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Linkin Park: In the End (2001) HD online

Linkin Park: In the End (2001) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Short / Fantasy / Music
Original Title: Linkin Park: In the End
Director: Nathan 'Karma' Cox,Joseph Hahn
Writers: Chester Bennington,Rob Bourdon
Released: 2001
Duration: 4min
Video type: Creative Work
The music video takes place in a fantasy setting and uses massive CGI animation. The band performs atop a giant statue, which has a 'winged soldier' on top of it, which is similar-looking to the 'winged soldier' on the cover artwork of Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory album. The portions where Mike Shinoda raps first take place in a wasteland with thorny vines sprouting out of the ground, surrounding him and shattering into dust, and then grass and plants sprouting up around him. During the time Mike raps his verses, Chester stands atop a platform with gargoyles on the edges. This platform is in front of a door in the shape of a trapezoid. Near the end of the video, the skies turn dark and it begins to rain, and the band performs in the downpour until the end of the song, where the rain stops and the camera pans away from the tower, showing the wasteland where Shinoda had rapped in is now a lush Greenland. During the rain the statues on the tower begin to move.
Credited cast:
Chester Bennington Chester Bennington - Chester Bennington
Brad Delson Brad Delson - Brad Delson
Dave Farrell Dave Farrell - Dave Farrell
Joseph Hahn Joseph Hahn - Joseph Hann
Linkin Park Linkin Park - Linkin Park
Mike Shinoda Mike Shinoda - Mike Shinoda

"In the End" is one of Linkin Park's most recognizable and signature songs. It is the most played song in all of the band's live performances.

The song reached the top ten on numerous worldwide music charts and reached number two on the US Billboard Hot 100, the band's highest peak on the chart, as well as their first song that peaked within the Top 40.

The song reached number one on the Z100 Top 100 songs of 2002 countdown.

The song ranked at #121 in Blender magazine's The 500 Greatest Songs Since You Were Born.

The song is Billboard's second most played rock song of the decade.

The music video of the song, directed by Nathan Cox and the band's turntablist Joe Hahn, featured the band in a fantasy setting.

Chester Bennington, the band's lead vocalist, initially disliked this song and did not want it to be included on Hybrid Theory.'

"In the End" was released as downloadable content for the music video game Rock Band 3.

A strange-looking whale can be seen flying around the large statue during most of the video, specifically at the end of the video. The whale in the video was Joe Hahn's idea.

In 2015, the song was named as the best rock song in Kerrang!'s Rock 100 list followed by the band's 2014 single "Final Masquerade".