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Total Warriors: Alpha Squad Mission to the Mountains (2018– ) HD online

Total Warriors: Alpha Squad Mission to the Mountains (2018– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Animation / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Mission to the Mountains
Director: S.A. Nathe
Writers: S.A. Nathe
Released: 2018–
Duration: 7min
Video type: TV Episode
In this Premiere Episode of the newest series from the EC Brand, Alpha Squad, led by Bulls Eye, seek the technology left behind by the creator of the "Mercenary Hive"--a cyborg army, defeated, but who's footprint still carries a lot of weight. As Alpha Squad looks to find the technology, using it for rebuilding their own defenses, the Harznian Alliance arrives in orbit of T'Roa, and is seeking the same technology....but for WHAT purposes?
Episode credited cast:
Pete Bertino Pete Bertino - Emodx (voice)
Reshane Francis Reshane Francis - Tal (voice)
Chuck Johnson Chuck Johnson - Edxon (voice)
Kyle B Jones Kyle B Jones - Crosswire (voice)
Kevin Kowalski Kevin Kowalski - Razor (voice)
S.A. Nathe S.A. Nathe - Bulls Eye (voice)

The Premiere Episode of the newest series from the EC Brand. It takes place in the same Universe (The EC Universe) as the Comic Series: Windfire the Flamium, The TKs, and the Spontane C. Saga--as well as the flagship EC Brand Series: "The Adventures of Hero-Man".

Beta Squad, the 2nd Unit of Total Warriors, is Crosswire and Deadbolt(who will appear in Episode 2: "The Legacy of the Mercenaries". There is a "Gamma Squad", though it is unknown if they'll be in this series.

The Harznian Alliance of Planets was once a peaceful alliance of 4 worlds in the Craxian Star System: Harzn, Craxia Prime, and 2 others. But an insurrection led by Edxon's Imperial Soldiers, led to the deaths of the true leaders of the Alliance.

This episode begins the main story line of the series: The Mercenary Hive. In the "old generation" of the EC Universe(the comics drawn by Creator S.A. Nathe), the Mercenary Hive was created by the (Harznian) scientist: Arcad. Arcad used his technology to assimilate innocent peoples living on Kater(another continent on T'Roa) into his first Drones. His first Drone, #0001(who's real name is Warper), is referred to in the Premiere, by Razor.

Bulls Eye line about the "Loss" suffered by Razor, refers to a former band of heroes Razor once fought along with, and were like family--the "Brethren of the Blade". This loss has given Razor more of an "edge", and will be part of his character's personality and demeanor. His lack of faith was voiced in his reaction to Tal's line of "May the Gods protect you".

The "Gods" referred to by Bulls Eye and Tal, are the "Seven Spirit Gods of T'Roa". In the religion of the series, the Spirit Gods are worshiped or believed-in by most of T'Roa.

Takes place on the same world as other EC Brand series(comics): "Windfire the Flamium" and "The TKs".