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Blood Slaughter Massacre (2013) HD online

Blood Slaughter Massacre (2013) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Horror / Thriller
Original Title: Blood Slaughter Massacre
Director: Manny Serrano
Writers: Louie Cortes,Manny Serrano
Released: 2013
Budget: $50,000
Duration: 2h 5min
Video type: Movie
Blood Slaughter Massacre is an homage to 80's slasher movies. It was created in the vein of old slashers, stylized as though the movie had been released in the 80's, alongside the Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees films of the time. Featuring all the components that classic horror fans love, we run the horror gamut; A girl in the woods, a girl in the shower, the babysitter, the girl with her boyfriend, the drunken detective, the inept police department, the creepy old man with a warning, the one character who seems to know too much, and an iconic killer in a mask, The Ripper. Topping it off with an 80's soundtrack, this one will leave you feeling nostalgic.


Cast overview, first billed only:
Matt W. Cody Matt W. Cody - James Fincher
Mike Roche Mike Roche - The Coroner
Byron M. Howard Byron M. Howard - Walter Cobb
Carmela Hayslett Carmela Hayslett - Carla (as Carmela Hayslett-Grillo)
Danielle Lenore Danielle Lenore - Danielle (as Danielle Lenore Calhoun)
Melissa Roth Melissa Roth - Jenny
Bradley Creanzo Bradley Creanzo - Johnny
Loretta Vendetta Loretta Vendetta - Stephanie (as Tiffany L. Carroll)
Samantha Quintana Samantha Quintana - Regan
Natasha Lee Natasha Lee - Jessica (as Jordyn Sims)
Patrick Devaney Patrick Devaney - Capt. Bracken
Christopher J. Murphy Christopher J. Murphy - Officer Bates
Daniel Perez Daniel Perez - Wade
David Garelik David Garelik - Peter
Curtis Wilkerson Curtis Wilkerson - Rick

The Blood Slaughter Massacre Shorts are a series of Faux Trailers, which are viewed in succession and tell the full story of The Ripper. Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 have been completed. The stories for 1, 2, and 3 were combined to create the Blood Slaughter Massacre feature length film from Mass Grave Pictures.

After screening the series at a short film competition at the Saturday Nightmares convention in New Jersey, the creator of the NYC Horror Film Festival, the late Michael J Hein, spoke with the creators of the Blood Slaughter Massacre trailers. Telling them how much he enjoyed the trailers, he urged them to do a full narrative feature length film, which then prompted Mass Grave Pictures to go into production on the feature a few months later.

Many of the people featured in the Blood Slaughter Massacre shorts returned to work on the feature length film, but only actress, Danielle Lenore, returned to play the same character.

The first in the series was completed and uploaded to YoutTube in June of 2008, by combining camera test shots, and scenes from a different short film that Mass Grave Pictures began shooting, but never completed.

The film features many of the stereotypical horror scenarios that made films of the 80's so wildly popular. A slaughtered party (A Nightmare On Elm Street 2), the girl chased through the woods (Friday The 13th), the babysitter (Halloween), the girl killed in the shower (Psycho) and the party girl and her boyfriend having sex (April Fools Day).

The filmmakers began production on the film with many of the locations planned. Throughout the course of filming, owners of some of the locations pulled out, and forced production to slow while the producers scouted new locations. Subsequently, the film wrapped in December of 2012, as opposed to the initially planned August 2012.

Marquee Video, a privately owned video store in Queens, NY which opened in the mid-1980's, was the location for the Video Store scene. The store announced in December of 2011 that it was closing it's doors. The crew contacted the owner Rudy May, and he agreed to allow them to film in the store once it was closed. The videotapes seen on the shelves were from the films writers' own personal collection, which had been mostly bought at Marquee Video over the years. While shooting the scene, the owner Rudy stopped in to see how things were going. He began feeling extremely nostalgic seeing the shelves stocked with VHS tapes again, saying the scene looked the same way the store did when he first opened his doors, almost 30 years prior.

