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Sturm der Liebe Wachgeküsst? (2005– ) HD online

Sturm der Liebe Wachgeküsst? (2005– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Romance
Original Title: Wachgeküsst?
Director: Felix Bärwald,Steffen Nowak
Writers: Björn Firnrohr,Gunther Pöschl
Released: 2005–
Duration: 50min
Video type: TV Episode
Season 13, episode 106. Nils sees that comatose Tina moves a finger. Susan wants to know more about her state. Boris and Nils use tricks to penetrate to Tina. Nils confesses William he fell in love with her. Christoph and Beatrice fear that Tina will reveal the truth when she wakes up. He wants Beatrice to leave without the baby. She leaves while Susan takes care of the child. Nils brings the baby to Tina's hospital room. How will Tina react? Becky and William discover a dead trace when someone claims to know more about her mother. Fabien starts a financial donor action for Becky; it is clearer now that he is in love with Becky. William and Becky have a romantic date with each other. She asks Fabien to stop the donation. Viktor reveals Alicia why he robbed a gas station with Oliver. She blames Christoph for not helping his son when he needed him. Christoph has to accept that Viktor stays and lets him feel how he thinks about that. Viktor packs his bags but Alicia stops him. He calls ...
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Victoria Reich Victoria Reich - Ella Kessler (credit only)
Julia Alice Ludwig Julia Alice Ludwig - Rebecca Herz
Marion Mitterhammer Marion Mitterhammer - Susan Newcombe
Alexander Milz Alexander Milz - William Newcombe
Dirk Galuba Dirk Galuba - Werner Saalfeld (credit only)
Dietrich Adam Dietrich Adam - Friedrich Stahl (credit only)
Mona Seefried Mona Seefried - Charlotte Saalfeld (credit only)
Antje Hagen Antje Hagen - Hildegard Sonnbichler
Sepp Schauer Sepp Schauer - Alfons Sonnbichler
Luisa von Spies Luisa von Spies - Desirée Bramigk (as Louisa von Spies) (credit only)
Michael N. Kuehl Michael N. Kuehl - David Hofer (as Michael Kühl) (credit only)
Isabella Hübner Isabella Hübner - Beatrice Stahl
Erich Altenkopf Erich Altenkopf - Michael Niederbühl
Joachim Lätsch Joachim Lätsch - André Konopka (credit only)
Melanie Wiegmann Melanie Wiegmann - Natascha Schweitzer