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Comics for All (2015) HD online

Comics for All (2015) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy
Original Title: Comics for All
Director: Cory Redding
Writers: Cory Redding
Released: 2015
Duration: 8min
Video type: Movie
Brock is growing up and is beginning to adapt to life as an adult, which means leaving childish dreams, and sometimes friends behind. Brock's high school love interest, Sandy, is the outgoing closet nerd, girl next door. Brock wants to ask her out to the prom. But he already promised his best friend, Lonnie, to go to prom as a superhero duo. Lonnie suffers from severe stubbornness and he's Brocks right hand man. He never misses an opportunity to remind those what the definition of being blunt is. Lonnie's rookie coworker, Amanda, uses her defiance and cluelessness is her defense against Lonnie's overbearing remarks. She agrees to Brock asking Sandy to the prom. Evan is an absentminded individual slowly entering the comic book lover's realm, sadly under the supervision of Lonnie. He interrupts Brock and Lonnie's important conversation over the matter. Once Brock and Lonnie talks things over about the prom, they come to a conclusion as to what they plan to do on their big day now that ...


Cast overview:
Tony Penafiel Tony Penafiel - Brock
Scott Mena Scott Mena - Lonnie
Brittany Isham Brittany Isham - Sandy
Alexandra Voelmle Alexandra Voelmle - Amanda
Clifford Roggemann Clifford Roggemann - Evan