The song "Rectify Your Traits," used in the chainsaw sequence, was written and performed by Romeo Penguin. The band features Patrick Devaney (who portrays Captain Bracken) on keyboards, who got the band back together to re-record the song for the films soundtrack. Although the movie never states a specific year that it takes place, the writers approximated the date to be October of 1984. Coincidentally, the same date that Romeo Penguin recorded the original performance of the track.

Won the "Best Horror Feature" Award at The Late Night Horror Film Festival in October, 2013.

Won the "Best Producing" award at The Late Night Horror Film Festival in October, 2013.

Winner of the Bronze Antenna Award for Best Independent Horror Feature of 2013 by

Named #41 of 50 Best Horror Films 2013 by the Horror Happens Radio Show.

Named in "NerdRemix's Top 13 of 2013" list.

Blood Slaughter Massacre, The Attack of the Braine People, and Case At Midnight all take place in the fictitious town of Havenwood.

The opening party sequence was shot on the second day of filming.

Three masks altogether were made for the mask that the killer wears in this film.

All the police officer badges were hand made.

Bradley Creanzo drove his own car.

The phone conversation between Carla and Danielle originally took place in a bedroom in the script.

Several different actors played the Ripper in this movie.

A body was originally going to be thrown out of a window during the opening massacre set piece, but this was ultimately nixed due to time and budgetary constraints.

Byron M. Howard wore his own hat for his role as detective Walter Cobb.

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    Indie horror is strong and thriving today, thanks in part to the efforts and creativity of low budget Indie directors and the whole horror community, who embrace it. This is very evident in the indie slasher "Blood Slaughter Massacre" by Mass Grave Pictures. The film is a total tribute and celebration of all that was great about late 70's and early 80's slasher flicks that still dominate the horror fans psyche to this day. Directed by Manny Serrano, the film pays homage to those iconic moments within the classic horrors of "Halloween", "Friday The 13th", "Madman" and others, while creating a completely individual cabal of rising evil. In "Blood Slaughter Massacre", Officers Fincher and Cobb are called out to investigate a noise complaint, and what they find is far worse; twenty-four people, murdered in cold blood. The murderer escapes, and the Havenwood Police Department cover it up, inventing a story about an out-of-control fire. Ten years later –now detectives- Fincher and Cobbs, while investigating a girls murder, it looks as though the killer has returned to Havenwood. And this time he has a new diatribe guiding is malicious nature.

    "Blood Slaughter Massacre" is a bit of a dichotomy in that it does create an elaborate plot which is supported by heavily built characters, and yet a lot of the story unfortunately unravels as the story grows. The robust, affirmative character relations, to the over all plots intent, flows more like a really bad cardiogram than a healthy pulse- pounding saga. That is really the only thing that hinders the film from being the massive indie slasher that is should be. Sometimes when writing a story – less is more. Especially with dialog relationship to the characters. Some moments, when explaining the 'whys and hows' of the connection to the enveloping plot, the lines seem over-indulgent and begin to wear on the story lines continuity. Now, that is the bad.

    The good things about "Blood Slaughter Massacre"- is the complete tributary nature of the film to classic horror movies. The little nods and moments that highlight a certain film's influence on the writer and director's love of this genre. The total 'I love the 80's' vibe allows for a bit of fun in the films visual appeal. This film, unlike a lot of homage-throwback horrors takes a more serious approach to the slasher genre and I respect that. It gives similar atmosphere to the cult classic days of horror movie making. The soundtrack is thrilling and builds those same chillingly eerie, emotional connections between the story and the viewer. There is blood, blood, and more blood splattered all through this film, which eases the frustrations I had with the psychological aspect of the story that rested on the characters. The killer was a menacing, unstoppable killing machine with a plain. I loved that, that fact that he uses the dark arts as a justification for choosing his victims, hits a sweet spot for me in horror. I love films that utilize black magic in the plot-even slasher films.

