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Rosen in Tirol (1940) HD online

Rosen in Tirol (1940) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / History
Original Title: Rosen in Tirol
Director: Géza von Bolváry
Writers: Ernst Marischka,Carl Zeller
Released: 1940
Duration: 1h 40min
Video type: Movie
Complete credited cast:
Hans Moser Hans Moser - Wiesel
Marte Harell Marte Harell - Fürstin Marie von Lichtenberg
Johannes Heesters Johannes Heesters - Graf Herbert von Waldendorf
Hans Holt Hans Holt - Adam, der Vogelhändler
Theo Lingen Theo Lingen - Leberle, Adjutant
Theodor Danegger Theodor Danegger - Fürst Heinrich Dagobert von Lichtenberg
Leo Slezak Leo Slezak - Baron Weps
Elfriede Datzig Elfriede Datzig - Christl von der Post
Dorit Kreysler Dorit Kreysler - Lisa
Erika von Thellmann Erika von Thellmann - Baronin Adelheid von Lütgendorf

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    The Rosen in Tirol (filmed on location) takes place in Bavaria 200 years ago, and deals with the far from smooth course pursued by the true love of Adam (played by Hans Holt), the bird-seller from Tirol, and Christel von der Post (played by Elfriede Datzig) the female postman of the district. At the end of the first act Adam is being wooed by a Countess (Marte Harell) in disguise who gives him a rose, a lovers - Christel is being wooed also, by the gamekeeper's nephew. Needless to say the tangles are eventually unravelled and Adam and Christel go off to live in the Tirol happily ever after. In my opinion this is the best version of Rosen in Tirol (The Bird-Seller).
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    Another adaption of the Zeller Operetta "Vogelhändler". This time the mean characters have changed.

    Now the love affairs of the duke and the duchess is in the centre of the storyboard. Adam and Christel are doing just a side story.

    The opening song (reprised at the ending) is nice to hear
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    I love Mercedes

    Hans Moser and Theo Lingen were the Abbot and Costello of the Third Reich cinema as well as after the war. They usually played servants and average workers in funny situations. This is why Ernest Marshka changed the Vogelhandler. He took the songs out and reduce the focus on Adam the bird seller and Christl the post women, both played by Elfriede Datzig and Hans Holt. Now the focus was on Rosemarie Von lichtenberg,played by Marta Harrel and Furst Hienrich Dagobert Von lichtenberg, played by Theodore Daneger, and the nephew of the baron, both played by Johanne Heesters as the nephew and Leo Slezak as the baron.Well Rosemarie is fed up with her husband fooling around , as demonstrated when Johanne is playing a guitar in front of a house with a balcony to woo the woman in the house to come out only to discover that Dagobert is having an affair with the same women when he show up instead embarrassing Heesters character,that she ,with her aunt played by Erika Von Thellman ,go incognito to a small Heimat village in the Napoleonic period. She starts to flirt with Johanne just to teas him and later Adam the bird seller ,played by Hans Holt. Christl is also interested in Johanne too and Adam takes too seriously Rosemarie .both characters are put aside. It seems that Dagonbert is having a casual get together with Lisa the dancer, played by Dorit Kreysler, and she takes him to seriously . With the help Adjutant Lebrle he puts a sleeping medicine in her champaign but she doesn't get sleepy enough as she goes in the trunk of Dagonberts carriage. She ends up at this higher ups place. This is when trouble happens then the focus is on Theo Ligen and Hans Moser,playing the butler,to solve this domestic problem. Situations get worse when Dagobert is confronted by Heesters character since he knew that Dag was at the Lady's house fearing he might tell Rosemarie .When Marta catches Dorit on the lap of Dagonbert that changes things. She leaves him for Heesters. As i said this is a Theo lien and Hans Moser comedy more than the operetta