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Bei mir liegen Sie richtig (1990) HD online

Bei mir liegen Sie richtig (1990) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy
Original Title: Bei mir liegen Sie richtig
Director: Ulrich Stark
Writers: Wolfgang Limmer
Released: 1990
Duration: 1h 24min
Video type: Movie
Willi Kritz earns his living as a night watchman and body scrubber at the East-German Institute of Pathology at the University Hospital Berlin. He has opened another source of income: He steals pathological exhibits and smuggles them as Bear dressed to West Berlin. Its purchaser Frundsberg, the transfer always takes place in the American cars. Lilo Berger, head of the credit department of the bank Hippo is addicted to gambling and are worried it at their bank money by approved credit for a non-existent Dr. Tetzlaff Tassilo. Your boss, Dr. Reinhart, notice that this Dr. Tetzlaff has not repaid any rate, and he wants to look at the practice of Dr. Tetzlaff. This brings Lilo course in dire straits. As you come to the aid of the accident: She drives disguised just as bears and biking with contraband Willi Kritz by car to. In the doctor's office to her sister, she discovers that Willy is a smuggler. You blackmailed Willi, he must now Dr. Tetzlaff play to calm Lilo's boss.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Dieter Hallervorden Dieter Hallervorden - Willi Kritz
Rosel Zech Rosel Zech - Frau Berger
Ezard Haußmann Ezard Haußmann - Dr. Reinhart
Alexander May Alexander May - Dr. Sahner
Dieter Pfaff Dieter Pfaff - Frundsberg
Rolf Zacher Rolf Zacher - Kalle Kriwitz
Werner Kreindl Werner Kreindl - Prof. Havlicek
Klaus Mikoleit Klaus Mikoleit - Dr. Neumann
Brigitte Grothum Brigitte Grothum - Hella Berger
Janette Rauch Janette Rauch - Nurse Christine
Cathrin Vaessen Cathrin Vaessen - Nurse Ingeborg
Ilse Pagé Ilse Pagé - Mrs. Moschmann
Hans-Eckart Eckhardt Hans-Eckart Eckhardt - 1. Spieler (as Hans Eckhardt)
Jürgen Wegner Jürgen Wegner - 2. Spieler
Harry Riebauer Harry Riebauer - Herr Keil

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    Dieter von Hallervorden has some funny and controlled moments in a parody of those terrible television-doctors, but that is the only thing to smile about. As for the rest: it is an endless flow of bad and tasteless jokes including many human organs and an appalling scene in which a pig is operated on. Though tasteless jokes can have their purpose, they must have meaning (e.g. Monty Python). This film is however just absolutely meaningless; maybe someone had the serious idea making a satire of privatised medical care, but this film is nothing more than exploitation of the theme.