    Even though it sounds like I may not have enjoyed "Blood Slaughter Massacre" – I did. It is a cool low-budget flick, with a serious approach to the genre. It offers a creepy killer, and even though the plot seemed to be more than necessary it still offered a unique spin while still paying tribute to classic horror. The blood, gore and special effects where above standard for this level of Indie production. Most of the kill scenes allowed a face view graphic slaughter-and the pay off was a nice reward for the scene and the viewer. This film is a cool little indie flick that fans of the slasher genre will truly enjoy. As far as over all feeling of the film I am split. I loved everything about this movie except the actual character building story lines and their relationships to one another. Every thing else was top shelf-low budget- indie horror enjoyment.
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    I attended the world premiere of BSM in Manhattan's Lower East Side on May 19th, 2013. I was thoroughly impressed with the attention to detail to make this film look authentically 80's. Being an avid fan of the horror genre, specifically from that time period, I have to say everything about this film gave me the warm and fuzzies. BSM has everything a top notch 80's slasher should have including an interesting background story which keeps you enthralled in the narrative, a soon-to-be iconic antagonist, "The Ripper Killer", 80's style score and soundtrack, and most importantly tons of gratuitous nudity and violence. The actors all bring their "A" Game with notable performances by Matt W. Cody, Melissa Roth and Carmela Hayslett. Bottom line: If you are a fan of 80's Slasher Flicks than SEE THIS FILM!!!
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    A vicious masked maniac known as the Ripper butchers teenagers in the tranquil small town of Havenwood ten years after the hamlet was plagued by a spate of unsolved killings.

    Director Manny Serrano, who also co-wrote the intricate and absorbing script with Louie Cortes, grounds the compelling premise in a believable everyday reality, maintains a dark serious tone throughout, offers a strong depiction of a sleepy suburbanite community atmosphere, pulls out the nasty stops for several brutal murder set pieces, and even delivers a satisfying smattering of tasty bare distaff skin. Moreover, the filmmakers warrant extra praise for the refreshing and laudable use of funky old school practical gore make-up f/x. Matt W. Cody as harried alcoholic detective James Fincher makes for a sympathetic flawed protagonist. Byron M. Howard likewise impresses as Fincher's hard-nosed partner Walter Cobb. Moreover, the adolescent characters in particular are quite well drawn, with especially sound work from Carmela Hayslett-Grillo as the carefree Carla and Danielle Lenore as sensitive goody goody two shoes Danielle. The competent cinematography makes neat use of the widescreen format. The shivery synthesizer score does the skin-crawling trick. Although slightly marred by occasional slack pacing and a bloated 113 minute running time, it's overall still worth a watch for slice'n'dice fans.
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    Independent slasher film that follows the traditions set by the popular franchises in the sub genres heyday. The title is very misleading, there's a lot less blood than I expected, and when talking massacres - this is definitely no Premutos. Instead it's quite a moderate tale following the usual deranged killer in a mask with a penchant for sticking sharp things into the bodies of bare chested teenage girls and their dopey boyfriends, with a fairly insignificant side story about a gung-ho detective with a variety of personal issues.

    The acting is not too bad, especially in comparison to the majority of films of this ilk. A handful of moderately talented actors and the rest are OK enough to be tolerable. One element that particularly stood out was the score. Somewhat somber and foreboding music is well placed throughout and honestly did create a little more atmosphere.

