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Alphabet (2002) HD online

Alphabet (2002) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short
Original Title: Alphabet
Director: Chelsea Spear
Writers: Chelsea Spear
Released: 2002
Video type: Movie
Portrays a typical morning in the life of Emily, a twelve-year-old math genius who plays the French horn, as she begins to see similarities between math and music.
Credited cast:
Jim Gilbert Jim Gilbert - Mr. Diddlebock
Lauren Maffeo Lauren Maffeo - Amelia
Katherine Sullivan Katherine Sullivan - Emily

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    "Alphabet" is a beautifully photographed short that recalls elements of "The 400 Blows" in its theme and visual style. While the Truffaut influence is palpable, it's director Chelsea Spear's innovative, often jarring use of jagged edits that emphasizes the organic, handmade feel of the film, taking us inside Emily's experience as she works out the intricate linguistic connections between mathematics and music. Katherine Sullivan is perfect as Emily, the young girl whose moment of transcendent realization is the centerpiece of the film, while Jim Gilbert strikes the perfect note as her Math teacher, Mr. Diddlebock (a sly nod, one suspects, to legendary director Preston Sturges.) Dense, atmospheric, and worthy of multiple viewings, "Alphabet" is a strong early effort from this director.