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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Reality TV
Original Title: Bad Chad Customs
Video type: TV Series
The show documents Hiltz's unique, resourceful style of creating legendary, low-budget custom cars using ordinary materials and scrap metal.
Series cast summary:
Chad Hiltz Chad Hiltz - Himself unknown episodes

Filmed in Kings County, Nova Scotia

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    Most car building / restoration shows follow the same cookie cutter formula. Take a bucket of rust, throw some chrome on it, have a few giggles in there, make profit. With Bad Chad Customs (BCC) you have no idea what kind of cookie you are going to end up with, it may not even be a cookie. It's refreshing as this show is original, genuine, and most importantly lacks that dreaded scripted feel most reality shows possess today. Chad Hiltz, aka "Bad Chad," lets you inside his artistic mind and guides you the viewer along on the process of how he builds his one off vehicles. Definitely worth watching, whether a car lover or not.
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    I like chad. He's a strange personality, he makes silly jokes, rough around the edges and just speaks his mind. Sure he may have had a rough past not being there for his son before, but he has made a living doing what he loves, and hopefully his son and him can make things right. I think the bad reviews are from people who lack in creativity and may not have experienced having to do with what you have. Making lemonade out of lemons. Chad takes what he has and makes the best he can from it. I'd like to see what work he could turn out with the right tools, more money and his beautiful creativity.
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    I recon it's not a bad show. I watch a lot of cars shows, including ones on YouTube. The production value is high. The kind of cars that Chad builds are definitely different. If you like restomods or high end builds you won't like what he does. I just don't believe that every show should be a cookie cutter, carbon copy, we need a 'this' character and a 'that' character, I think it's a show about a Canadian guy being and building what he wants.
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    Chad tells it straight, doesn't claim to be the best, aspires to be. Admits to his short comings and appreciates the talent around him. Unlike other similar shows he doesn't run around putting flashy expensive pieces on. He shows what you can do with what you have. You may not like what comes out in the end but have to appreciate to creative process it took to get there. They are making rolling art that, like most art, is subject to personal taste. Chad is still in the early years of building his reputation. Considering they are in Canning, Nova Scotia with a population of under 3000, is off to a good start. Draws his inspiration from the likes of George Barris.
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    We love watching Chad and the crew and Their great team work. What they create never disappoints. Awesome to see some of our Nova Scotian areas too. Look forward to Season 2.
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    This guy almost takes pride in being a deadbeat dad he say's I am 47 he is 21 but I don't know him. The way he talks to the kid I think he is lucky he did not grow up with him. The kid comes off as more mature and has a lot of patience with his egotistical dad. His cars are something I would expect from any teenager building his own cars they are not anything you would want. Honestly what do you expect from a guy who gives himself his own nickname. I am sick of these people today that give themselves nicknames that is not how nicknames work. I tried hard to watch the show because I love car's. You will not see anything you will use and you will learn nothing but bad habits. Building and ugly car or truck is not a bad car unless you mean bad to be a negative. There are a lot of T.V. shows that show guys building a car or truck and they explain why they do things and in the end they always have a car or truck you would not mind owning. This is a show about building ugly cars with a guy with and ego he is almost 50 and has a 20 something girlfriend and a son he put no time in. I would not be surprised if this guy had done time in jail. If you have not watched this don't his over the top accent and his treatment of the people around him you will end up regretting watching it. The guy brags about being and elite car builder none of the cars he has shown fit that and he say's he had never driven a car with a supercharger on it. How can you say you are a great car builder and make that statement I was 16 the first time I drove one with one. By the time I was 18 I had driven cars with superchargers, blowers, dual quads, tri power etc.. I built GTO'S and I am not walking around saying they call be king of the auto. The best advice watch the other shows on this station and just skip this one.
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    It's like the Community Brad lives in has come together in order to support someone with mental disabilities. In such a way to make Brad feel like he's a top notch car builder ???? In short, the community and his friends are doing there very best to make Brads dream come true and build Brads Confidence despite his disabilities. God bless him, but it does appears that Brad is having a good time regardless if he knows what's going on in the world or not.????
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    Treat your son and woman with more respect please! And you must know that you sir, are not a premier car builder. Your are just a builder of junk. That's it, plain and simple. AKA Simple Brad......