    If there's one thing I've learned when blindly purchasing Wild Eye Releasing's products - it's that the cover artwork is always far superior to the content... that appears to be their gimmick and well, it works. This was the third film I purchased hoping it might be a yet undiscovered independent gem and while it's probably the best of the lot, it's just another modern slasher that let me down with being just passable.
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    With the rise in popularity of the classic 80's style slasher films, Blood Slaughter Massacre is a winner! This film has all of the stereotypical things you expect to see; girls being slashed, a couple of creepy dudes, & the hero. The big difference here is, the film took a couple of twists & turns that we did not see coming. This is NOT the type of film that you watch the first five minutes and know who the killer is. The soundtrack was pure 80's & the filters used during filming gave the film that slightly hazycloudy look that we all love in an 80's style film. The folks at Mass Grave Pictures really did their homework. Blood Slaughter Massacre does not look like an 80's remake, but more like an original 80's movie! We Thank Mass Grave Pictures for opportunity to screen this film, as it was a joy to watch!

    Tim, member of the Haunt Review Crew
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    The film opens with a slaughter in Havenwood of 23 or so people. Ten years later young nubile girls are being killed in what looks like a Satanic ritual with Detective James Fincher (Matt W. Cody) sometimes on the job.

    The acting is bad and the sound quality is choppy. The plot was not well conceived and leaves much to be desired.

    The girls who appear naked are said to be under aged in the film, something that is frowned upon.

    6 stars for the nudity.

    F-bomb, sex, nudity (Bridgette Miller, Jackie Wolozin, Tiffany Loretta Carroll, and thank you Charlotte Pines)
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    I like to think that I am quite an easy to please reviewer, but some of the other reviews for this film make me question my own sanity! Certainly it's not the worst film ever made and there is definitely a story and direction in play, but other than that there isn't really much to praise here.

    Now sure, there is a definite 80s style in the synthesizer background music and the masked killer plot, but these things are also generally used because they are cheap and simplistic, and therefore well suited to an ultra low budget horror film such as this, it's nothing to write home about. Furthermore the homage goes no further than simply supplying the exact same type of offering, and if you aren't sending up or moving on concepts from the past, then is there really much point in making a movie that 'should have come out in the 80s' beyond pure nostalgia?

    Apart from that this is your standard ultra low budget horror movie where it was probably more fun to make than to watch; the story is all spelled out in untidy exposition, the gore is bad, the acting is questionable, the pacing is all off and most of this is covered up by a good amount of skin from the actresses involved. There is nothing wrong with this for amateur horror, but don't expect it to be a revelation in film making or anything.
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    Where do they find these so called actors?..Bad camera work also.
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    This is what you get when anyone can get their hands on a camcorder and think they can make a movie. Let's look at the positives - well, there are none. It's another stupid attempt at a homage to 80's slashers which, as I recall, mostly sucked. But they were of a professional level of suck, so were tolerable. Be honest here, every Friday the 13th after the first one, every Halloween, they were all crap. So is this pile of steaming turd. Bad acting, no story at all, bad SFX, and crappy makeup. This is a 'film' that should be consigned to the dust bin of history. I'm really glad I didn't pay to see this. As for those 8's and 10's, I really think the people behind the camera just post their own reviews.
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    There is just like so much wrong with this movie. The acting is bad, the story makes almost no sense and everything looks blurry! I really wanted to like this movie, but there was nothing redeeming about this and I like slasher movies usually, but not this. It's not even a slasher movie. The whole first half tries to be serious drama or something and have a story, but the story is just muddled at best and the acting does not lift it any higher. It takes WAY to long to get to the party scene with the girls, where they are trying desperately to be a Slumber Party Massacre or something, but they just fail. It just felt like almost no effort was put into this. The effects were hokey and that mask looked like something from party city, and what coroner wears sideburns like that in 1985, I mean what the hell is up with that? I really want my $20.00 back. Don't judge this movie by its box art because it's misleading. Just watch the 4 MINUTE trailer, which I saw after the fact. Wish I'd seen it sooner I would have avoided wasting my money on this thing. How do people get away with releasing a movie like this. Aren't there quality standards anymore? I guess obviously not when released by whatever the company was that put this garbage out there. $20 bucks wasted that's all I have to say. Even $10.00 would have too much for this thing.