think the audiences who are paying their respect to that part of history and to those who sacrificed tremendously should care about some marines' love story? Honestly, I don't get it! I think it is ridiculous that almost 90 out of 540 minutes in this series contributed to that kind of stuff. E01 and E10 are not very good as well. They could have dug much deeper rather than showing, yes again, some "romance"!

    But there are very good stuff in this series, things that are subtle yet touching. After watching Band of Brothers, I was touched deeply by the fraternity in a war. I had my admiration for some of the main characters in BOB. After watching this series, all I want to say is that there is no glory in this war or any war, and the only difference between wars is which one is more ugly and more devastating.
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    Dead Samurai

    (the review is written by Mustafa Kemal TOKATLI from Turkey)

    To the attention of HBO Producers, During the third episode of the television show "The Pacific" which started airing on March 14th, 2010 in the USA, the dialogue between Marine soldier Leckie and the Greek woman is in contradiction with historical facts and aims to offend Turkey in the eyes of the international community. This scene suggests that Turks have invaded and ransacked Izmir.

    First and foremost, we believe that this dialogue has been intentionally included in the script:

    1. Even though a dialogue like this is not present in one of the original books the movie is based on, "Helmet For My Pillow" written by Robert Leckie, Marine Leckie sadly listens to this alleged "invasion" and agrees in the show.

    2. Although the movie describes WW2, Japan and the United States and the truth about the Pacific front in the 1940's; the audience is strangely left to see the story of a sacked Anatolian city in the 20's, which is total fiction.

    Millions of people who don't know that Izmir was in fact invaded by the Greeks and have no idea about the history behind our country's struggle to become a free republic might think that Izmir was a Greek city and that it was invaded and sacked by the Turks. In fact, Izmir is a Turkish city where both Greeks and Turks live together and governed by Turkish states since the 14th century.

    Izmir was invaded by the Greek army on May 15,1919; the city was besieged for 3 years, 3 months and 24 days by the Greeks and was saved by the national war waged by the Turkish people on September 9, 1922. In short, Izmir is not a Greek city that was sacked by the Turks, but rather a Turkish city that was sacked by the Greek government.

    And when it comes to the great fire of Izmir, there are various theories. It is said that either the soldiers under Nurettin Pasha, fleeing Greeks or resisting Armenians might be responsible for the fire. In fact, there are some stories that suggest that the fire started in a cathedral where armory that belonged to resisting Armenians blew up. We would like to stress that it is not ethical to suggest statements in such a certain manner in a situation even when historians don't agree upon them.

    This scene, which has apparently nothing to do with the entire concept of the show, looks like a clear case of lobbying. Once again, I would like to point out that this situation is blackening the independence struggle of a nation and wish that HBO would not be a mediator for misleading and provocative maneuvers such as this one.
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    i love the series, very good, but this episode got on my nerves, as it was so unrealistic of women in 1941 in Australia. SPOILER ALERT!!!They didn't sleep around at all,and lackeys girl is Greek also,their is no way she would sneak into his room in her own house, no way, she would have no idea what to do, certainly wouldn't have stripped in front of him, I've never had that happen to me now, let alone then, they may have had a relationship and may have slept together eventually, but not in that way.reputation was everything in those days.and there was no birth control so she would get pregnant for sure, her family would disown her, it wouldn't be accepted now in a Greek family let alone then .