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Suits Derailed (2011– ) HD online

Suits Derailed (2011– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy / Drama
Original Title: Derailed
Director: Patrick J. Adams
Writers: Aaron Korsh,Justin Peacock
Released: 2011–
Duration: 44min
Video type: TV Episode
Mike takes on a whistleblower case at professor Gerard's request, and Jeff uses the office receptionists to get under Louis' skin.
Episode cast overview:
Gabriel Macht Gabriel Macht - Harvey Specter
Patrick J. Adams Patrick J. Adams - Mike Ross
Rick Hoffman Rick Hoffman - Louis Litt
Meghan Markle Meghan Markle - Rachel Zane
Sarah Rafferty Sarah Rafferty - Donna Paulsen
Gina Torres Gina Torres - Jessica Pearson
D.B. Woodside D.B. Woodside - Jeff Malone
Michael Harney Michael Harney - Joe Henderson
Gary Hudson Gary Hudson - Richard McIntyre
Tricia Helfer Tricia Helfer - Evan Smith
Stephen Macht Stephen Macht - Henry Gerard
Marsha Regis Marsha Regis - Danielle
Amanda Schik Amanda Schik - Elise (as Amanda Chung)

Patrick J. Adams, who plays Mike Ross in the series, makes his directorial debut with this episode.

The Loire river actually runs through The Loire Valley (La Vallée de la Loire) - which is incorrectly said to be The Seine. The Seine runs further north west out of Paris.

D.B. Woodside and Tricia Helfer also appear in Liuciferis (2015) together.

D.B. Woodside and Gina Torres, who play lovers on this show, also played lovers in another TV series, 24 (2001).

Stephen Macht, who plays Professor Gerard in this episode, is Gabriel Macht's (Harvey Specter) real life father.

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    I was generally disappointed in this episode but more so in the whole season. It's one thing to come up with a storyline where they're in some legal danger. It's another to do it over and over again. We just got through the Louis temper tantrum (who was back to his normal slightly annoying but also funny self). It's been one thing after another.

    They want to let more people in on Mike's secret. Mike's secret causes another relationship to tank. I watch this show to see them battle other lawyers over the legal issues of a third person. Then Harvey's slick, Donna's cool, Jessica's tough, Mike's a genius and Louis ends up doing something useful when it's not expected.

    I don't watch so I can be in constant angst over the characters.

    They need to fix their show.
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    This was an okay episode, but it was a bit too much on the drama. Except for the part Louis was furious about the secretary, which was hilarious. For the rest, I don't know.. The characters didn't really seem themselves, especially Harvey (too noble, too easily fooled) and Donna (too nice). Furthermore, there was too much hanging in the air that you knew things were coming. Most episodes left me surprised because how the hell could things end up good or still go to hell after all that happened? The way this one ends, well see it for yourself, I think you will agree both twists were a little too predictable. Sorry Patrick, I liked Gabriel's debut better.